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If you don t know Myron Bolitar, you better get with it This is the hero of heroes, crime fighter extraordinaire Harlan Cobenis the ultimate crime novel writer funny, witty, brainy Once you read him, you will be super hooked I am reading all hisMyron Bolitar books I m glad there s a bunch. The Coldrens are the first family of golf And Jack is about to win the US Open Sounds like things are going according to plan, right Wrong A kidnapper snatches their son Chad Coldren Myron Bolitar is there for clients but he must also solve a mystery as he must unravel the mystery as only he can do At the same time Myron is also involved sticky situation involving his best buddy Win s past which could affect their friendship forever.This novel combines a great mystery along with a dramatic turn that is the past of Win Lockwood III The Lockwood and The Coldren family have been connected all of Win s life, which in the beginning is how Myron gets involved in a kidnapping case that could turn the sports world on its ear Chad Coldren has vanished, kidnapped but what do the kidnappers want While Jack Coldren is fighting to win the US Open, he must deal with the demons of his past because twenty three years ago he lost the same event in the final hole After U.S Open two decades ago, lives were ruined but the outcome of this event lives could be lost It is up to Myron to find out who and why young Chad was kidnapped At the same time Win s past and present could be shattered by his mother who is trying to get back in his life after years of avoidance Win will have nothing to do with her so that of course makes Myron the next logical source Win s hatred is so strong that it could affect a friendship that is as strong as brothers.I must say that the Myron Bolitar series is becoming one of my favorites The characters are terrific and the stories are fascinating and grab you from the first page Back Spin is no exception, the new characters are excellent, the old characters are so familiar they feel like old friends Another can t miss from Coben.Grade A Another author that I was dead keen on before our various moves I loved these Myron Bolitar books 10 years ago and I m pleased to have rediscovered them This time MB is busy with golfers at the US Open and he s doesn t understand the golfing craze He gets a request via Win s mother his best friend to assist the top US Woman s golfer, Linda Coldren in the kidnapping of her son, Chase Linda is very skittish and wants to simply pay off the kidnappers but they re not very clued up To complicate things further, Linda s husband Jack is suddenly in the running for winning the US Open after than 2 decades of wallowing with the minnows He d previously and famously choked in the final round of the US Open and never been able to capture his form until now So many things don t add up and the reader is kept guessing as to who the bad guy are It was gripping and I m hooked again. Myron Bolitar, the sports agent who spends much of his time solving crimes involving his clients, does not like golf However, at the invitation of his friend Win, who serves as his strongarm man when not displaying his investment wizardry, he attends the U.S Open at Merion, the famous Pennsylvania course with wicker baskets attached to the pins rather than flags There, he meets up with Linda Coldren, the best female golfer going Her husband Jack, a journeyman on the PGA Tour, is leading the Open, 23 years after he blew up on the 16th hole at Merion, losing that Open, and essentially, his career The Coldron s teenage son has been kidnapped, and Myron has been promised that if he helps find the boy, the Coldrons will become his clients Somebody wants Jack to lose the Open yet again.Win, usually than willing to employ his special skills for Myron, violent and otherwise,refuses to help The Coldrens are family, and he wants nothing to do with them or his own mother, who is Linda s aunt So Myron this time is on his own, except for his associate, the creative Esperanza Diaz There is also a personal complication Myron, joined at the hip and living with his girlfriend Jessica in New York, begins having feelings for Linda.There are twists and trysts in this story, which is complex than the other Bolitar novels I have read People rich, poor, ambitious, money hungry and grungy, are all implicated in one way or another Family secrets are uncovered by Myron s search into the past, as well as by his basic intuition The conspiracy behind Jack Coldren s failure so many years ago, controversial and strange, leads directly to a linkage between separate families intertwined in longstanding personal agonies We learn too, why Win is always so cold and emotionless, and except for his friendship with Myron, cares about no one The dialogue, as to be expected in any one of the Bolitar novels, is sharp and funny, with plenty of poignant observations of youthful foolishness, adult misbehavior and moral confusion While the family entanglements might seem derivative of Ross McDonald s Lew Archer novels, Coben writes with wit and doesn t get bogged down in psychology, except for exploring Win s state of mind, always a subject in these books Back Spin is a hole in one on any course. The author seemed to want the reader to realize how plugged in and tech savvy he was A little less might have made the book feel a little less yesterday The book is a good read and a entertaining story The main character doesn t have all the answers The books ending was very good. I started reading this series just a few weeks ago I read all of the author s other books and thought it would give Myron a chance I am so happy I did And I think this book was favorite this far of the series I had quite a few laugh out loud moments s and than a few tears have flowed Great book, great series, I m off to the next one .EBOOK ☯ Back Spin ♵ The Boy Was Born And Raised On The Main Line, But He Vanished On Philadelphia S Mean Streets, Last Seen In A Downtown Cheater S Hotel The Boy S Mother, Linda Coldren, Is A Golf Superstar And Myron Bolitar S Client When He Goes After The Missing Boy, Presumed Kidnapped, He Crashes Through A Crowd Of Lowlifes, Blue Bloods, And Liars On Both Sides Of The Social Divide Meanwhile, Linda S Husband Is Trying To Stage A Comeback At The US Open, Only To Be Found Dead In A Sand Trap Suddenly The Family S Skeletons Are Coming Out Of The Closet And Myron Is About To Find Out How Deadly Golf Can Get