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Life changing I know that sounds dramatic, but it really is And I love that the logic and his instruction are easily enough to follow Though it does take discipline, but so do all good things I had been working with a financial planner for years before reading this, and it was really neat to find that they agreed across the board I am so thankful to have this guidance for my family s future [E-pub] ♳ Financial Peace Revisited: New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families ♷ Dave Ramsey S New York Times Best Selling Guide To Better Living Through Financial Security, Now Completely Revised And Updated Dave Ramsey Knows What It S Like To Have It All By Age , He Had Established A Four Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio, Only To Lose It By Age He Has Since Rebuilt His Financial Life And, Through His Workshops And His New York Times Business Best Sellers Financial Peace And More Than Enough, He Has Helped Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To Understand The Forces Behind Their Financial Distress And How To Set Things Right Financially, Emotionally, And Spiritually In This New Edition Of Financial Peace, Ramsey Has Updated His Tactics And Philosophy To Show Even Readers How To Get Out Of Debt And Stay Out The KISS Rule Of Investing Keep It Simple, Stupid How To Use The Principle Of Contentment To Guide Financial Decision Making How The Flow Of Money Can Revolutionize Relationships With Practical And Easy To Follow Methods And Personal Anecdotes, Financial Peace Is The Road Map To Personal Control, Financial Security, A New, Vital Family Dynamic, And Lifetime Peace Should be required reading in every high school in the Nation Period Even if you don t use every aspect envelopes, etc , the basic tenets stick with you I ve read this book at least 4 times cover to cover, and wish that I had read it the first time much earlier in my life I ve bought a case of these and give them away to clients and friends I m a believer. This book is for everyone who wants to stop worrying about bills Before reading it get a pencil a highlighter There are so many things that you will want to refer to later Read re read until it soaks in The advice has certainly helped my husband I. Was a pretty interesting read but some chapters were just flat out dry, dull, and boring I even skipped a chapter here and there, just because it did not pertain to me Would highly recommend the Total Money Makeover If you already read that one, you do not need to read Financial Peace. Money Magazine ran a cover story on Dave Ramsey, and agreed that his forte is helping people get out of debt That s the main focus of his radio show, and in his many books Personal financial management is important for us all Dave covers a lot of ground here, giving an overview on fiscal responsibility, and his advice is always practical He s an evangelical Christian who occasionally talks from his worldview without imposing his beliefs on others Being a follower of Christ ought to mean being responsible in how we use our resources I think this book ought to be mandatory for all young adults and anyone struggling with their finances. Although I am not in debt, Dave Ramsey teaches people how to get out of debt His advice is practical and is basically how people paid their bills before credit cards came into existence My daughter and son in law read it and are practicing it because they had several unexpected major expenses one after another and are now trying to get out of the debt they incurred This book is probably a MUST for young people just starting out in life to keep them from getting sucked in to the credit card culture we now live in It is also a must for anyone wanting to get out of debt and stay that way. Great bookafter reading a borrowed copy..I decided to purchase a copy for a new friend that is young and seeking wisdom understanding in money management A simple way to decrease your stress level is knowing how you spend your money and where opportunities exist to get ahead Not rocket science, just common sense and a little discipline in how you spend your hard earned cashRead it..you ll benefit from itThank you.