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This is an interesting premise A guy wakes up 5 years in the future to find that he is one of only a few men left on earth He wants to find his true love rather than make babies with all of the desperate women left on Earth He doesn t even know if she is alive, but he feels it in his heart, like so many of our manga heroes that will not sway from the one they love.There seems to be a lot of scheming on the part of some of the women to the point that we are questioning who the good guys really are A lot of different stories come around in the first volume that set up for some fun story arcs He is on a mystery to find his love, trying to keep away from the ladies that want him, and try to make his way in a whole different world than he left.I think this was a solid opening volume, and I am looking forward to what comes in the next. Sellers need to CLEARLY DISTINGUISH between softcore and hardcore adult material This is softcore in case you re are unaware like I was and are thinking of buying it..That being said, if you don t mind your hentai manga NOT being at all pornographic and you re looking for a decent read this isn t at all bad I just finished the 3rd book as I m writing this Without giving anything away I can tell you that there s nothing to give away The story goes just exactly as you think it would with no surprises at all hence my deep disappointment in the lack of actual pornographic pornography and the plot has the twists of an arrow.But there s enough to keep me reading.If I had known it was softcore I wouldn t have spent the money but I m not angry or disappointed enough to return them. Despite being thought of as a male fantasy, I personally loved the story and read it straight through Especially loved some of the characters that weren t exactly what you expected them to be but I don t want to go into much detail about them so I don t give anything away about the story It was a very enjoyable read and I can t wait for the second volume to see where the story takes us. I would say that this series is a guilty pleasure to read A nasty virus wipes out most of the world s male population and only a few guys in stasis waiting to be cured of another disease are immune And thus we focus on the 2nd person to be revived Charged with helping repopulate the world He finds himself unwilling to do so because he only wants to have kids with the woman he loves And unfortunately, she s gone missing So the path of temptation is laid before our protagonist as he decides he wants to find a cure for the disease instead of impregnating as many women as possible.Plenty of uncensored nudity in this series And at last check 45 chapters have been translated This book covering the first 6 It s going to be a long ride But the story telling and artwork are top notch. ^FREE BOOK ☜ World's End Harem Vol. 1 (English Edition) ⇻ The Man Killer Virus A Lethal Disease That Has Eradicated % Of The World S Male Population Mizuhara Reito Has Been In Cryogenic Sleep For The Past Five Years, And Now Awakens To An All Female World Where He Himself Is The Planet S Most Precious Resource Reito Is Given One Simple Mission Repopulate The World By Impregnating As Many Women As Possible Whether He Wants To Or Not