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Starting off, I wasn t sure what to expect I ve never been into spirit realm type of stories, but I decided to give this one a try The biggest lesson I took from this was to always live your life like it s the last and to tell people you love them before it s too late Some parts made me a little emotional, as I don t like reading or seeing about death It makes me uncomfortable, however, i also know that it s just a story I rated it 4 stars only because the way it was written had me confused on some parts I wasn t sure who was talking when and also the overuse of adjectives and adverbs Nonetheless, it was a very cute, touching, and magical story I think it could be a really cool PG13 movie one day. [[ E-pub ]] ↚ She's Divine (English Edition) ⇺ Hardworking College Student Noah King Earns An Internship As A Therapist At A Care Center For The Elderly Hes Determined To Complete It And Finish His Psychology Degree Early But Things Take An Unusual Turn One Night When One Of His Patients Dead Granddaughters, Diana Divine, Appears In His Room Throughout Their Journey To Figure Out How And Why They Met And What Their Purpose Is, Their Chemistry Grows Into An Unbreakable Bond This was my very first book reading from this author I actually finished the book last year One thing I can honestly say about Lenny is that he has a very vivid imagination when creating this story and the characters It felt so real as if I was actually there I am definitely looking forward to reading another young adult novel by this author. Lenny does it again great unique story Excellent book, I m gonna read it again Like a song you dreamed about and adored but woke up and forgot the lyrics to, It s an experience You do not just read She s Devine, you experience it, and once you do you will never view dreaming the same This spiritual novel s a lullaby Beautifully written and spiritually impactful God had to have dwelled in the hands and heart of the author as this story was being written because the heart is where the story makes a direct impact.Author Lenny Williams takes you on a very descriptive journey of the unimaginable Despite what yours views on the afterlife may be, the story powerfully wills you in with its vivid vision of the spiritual world I loved the idea of love ones in the spiritual world receiving portals whenever they re being thought of by a living friend or family member That, along with so many other aspects of the story made this a heartfelt experience for me Although I could go into great detail about this lyrical text,I do not want to spoil it for others.This book is for anyone who s ever fell asleep and had a dream, anyone who s coping with losing a love one, or perhaps anyone who s ever experienced finding their soulmate I d give it a ten star review it was possible