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I thought this book was great The reader can understand this child s life my the voices in his head and by what goes on in his life Most young adult readers I feel, would understand how it feels having parents like the main character, and could get some insight into how he feels I feel the school shooting is portrayed very well, and liked the case reports throughout the book from a special group of people. In this book, there were a lot of really questionable things It was one of those books that left a sour taste in your mouth and a knotted feeling in your tummy It was not the worst book I ve ever read, but it certainly was not the best Anyways, what I thought about this book was that it was really demented The author made it hard to read on because the whole time the main character is doing bad things and making mistakes You can see them coming and the main character keeps running on down the wrong path I know that this was the whole point of the book, because it s supposed to be like that It just didn t have the same effect on me Some people wouldn t be able to put a book down like this, but I just couldn t pick it up It was still enjoyable at some points It almost seemed as though the main character was getting better at some points, but it proved to be a false assumption every time I would ve given this book a higher rating if I enjoyed reading these kinds of novels, but I don t so there s my opinion. [Download Pdf] ⚒ The Last Domino ♒ At Home, High School Junior Travis Ellroy Has To Live Up To The Memory Of His Golden Boy Brother Who Committed Suicide At School He Faces Constant Pressure And Ridicule From The Jocks And Their Girlfriends Then He Meets Daniel, A New Kid Who Doesn T Seem Afraid Of Anything All Travis Is Good At Is Drawing, And Praise From Daniel Leads To A Combustible Friendship One Where Manipulation Makes Travis Go To Violent Extremes To Get What He Thinks He Wants And Deserves Most Though You Know Travis Brings A Gun To School From The First Chapter, The Events Leading Up To That Day Unfold With Gripping Tension, Making This Powerful Debut Novel Impossible To Put Down Book Review The book, The Last Domino is a very good, interesting book It is by Adam Meyer This book gives me many different types of emotions, it can be scary, funny, sad but it is always interesting But most of all it is a freaky story The main character Travis, is the kid of a brother who had killed him self over the summer When Travis comes back to school he is harassed by everyone because they all say it was his fault he killed him self There is only one person who ever speaks to Travis and that s the star player of the football team with a good heart, his name is Adam But to that one nice person, every other person is mean Especially Pj Riley, a kid who had always been a bully anyways This school year was different, he had a new friend of the bully crew that tried to steal Travis s seat in every class Travis always imagined things he would do to him But never did any of them He always gets ideas and words in his brain from a weird voice that he recognizes I think it s his brother, he does too and can t stand it so he comes so close to killing himself to put away the pain This book lets you know that you should never kill your self, and I m sure life will get better for Travis Things always could be worse also, at least one person is friendly to Travis. I love this book It s about a junior in high school, Travis, that is going through some hard times with himself and others five years after his brother, Richie, killed himself That s when the new kid shows up, Daniel, and he befriends him With Daniel s manipulations and lies, the story carries you through an emotional rollercoaster where you ll feel bad for Travis but at times also appalled at him The end is honestly quite surprising and not expected at all Over all, I really enjoyed this book and it had me hooked since the first line of the story. I really like this book For my friends thats a suprise because I hate to read There was a point at the book where I just couldn t stop reading I like the fact that Tavis the main character can t trust anyone He has to rely on his feelings to go through the problems he faces On the way though he has a good friend named Daniel to help give him advice but there s something about Daniel that Travis finds suspiciouse This book is very fast paced book and there s a lot of jaw dropers If your like me and you don t like read but you need a book for a report, you should read The Last Domino. The Last Domino is a fast paced story about a boy named Travis Ellroy, who is struggling with bullying in his high school For the most part, I would say it was a good book I liked the intensity and idea of his alter ego However, I didn t like the ending Also, it would have been better if there weredetails and descriptions to go along with intense actions Overall, I liked and would recommend The Last Domino. the last domino is a piece of literature arts, for, our MC is in for a path of total regret for putting his trust into Daniel, the cause of trav oh problems If you need a book about how to change a person life, than dont read this book, but if you need a book on how to see a person who wants to push you towards regret, than read on because you may need this in your life, only to know who to really trust. I initially read this book as a wee middle schooler when I found it shelved among the YA novels in the public library To young me this book was a breath of fresh air, how it satisfied the need for an age appropriate counterpart to the King, Vonnegut, and Thompson I d been consuming in an effort to be grown As an adult this book has not held up When you re young and feel immune to consequences or to the awful things that happen in the world, it s just a passing fling and onto the next book Upon rereading it I found myself identifying with no single character, and having trouble rooting for anyone It brought me instead to wonder what sort of young people are picking this book up and using it to rationalize their own disturbed or depressed thoughts How easily the main character is groomed into a killer is mirrored all too cleanly in current events, where children are so easily manipulated into self harm and dangerous situations all for the sake of feeling accepted It s a rough ride, and definitely a book I won t be revisiting. Creepy, but it shows how one person can influence the life of anothet.