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FREE BOOK ⚡ The Green Mile ß When It First Appeared, One Volume Per Month, Stephen King S THE GREEN MILE Was An Unprecedented Publishing Triumph All Six Volumes Ended Up On The New York Times Bestseller Lists Simultaneously And Delighted Millions Of Fans The World OverWelcome To Cold Mountain Penitentiary, Home To The Depression Worn Men Of E Block Convicted Killers All, Each Awaits His Turn To Walk The Green Mile, Keeping A Date With Old Sparky, Cold Mountain S Electric Chair Prison Guard Paul Edgecombe Has Seen His Share Of Oddities In His Years Working The Mile But He S Never Seen Anyone Like John Coffey, A Man With The Body Of A Giant And The Mind Of A Child, Condemned For A Crime Terrifying In Its Violence And Shocking In Its Depravity In This Place Of Ultimate Retribution, Edgecombe Is About To Discover The Terrible, Wondrous Truth About Coffey, A Truth That Will Challenge His Most Cherished Beliefes And Yours 5Very interesting and thought provoking book It s certainly a story that really consumes you and then you start reading it you can put it down In my opinion, it had a few issues, but overall great writing and story itself deserve readers attention. So I cheated on my local library last week I don t think she knows yet, and I feel kind of bad about it I discovered a smaller library that was actually much closer to my house She definitely caught my attention, but I never went because it just seemed like the selection was going to be much smaller, and my current library and I have a great thing going right now But now I m involved with two libraries and, boy, is my life going great I found this book at the new library where I couldn t find anything else that jumped out to me I mean, the fiction section is like three rows, maybe four That includes every genre of fiction No mystery, romance, horror it s all fiction This is the book I left with last week, and this is now my favorite Stephen King book This is King at the top of his game It s the perfect length with all six parts, it ends well, and he doesn t rely on horror or too much salty language to tell a fantastic story I ve always said King is the best when he stays under 400 pages or so and doesn t write about vampires or monsters He dabbles in the supernatural here, but not for the sake of scaring the reader He just really, really hit a home run with this thing I liked having six separate parts combined into one novel Each new section felt fresh with a new plot element, and King helps reset the scene from where he left off before The characters are all well developed and none of them are too outlandish or over the top Even the antagonist That was great I have a solid love hate relationship with Mr King, but I loved this one Seriously, this is my favorite book I ve read from him Go read it if you haven t already And watch the movie because it s a classic on its own And, thank you Stephen King for a beautiful first date with my local library I hope our future encounters are this incredible. Deserve than 5 stars The Green Mile a nickname acquired because of the color on the floor in the Cold Mountain Penitentiary s somewhere in the American South , E Block , death row under a different alias, during the gloomy year of 1932, the inmates taking the long, long walk their last, to see Old Sparky, the electric chair that will end the lives of these miserable convicted killers Nevertheless , the unique green surface is the last thing the nervous residents are thinking about , in their humble cells, peering through the bars besides it isn t a distant mile, much shorter they will find out soon When the recently convicted murderer of two nine year old twin girls, the Detterick s, John Coffey, a giant black man, strong as an ox, enters his final home, sadistic prison guard Percy Wet, the governor s wife, nephew, he brags about the political connection constantly, enthusiastically shouts Dead man walking , the vicious young officer got that idea, reading it in a cheap magazine Paul Edgecombe, the official in charge of the block, starts to believe he s innocenta hopeless situation, Coffey s face is always covered with tears, he is afraid of the dark asking if the lights are kept on at night, the simple minded assassin can t read or write has trouble remembering, a gentle person that has unknown powers though..He cures Paul s very painful urinary tract infection, the very grateful guard tries to find out information , about the stranger s case Mr Jingles is not an official inmate in E Block, an unregistered guest you might say, a stowaway they would call him if this was a ship, in fact a mouse, quite intelligent for sure , but some others think , is something else entirely The pet of soon to be extinct inmate M Eduard Delacroix a Cajun from Louisiana, yet Mr JINGLES , is obviously smarter then the doom Frenchman All the guards love this brave little critter, feeding and even getting him a cigar box to sleep in, except you guessed it Percy , an enemy he got, by escaping his deadly clutches hiding in another room John Coffey saves the mouse s life, the other men hate the creep Percy but cannot get rid of.tensions increase as a murderer is put to death by Old Sparky an ugly, disgusting sight, the mistakes or are they are caused by Mr.Wet, not realizing the consequences of his vengeance, he loathe the convict watched by witnesses who faint and get sick, puking their dinners The officers involved in the execution including Paul , despise the job, but during the Great Depression, with long bread lines , they need to feed their families and themselves, many people would be eager to do it Warden Hal Moores, a good friend of Mr Edgecombe wife , Melinda , is very ill she will die shortly if nothing is done now..Paul has an audacious , risky notion, maybe the healer Coffey can save this wonderful, kind woman , it can get him and his pals, the other correctional officers into a big messeven jail time here in Cold Mountain, ironically.A superb story by Stephen King, always entertaining, you will learn also, and even feel the pain of the interesting charactersAs good as the glorious film version.