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@Pdf ì Great Singers on the Art of Singing Í This Outstanding Volume Is A Compilation Of The Most Important Chapters From Two Books In Which Master Singers And Teachers Offer Invaluable Advice On Topics Essential To Every Singer From Basic Vocal Training To The Ineffable Qualities That Make A Singer GreatTwenty Seven Concise And Insightful Chapters Include Italy, The Home Of Song By Enrico Caruso The Will To Succeed A Compelling Force By Geraldine Farrar Teaching Yourself To Sing By Amelita Galli Curci The Know How In The Art Of Singing By Mary Garden Building A Vocal Repertoire By Alma Gluck A Visit To Mme Lilli Lehmann By Lilli Lehmann And Common Sense In Training And Preserving The Voice By Dame Nellie MelbaAdvice From These Great Singers, Along With Practical And Inspirational Observations By David Bispham, Florence Easton, Frieda Hempel, Ernestine Schumann Heink, And Other Luminaries Of The Opera World Make This A Fascinating And Informative Volume That Will Delight Singers At All Levels As Well As All Lovers Of Opera And Its Legendary Stars less practical, but amusing, than i expected.