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A brief explanation of the development of classical philosophy So brief that it was frustrating to read because it simply did not do justice to the individuals and ideas which were being discussed I enjoyed the author s choice to present the relationship between philosophers and places. E-PUB ☱ The Travelers Guide to Classical Philosophy ⚈ John Gaskin Unfolds The Thinking About Nature, Life, Death And Other Worlds That Informed The Culture And Society Of The Classical World Still Visible In Today S Cityscapes And Archaeological Sites And Draws Out Its Relevance And Interest For The Modern Reader While reading about Ancient Greece what I generally encounter is an isolated view of philosophers, i.e isolated from where they live, political situation surrounding them etc I was always looking for some book that can help me place the philosophers to a context including their connections to their surroundings This book helped me a lot in this manner Given the short length of the book, one should not expect a full analysis of the philosophers References are provided for people who want to dig deeper Rather it gives a chronological story of the philosophers including details of the cities they were born and how their works were obtained or lost Who was the ruler when they were creating their mind blowing works It presents ancient cities, noting how that city contributed to the legacy of ancient greek philosophy Gaskin also tries to give you a picture of how the life was back then e g wine, sex, politics, family, religion, architecture in order to better understand in what circumstances philosophy was born.Now I am dreaming of a road trip to these ancient cities, and thanks to Gaskin, what I shall see will mean something to me I will think about Thales while I am walking in Miletus, or I will think about what change meant to Heraclitus while gazing at the Library of Celsus. its good story, I totally recommend it.the author creates a journey thru out the history of philosophy, not being too detailed to explore all intricacies of each philosopher but allows you to have a view on the school of thought and also created on me the desire to know.for such a small book i think i got a good experience. This is a good outline of the philosophers and their philosophies of the classical world The suggested readings for depth look promising.