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FREE E-PUB ð Revelation (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries) Ä Morris S Study On The Book Of Revelation Is Part Of The Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, A Popular Series Designed To Help The General Bible Reader Understand Clearly What The Text Actually Says And What It Means, With A Minimum Of Dependence On Scholarly Technicalities This is an excellent, concise commentary on the Book of Revelation by one of the foremost Reformed Australian theologians I found his commentary to be very insightful, especially the sections on the seven seals However I most appreciated his treatment of the seven churches in the first 3 chapters, especially the following challenging quote, Every generation of Christians must face the question, How far should I accept and adopt contemporary standards and practices On the one hand, Christians must not deny faith On the other, they must not deny their membership of society The cause of Christ is not served if Christians appear as a group of old fashioned people always trying to retreat from the real world Christians live in the same world as their neighbors and face the same problems They must find Christian solutions. Very level headed book by a long time commentator in main stream circles He shows us that this book was written to us as well as them The message of the book is to stay faithful in the face of opposition and persecution. This without a doubt the best commentary on Revelation that I have read The author keeps pointing out the overarching theme of Revelation is that God is sovereignly in control of what happens and that Christians who are suffering persecution in any age may take comfort in the fact that evil people may only do what God allows, that their time is limited by God persecutions will not last forever , and that God s justice will ultimately prevail.