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Absolutely adored this I want some Crash x Sora time though 3 3 (((E-pub))) ⇵ Cat's Eye ⇲ An Assassin, A Necklace,and A Girl Who Dreams Of AdventureSora Planned On Running Away From Her Confined Life, But She Never Expected To Be Kidnapped Dumped Into A World Full Of Thieves, Mercenaries, And Magic, She Soon Finds Herself In The Company Of A Dangerous Assassin, Haunted By An Even Darker Past With The Help Of Her Magical Cat S Eye Necklace, It Falls Into Her Hands To Save His LifeNow Sora Must Journey With An Unlikely Band Of Outlaws To Discover The Secrets Of The Cat S Eye Can She Find A Way To Destroy A Sorcerer Whose Powers Are Than Legendary Maybe, If The Necklace Doesn T Kill Her First In Order To Purchase This Title Visit Or Theresa Shreffler S Official Website I let my daughter read this book because well because she seen the book cover and went nuts She loves the book She said one of her favorite parts was the mud fight. I am so in love with this series and the delicate way to relationships, esspecially Sora and Crash s, naturally develop throughout the entire series Not only is there consistant unfolding adventure, but also in the people and how they interact with and feel about eachother When Im reading This series the world around me fades away and I am absorbed completely in Sora s reality Its fantastic I absolutely love this series so much I can t express how much I am attached to this T.L Shreffler has a beautiful gift of writing and I thank her for writing such brilliant stories This series is definitely a MUST read The intrigue, the subtle budding romance, the mystery and adventure as well as new creatures has me hooked Crash s voice cut off by a sickening crack as the wooden post to his back split at the base It didn t occur to Sora that this was the same pole that was holding up the left side of the bridge All she saw was Crash yell and then start to fall back, and she was frozen, unable to move The assassin disappeared into the swirling mist just as the bridge titled to one side, and she felt her feet slip out from under her With a shriek of surprise, she slid down. This was the first version that I read many years ago I still have the copy on my shelf, worn from rereading over and over again This is a great epic fantasy and I highly recommend it Actually, once I m done with my current books, I m going to go back and reread this series Because it is so awesome If you like epic adventures you ll love this book. The first 3 books in this series are some of my favorite young adult fantasy books EVER They had me excitedly reading all day long The characters feel like my best friends, as if I m on this epic journey right along with them I ve come to care about them so much, and fall in love with their world This is a story I d love to live in 24 7