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PLOT On Halloween night, two friends named Robbie and Alesha, go trick or treating around town They reluctantly go to the home of one of their nastiest teachers, Mrs Eakins When they arrive at her home, however, they are surprised to find that the usually mean Mrs Eakins is being so friendly Mrs Eakins generously gives them both full size candy bars which the two gobble up on the way back The next morning, Robbie discovers that he is completely coated in thick hair, just like a werewolf Robbie can t talk and finds that he is hungry all the time, frighteningly enough, for living animals Robbie finds Alesha and the two flee into the woods nearby, away from the police who are persuing them They worry that they have succumbed to a mythical illness called Full Moon Fever, which turns anyone who looks at the full moon into ravenous, snarling beasts Robbie and Alesha go to find Robbie s grandfather, who told them about the disease the night before, only to discover that it is merely an old legend and that it isn t real The two go on a journey through the woods to find a cure only to be captured by a circus ringleader who turns them into circus freaks They escape the circus and then deduce that it must be the fault of Mrs Eakins They go to her house and discover that the large candy bars she gave to them were actually cursed, and that she is a witch They eat many Cure Bars , which were lying around the house and hope that they will cure them However, Robbie takes another look at the label and discovers that they actually say Curse Bar , meaning that they have just likely permenantly cursed themselves.INFO Cover artist Tim JacobusPublisher ScholasticMedia type Print Paperback Release date October 1999Pages 121Series Goosebumps Series 2000Series number 22Chapters 28Target audience 7 13 yearsPrevious book The Haunted CarNext book Slappy s NightmareMy opinions this goosebumps has got to be one of the worst I have ever read The cover Looks amazing but unfortunately the plot lets it down Stein must of written this book in less than a week as there are many contradictions and poor quality cliff hangers The twist in the end was no surprise as I suspected it to be the chocolate bars as the involvement of mrs Eakins would of been pointless The story goes of on a unrealistic tangent and the story is set over a few days In that few days they get the fever, fly off somewhere to find a cure, get captured by an evil doctor, paraded in the circus and fly back and destroy the old lady s house which is far to much for a 112 page novel The plot was good but could of been a lot better if the story followed a different route I would rate this book 3 10 as the story was pointless and I wouldn t recommend it as it s a waste of time. [Read Epub] ♨ Full Moon Fever (Goosebumps Series 2000, #22) ⚖ Amazing Ebook, Full Moon Fever Goosebumps Series 2000, 22 By R.L Stine This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Full Moon Fever Goosebumps Series 2000, 22 , Essay By R.L Stine Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Created by R.L.Stine, Goosebumps series 2000 creature teacher is the third book in this series I, Even though could be cheesy and really nineties, enjoyed it The scares were for naught but i liked this adventure and predicament and even though some parts would make you think why the author would put it in there, you aren t able to stop unless you find it despicable I guess if i were to recommend it, probably to preteens and kids because it might seem stupid to older ones. This book is lovely As a child, I cherished it Every horror loving child should read this. One of my first few books I remember reading it while i was in seventh grade This book kept me enchanted in all aspects I could have hoped for And the ending blew my mind I was but a kid Anyone who is looking to read books and has never read one, can pick this book up and be amazed This book really is page turner. Follow Just A Girl High On Books for reviews.This was the second Goosebumps book I picked up after about 5 or 6 years maybe 7 I m an adult now and it surprised me to see how much I still liked reading these books However, this book didn t pan out that amazingly for me Not that it wasn t good story wise, but it just didn t end up being that great for me Full Moon Fever starts off with two siblings visiting their grandfather while their parents spent some time together The kids are genuinely scared of their grandfather for he tells them scary stories and then, that night, he told them a story about the Full Moon Fever that has them rattled Needless to say, the story was a fake but what happens when the siblings are actually struck with this fever They turn into monsters and no one, not even their grandfather has any idea what to do Full Moon Fever was a nice addition to the Goosebumps 2000 list It held something new in it and I highly doubt that I had read this one earlier However, it wasn t as charming as the other Goosebumps usually turn out to be It was scary, of course and would have tormented my mind a lot had I read it a good 10 years ago And yet, it was quite plain It is a typical Halloween book Everything starts on Halloween, after all.Overall, I d say that this was like every other Goosebumps novel and I did enjoy it However, it did not intrigue me that much For all that mattered, the two protagonists irritated me than they eased up to me Stine s work, otherwise, was great and I very much look forward to reading his other books quite again Bad ending so I disliked it