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Mediocre Its literary content is not worth publishing. I envy these children their luck in corresponding with Lewis The brilliant man died when my mother was only five years old, so I missed out by miles in my chance, but it was wonderful to read these collected responses Lewis was so humble in receiving praise and encouraging to those who expressed an interest in writing I was thoroughly impressed by his discussion of theology, how he never spoke down to any of these children, never tried to dumb things down It also amused me that he even encouraged his young fans to write fanfiction, for lack of a better term, stating there will be no of these stories But why don t you try to write one yourself and if you try, I m sure you will find it great fun. He seems like he was a wonderful man and I am glad that I am at least lucky enough to know him through him many works. Epub ♡ Letters to Children ♉ CS Lewis, Beloved Author Of The Chronicles Of Narnia, Answers Fan Letters In This Sweet Collection That Shows Why He Remains One Of The Best Loved Children S Authors Of All TimeIn His Life, CS Lewis Received Thousands Of Letters From Young Fans Who Were Eager For Knowledge Of His Bestselling Narnia Books And Their Author Here Are Collected Many Of His Responses To Those Letters, In Which He Shares His Feelings About Writing, School, Animals, And Of Course, Narnia Lewis Writes To The Children As He Wrote For Them With Understanding And Respect I really enjoyed this book C S Lewis in my opinion is a great author The letters that he wrote back to the children were very understandable My favorite was when he explained how to pronounce Aslan and the meaning of him I would recommend this book to anyone young or old. I love this book It s a small collection of C.S Lewis responses to letters that children wrote to him about his Narnia books The letters are so nice he takes the children and their news concerns ideas seriously and responds to them with interest and concern as though he were responding to an adult I d love to get a letter like that even now Pure joy This is my second time through this little volume of letters and it is just as enjoyable as last time Lewis letters here contain a lot of compassion, clarifying bits about Narnia, and one particularly moving letter to a boy who was afraid he was loving Aslan than Jesus It s odd to read someone else s mail, but it helps you really get to know Lewis. A trav s de estas cartas conoces muchos datos interesantes c mo se forj Narnia, la relaci n entre Jack y sus lectores, el car cter del escritor y algunos hechos de su vida que le marcaron en su obra literaria. I thoroughly enjoyed this slight volume The intimate and mundane details of Lewis life are fascinating to me, and it is always helpful to see how others write letters I m afraid my letters are rather pedestrian I highly recommend this book I just love Lewis If he writes it, I read it These letters are especially chatty and full of life In fact, being a somewhat over the top Lewis fan, I even cried when the letters were on my birthday, and as if I did not know the ending of the story I cried at the end too There was something emotional about reading letters a person wrote not knowing their own expiration date Maybe we are doing that very thing right now One of the most interesting aspects of the book is Lewis s letters to a young writer named Joan He treats almost as an adult Inkling in his no holds barred reviews of her writing I wonder what became of Joan She didn t seem to give up after some very hard words from Lewis They wrote back and forth over many years Where are you, Joan Satisfying and lovely I don t have many cohesive thoughts, just warmth and satisfaction from reading it Lewis s letters are encouraging, instructive, and occasionally just about mundane things like the weather I love how often he encourages children to write their own Narnia stories He answers lots of questions about the Narnia books which is nice because every fangirl wants that little bit of .I love how intelligently he writes to children He peppers his letters with references to other books and texts.I love that he preferred Till We Have Faces so much because that is my favorite It really is delightful that all his words of wisdom to these particular children are available for all children I am so glad I own this one I foresee many happy re reads in the future.