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Have you ever read a book where, when finished, you seriously couldn t decide if you liked it or not While trying to make my decision and I m not sure that will ever happen , I m having a big WTF moment after reading this book Let me just say that I LOVED the premise of this story It was a fresh plot idea at least for me and I was excited to see where she would take it.Emm is a 32 yr old woman who suffered from a traumatic brain injury while in elementary school Since then she has suffered from seizures fugues blackouts that have debilitated her life She has been episode free for 2 yrs and finally decides to leave home and venture out on her own While frequenting a local coffee shop she is acquainted with Johnny and immediately starts having episodes again However, these are nothing like she has ever experienced Her mind is re creating events from 1978 that seem so real she wonders if they could actually be See now, wouldn t you be interested Now, here is where, for me, it gets complicated I was SO frustrated confused throughout most of the book The scenes jumped from one to another so fast that I felt like I had whiplash Re reads of scenes were often necessary just to understand what I was reading She has fugues that deliver her to 1978 to present so quickly, it is often only 1 sentence that seperates the two I m hoping that this was done on purpose as a means to represent how Emm was feeling If not then I m even confused Johnny didn t come on scene until I was 20%, or , into the book and, even though he was discussed by other characters, I just don t count those conversations as being part of his dialogue Call me crazy shoulder shrug.I think this story would have been better suited in a short story or novella format, and that s the first time I ve ever said that For me, it just lacked the content to sustain an entire novel I felt that a lot of filler was used that we didn t even need it just confused the story Emm Johhny now deserved page time and by the time we get it, the book ended.Signed,Confused in Megan Hart land Many people are going to dislike this book because of it s similarity to another and sadly less racy book I predicted what was happening early on in the book but that didn t stop the enjoyment I enjoyed every single page, every single second, and every single hot scene in this whole book I loved it so much I immediately wanted to re read it when I finished it I know if you read the book that is similar and there is a mention to this similar book in the book you know which book everyone is going to compare it to, I don t want to give to much away so I won t tell you what it is I guess I will go into detail about why I love this book It has a slow romantic build up but keeps you satisfied the way an erotic novel is supposed to I love the sheer sensuality of Ms Hart s writing, every single scene, from drinking coffee, to making love, is a decadent and sensual experience for not only the characters but the readers The characters also are top notch Ms Hart has a trend of giving you at least one, slightly out of the norm, character in every book she writes, but this one both the main characters are slightly off Johnny is older than I would imagine any of my book heroes but she doesn t make it a big deal and I find myself falling in love with a man that is thirty ish years my senior, wierd butit works I love Emm, she knows exaclty what she wants and she uses any, and you will seeanymeans to get it This book also had a suprising ending Ms Hart has a trend of giving you an ending that may or may not be happy Sometimes they are sort of pick you own, or they can be happy for now and she leaves the readers to speculate on what happens This one was a suprise from her norm and I really liked it I loved this book LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED Can t wait to read another by Ms Hart, hopefully soon. I ve actually read this story a few times, and each time I ve read it, it s actually improved a little in my mind, though I have complicated emotions about it I ll first say off the bat that I love Megan Hart s writing, as usual She has a way of taking me straight into the character s mind and making me empathize with what the character experiences, even if I don t always see eye to eye I love the depth of the character intimacy, and not just in the sensual scenes This story hit a little closer to home with me than I thought it would, but not for the reason people might think.Emma is a 32 year old woman who has fugues, which are a bit like seizures in that there s a disconnect from reality that tends to happen for a few seconds to a few minutes It s controlled her life for a long time, ever since a childhood accident put her in a coma and she woke from it with lingering effects When her fugue states finally seem to break for a time, she gets the chance to live on her own and for herself driving, getting her own place, and working a job away from her parents She meets a friend in Jen, and the two quickly bond, but especially over a former indie actor and artist named Johnny.I identified with Emma on the level of her fugue states I grew up with a similar condition, so I know the confusion, the fatigue, the disassociation, loss of time, all that jazz when she describes it I think Hart did a good job with the portrayal it felt realistic enough Hart presents the states in an interesting time travel paranormal direction in this book, though, something similar to a paranormal measure that was in Deeper I ran with it, thought it was interesting, though a little weird at time because of Emma s growing fan obsession with Johnny I understood parts of her attraction to him, but at the same time felt a bit put off by it Especially when she seems to hold on to the identity of the old Johnny she knows in the fugue states than the one in the present who is much older than her he s in his fifties, about as old as her father Johnny also has a daughter about two years older than Emma Made for some awkwardness in the story, which is probably a give and take.Emma and Johnny s chemistry is smoking hot in the fugue realm, and the level of description from Johnny s distinct accent and mannerisms to his lifestyle is interesting to see, especially in the division between the past and present I liked his character development and the contrast of his character in the past and present day It was odd to me as the story went along because I wasn t sure how or where the story would go for a time whether it would ground itself in the reality or lend towards the fantasy The narrative trades between Emma s present day and the reality she lives with Johnny in the fugue states I have to admit I haven t seen a novel take on this specific theme in this genre and if there are others that work with it, I d be interested in reading them , but I ll admit there were points where this narrative lost me and put me off Some of it was on the level of Emma being obsessed with inserting herself into Johnny s life in the present I could handle her fugue states with some disbelief, but going into the reality of the present and her trying to link up with him was awkward at best and borderline obsession at worst But at the same time, there s a connection that builds into something solid, or in Emma and Johnny s words, they collide often than not At a certain point it did feel repetitious, and I wish it could ve scaled back on that a bit The way the story concludes did confirm my suspicions on where it would go, and I thought it tied up okay though it still left me wanting from it maybe with resonation and building than it provided.This is a narrative I think will definitely strike people differently depending on suspension of disbelief for the elements it presents and theme there were times it tested me I don t think it s the best work I ve read from Hart not by a long shot , but I still appreciated the idea of the story as well as the parts of the narrative that drew me in.Overall score 2.5 5 stars I didn t really expect to like this book all that much But it made me laugh It made me feel And boy, was it hot The story follows Emm, a 32 year old woman, who has lived her life with the constant threat that she will go into a fugue state She had a head injury in childhood, and ever since, she has had episodes where her mind leaves reality In the past few years, though, she seems to have gotten it under control Until she crosses paths with Johnny She only sees him in a coffee shop, but she is instantly attracted She learns that he was a star in some, er, artistic films in the 70s which she promptly checks out And before she knows it, she s blanking out again Only this time, the place she goes in her mind is one where Johnny is the star She meets him, in the 70s and hops into his bed Of course, when she gets back to reality, that only fuels her desire to meet him for real.To say the real Johnny is stand offish would be an understatement He is gruff, even rude to Emm But when she goes into a fugue state right in front of him, he brings her into his home to help her out beginning a dialogue between them Emm is going dark, as she calls it, and And every time, she is back in Johnny s past She is becoming invested in him in his life and in his bed She has trouble separating her growing feelings for the Johnny in her mind with the Johnny who is present in her real life This is especially true, when she finally breaks down the barriers he places between them and they become a real couple.The thing is, Emm is starting to question whether the past events are really just in her mind Johnny is hard to read, but keeps giving off vibes that he knows than he s saying And the proof just keeps growing.I couldn t put this book down Yeah, it s got some similarities to other stories, but it acknowledges them openly Even Emm gives shouts to Dr Who and The Time Traveler s Wife There are so many cultural references that clicked for me and the way Emm talks it made her so relatable for me And it was funny Some of passages had me laughing out loud I haven t been this excited about an erection since my first boy girl party in the eighth grade I made it through dinner without embarrasing myself, although everytime he wiped his mouth I wanted my cunt to be the napkin Of course, aside from the whole time travel element, the biggest thing going on in the book is the sex And wow We re talking hot I m not a big fan of using the c word to refer to lady bits, but even that didn t cut in to the megga watt hot factor going on in this book Believe me, by the time it was over, I was ready to have sex with Johnny and I don t much care whether it was the 24 year old version or the 57 year old one.I did feel kind of sorry for him, once everything was revealed I m glad we got the ending we did, but the poor guy really had a rough road And I can see why Emm got the initial reaction he gave her at the beginning of the book.I ll definitely read Megan Hart in the future And I ll never look at the word hooah the same way 4 1 2 starsARC Provided by NetGalley No character development No relationship development I did not enjoy this I wanted it to be over.STORY BRIEF When Emm was six she fell, hit her head, and was in a coma After that, periodically she would go into an unconscious state, each one lasting a few minutes or longer She called these fugues She could not get a driver s license until she had been fugue free for a year This finally happened when she was 31 She then moved out of her parents home to a city She sees Johnny for the first time at the neighborhood coffee shop He is the most beautiful man she has ever seen He is 52, old enough to be her father He is rude, dismissive, and cold to her each time she sees him Through her girlfriend and the internet, Emm learns that Johnny starred in independent art films 30 years ago with full nudity His naked body achieved cult status Now he has an art gallery where he shows his own work as well as art done by others.Emm had been fugue free for a year, but once she meets Johnny she begins having frequent fugues In each fugue she time travels to Johnny s home in 1978 In most of these visits they immediately have sex REVIEWER S OPINION Johnny is cold and distant to Emm for vague and illogical reasons Later, after they get together, Emm is unhappy with her condition in life so she acts like a bitch to Johnny When they first meet in her backward time travel there is no meeting, talking, or getting to know each other She just appears and says lets go upstairs They have sex, and then she disappears The few times he asks her where she comes from or why she leaves, she doesn t answer him She believes these are dreams, so she doesn t need to explain anything That was unsatisfying Most of the book is someone being frustrated at desiring the other but not having them Because I didn t care about the characters I didn t care about the sex There are many explicit sex scenes.I was tired of hearing how beautiful Johnny was That s the only thing I knew about him I was also tired of one character who said girl too much For example Girl, I will introduce you Girl, if that makes you I don t know why it bothered me, maybe because there was nothing else to go with that personality.The plot concept was good I liked the author s explanation for why Emm time traveled I m glad the couple had a happy ending, but I did not feel good about it I was just glad to be done reading view spoiler CAUTION SORT OF SPOILER I was frustrated and unsatisfied with Johnny s vague explanation of why he was distant and rude to Emm the first time he saw her in current day I m paraphrasing his comments from pages 212 213 as follows He wasn t around his daughter Kim much when she was growing up so now he is doing his best to pay her back That is why he was rude to Emm when he first saw Emm He then kept trying to avoid Emm because Emm scared him According to the overall story, Johnny was in love with Emm thirty years ago, but she disappeared from his life And this is his explanation It didn t sound real to me A logical reaction might be Wow I haven t seen you in 30 years Why am I seeing you now Will you be disappearing again I didn t like the lack of logic This rejection of Emm lasted for half of the book The author never took us into Johnny s mind to see why he was scared of her, or to understand any of his feelings This was contrived conflict not well supported hide spoiler There are some things that make no sense Love is one of them Falling in love is jumping face first into a vast abyss, hoping the person you love will be there to catch you Love is a connection.This book was Freakin Awesome I think I am most excited about the fact that I loved this book because I didn t think I would, I thought the premise sounded kind of silly, but being a huge Megan Hart fan I requested it anyway and WOW am I glad I did I don t want to give any thing away, particularly since this book hasn t released yet, but the characters were wonderful I loved Emm from the very beginning and her BFF Jen who made me laugh right out loud several times , I wasn t so sure about Johnny but I grew to absolutely love him As with most MH books you seem to get ALL of your emotions involved, I think that s what makes her books so incredible to me I will suggest that if you begin this book and find yourself unsure for the first 75 pages or so, hang in there Ms Hart, IMO is famous for the emotional buildup, which is what I believe is taking place in the beginning We are getting to know everyone and at times it s a little confusing but absolutely worth it To me, this book is a testament to the fact that true love knows no bounds, not even time Hope you all enjoy as much as I did This book was provided to me as and ARC by Netgalley This book was provided to me via NetGalleyStemming from a childhood accident on a playground, Emmaline experiences fugues where she completely blanks out from reality for moments, but really feeling much longer than that For a while, Emm has learned how to manage her fugue s, not experiencing them in over a year She s able to get her driver s license, obtain a great job at a bank, and finally live independently from her parent s Everything is going great for Emm until she notices Johnny DellasandroJohnny is a former seventies adult film star who still has quite the following, including Emm s best friend Jen Jen introduces Emm to all of Johnny s movies, pictures, and many fan sites dedicated to him Soon, Emm becomes infatuated with Johnny, purchasing older movies, even buying a used t shirt with his picture on the front of it Johnny, if it s possible, is even handsome and appealing now, and it doesn t help Emm s attraction for him that he lives in the same neighborhood as she does He even visits the same coffee shop that she does on a daily basis, making it impossible to not see him To make matters worse, Johnny does everything he can to avoid people, especially Emm which of course, only makes Emm want him.Emm falls into a fugue right infront of Johnny s house and when she does, she s transported back to thirty years prior where she s with the incredibly sexy Johnny Dellasandro from the movies The time she spends with him in her fugue marks her memory, and her body, in a way that is impossible to forget.Everytime Emm is in Johnny s presence, she experiences one of these mind blowing fugues and shortly after, her family and friends start to notice Her independence she d fought so hard for, are slowly taken away from her Even as devastating as losing her liberties is to her, she s frightened to not experience moments with Johnny again Especially when the moments she s with him, their desire for one another is unimaginable.I struggled with this book at first, especially within the first 100 pages Just as I was ready to throw in the towel, it became necessary for me to finish this book in one seating, which I did.Megan Hart is my favorite author I have praised her work time and time again for the same reasons over and over again Her writing makes me experience emotions right along with characters in her book In one scene, Emm is back home at her parent s home visiting and notices that her mom and dad are making plans for a vacation without her Emm experiences an array of feelings, but mainly she feels almost abandoned In this scene, I was crying with Emm, not because I had similar events happen in my life, but because the writing was so real The emotion so raw Megan touches on every sense from taste to scent and I swear while I was reading this, I could smell oranges every time Emm did Even now if I smell oranges, I have no doubt I will think about this book.Everything is so sensual The conversation, the taste of coffee, the still images of photography, and obviously, the sex.While reading this, I envision Johnny as Robert Redford Don t know if that s what Megan had in mind when she was writing this, but that s certainly the image I had and I found myself falling in love with Johnny as Emm did present day and fugue state included.I will not divulge the ending of this as I think it s one of the best endings I ve ever read All I will say is that it took me by surprise, and I was not expecting it at all So props to Megan for keeping me guessing the whole time What makes me positive that this book will have a space on my bookshelf with almost ALL of Megan Hart s other books , is that the I think about this book, the I love it As I m writing this review, it s been a full 24 hours since I finished it, and I cannot stop thinking about it Collide is intensely romantic, full of drama, humor, and, in my opinion, magic Five stars. COLLIDE I don t know how I am going to review this book without giving away too much Megan Hart has twisted and weaved the elements of time in this new book My opinions on time travel are hit and miss If it s done well, then it s usually great, but if it s done poorly then it s a miss This is most defiantly a hit.I love the style of Harts writing It s so sensual every little thing is made to be erotic even without it meaning to be I love the subjects that she touches and the intimate details about everything from making love, to watching a video, drinking a cup of coffee or getting yourself off The characters in this book are beautiful Johnny Dellasandro is a 57yr old ex movie star, now artist And Emm is a 32 yr old banker who for her entire life has suffered from Fagues DEFINITION A state or period of loss of awareness of one s identity, often coupled with flight from one s usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria and epilepsy After first coming in contact with Johnny, Emm becomes almost obsessed with him buying ridiculous memorabilia, researching him on the net etc And all of a sudden her fugues start happening and often, but now her fugues seem to be taking her back to a time when Johnny Dellasandro is in his 20 s and living in the 70 s But things become even peculiar when it becomes obvious that these fugues are not in fact a dream but in fact reality Emm starts a relationship with Johnny in the 70 s when he is at his most yumfuckalbe, but also starts seeing the Johnny of now the 57yr old version Lines become blurred when Emm sometimes can t tell the difference between the then Johnny and the now Johnny And not only that, Johnny seems to be slipping up and saying things that make Emm think that maybe he knows something but isn t saying it.This is the first story I have ever read, where it s a love story between a young woman and an older man I did have moments when I couldn t imagine ever thinking that a relationship with someone 30 yrs my elder would be an okay thing, but it wasn t made as issue in the book so it wasn t an issue for me I mean, there are some really hot movie stars out there that are in their 50 s, and hell I wouldn t turn down the opportunity if I had a chance Hart is a badass for writing sordid tales and I feel compelled to read everything this woman writes The only thing I could have asked of the ending left me with some loose ends and a lot of questions I think a lot of people are going to find this book controversial but I FREAKING loved it I ve seen a lot of rave reviews for this author, so I thought I d try out one of her books Apparently this was not a good one to start with, though, because I really didn t enjoy this at all Pretty much every aspect that it tried to cover was not well done, including the paranormal stuff weird, jerky, needed better transitions the relationship she is a FAN STALKER, no matter how you try to get past it, and is obsessed with him the characters why does he like her she s so dull He s not all that interesting, either The age thing is also weird not well done she s in her early 30s, he s 57 she objectifies him he used to be an actor the erotica repetitive, unimaginative hammering in the collision theme we get it, we get it I thought overall, this book was pretty boring and frankly, it s pretty sad when a book has so much explicit sex that just isn t sexy.A review copy was provided by the publisher I haven t had too much luck with Harlequin lately, but I swear there are a lot of titles I do like Particularly looking forward to Rachel Vincent s If I Die, like the rest of the bloggerverse. ^FREE PDF ↙ Collide ↟ Emmaline Vittima Di Allucinazioni Che La Proiettano In Una Dimensione Parallela Dove Tutto Ci Che Le Succede Sembra Proprio Vero Il Contatto Con Johnny Dellasandro, Vecchia Gloria Del Cinema Underground Definito Il Nudo Maschile Pi Bello Degli Anni Settanta, Turba I Suoi Sogni, Tanto Che Ne Viene Ossessionata Anche Nella Vita Reale Emm Trasportata Indietro Nel Tempo Di Trent Anni, Catapultata In Un Vortice Di Erotismo E Trasgressione, A Cui Partecipa Con Passione, Sempre Pi Conquistata Dalla Personalit Carismatica Di Johnny Che Non Si Fa Sfuggire L Occasione Di Sedurla Tutte Le Volte Che Pu A Ogni Incontro Emm Sempre Pi Impaurita, Ma Rinunciare Agli Abbracci Travolgenti Di Johnny La Spaventa Ancora Di Pi Perch Lei Sua, Tutta Sua, Corpo E Anima, Nel Passato E Nel Presente, Fino In Fondo