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@Read Book À Understand Your Brain, Get More Done â Written For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Sufferers Yet Useful For Anyone Wishing Make Better Use Of Their Time, This Book Is Abundant With Effective Strategies For Combating Problems Related To Inattention, Procrastination, Disorganization, Mismanagement Of Time, And Poor Planning It Begins By Carefully Explaining The Neurologic Underpinnings Of ADHD And Focusing On Specific Executive Functions The Brain Based Processes That Assist In Planning, Initiating, And Carrying Out Tasks To Complete Projects Then Using Exercises Designed To Identify Areas That Need Addressing, It Aims To Tune Up These Executive Functions For Maximum Productivity In Contrast To Many Books On ADHD, Which Can Have Good Ideas But Lack Practical Ways To Apply Them In Everyday Life, This Guide Includes Specific Recommendations For Improving Distractibility, Working Memory, Attention, Organization, Time Management, And Response Inhibition Deficits With Strategies Based In The Science Of How The ADHD Brain Processes Information, This Reference Bridges The Gap Between Knowledge And Action Ari Tuckman does a fantastic job of explaining executive functioning and helping adults with ADHD develop practical and effective compensation strategies I love that he does not take the one size fits all approach, instead he offers a variety of options Also, this book encourages you to think about your ADHD and evaluate your strategies One of the best books out there Tuckman really gets ADHD. Have ADHD Know someone with symptoms This book could save their career and their relationships by helping develop concrete strategies to deal with inattention, hyperactivity, and or impulsiveness The highly respected author knows what he is talking about His style is clear, with a touch of humor Very user friendly