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I love Alison Kent, but I was skeptical when I started reading this book I felt that Dax gave off serious douchebag vibes in the beginning, but I was rooting for Arwen all the way off topic Arwen is a pretty name, isn t it Anyway, I felt that whatever they had going on was definitely going to bore me at some point but the miracle was, it didn t.I love how Alison does not spend pages on pages expressing how two characters feel for one another It is obvious in their actions and the way the story progresses A part of me feels like this kind of connection can actually happen in real life, with the amazing sex and all I can t say Dax is the favorite of my Alison Kent heroes, but I did enjoy reading about Arwen And she really carried the book for me She was flawed and traumatized, yet she possessed strength, wit and intelligence that is missing in so many romantic novel heroines e.g Anastazia from FSoG urgh, that just pisses me off.Anyway, I loved it Alison Kent fans will love it as well, and even new readers will find something to like. drooling over this cover I know I m shallow leave me alone alright LOL [Download E-pub] ⚕ Undeniable ☩ There Was A Time When Crow Hill, Texas S Notorious Dalton Gang Ran Wild Now, As Owners Of The Dalton Ranch, Their Partnership In The Rundown Operation Leaves Little Time For Raising Hell Except For The Right Women Who Can Turn On The Heat It S Been Sixteen Years Since Dax Campbell Set Foot In Crow Hill And Sixteen Years Since Arwen Poole Had A Crush On Him In High School Unfortunately, Setting Her Sights On This Irresistible Man Again Has Stirred Up A Lot Of Unfulfilled Desires In Arwen A Few Nights In Bed With Dax Should Get Him Out Of Her System Once And For All That S All She Wants And For Now, That S All She NeedsBut Dax Is Looking For Something Deeper In A Woman So They Agree To An Unconventional Affair For Every No Strings Sexual Encounter Arwen Craves, Dax Gets To Take Her Out For A Night Of Romance While Both Manage To Hold Up Their End Of The Bargain, They Re Growing Closer Than Either Of Them Can Afford Because Dax Has A Family Secret That Could Drive Him Out Of Crow Hill For Good, And Arwen S Not Letting Him Go Without A Fight Cover lust Yes Paying 9.99 Doubtful DiDi s review posted on Guilty PleasuresThe Dalton Gang, three teenage hell raisers, boys the girls swooned over and fathers had shot guns ready for A band of misfits that found comfort and family working the Dalton s ranch Dave and Tess Dalton have passed away and left Dax Campbell, Boone Mitchell and Casper Jayne their failing ranch Can the small town and female population of Crow Hill, TX survive the return of the Dalton Gang Dax Campbell left Crow Hill TX sixteen years ago with no plans on coming back The only thing that could bring him back has been called on, his loyalty to the Daltons, the two people who helped him get through his teenage years Now that he is back and working his tail end off on the ranch, Dax has decided it s time to sample all the ladies of Crow Hill, until he runs into the owner of the Hellcat Saloon, Arwen Poole, he knows then she is the only one he wants Dax grabbed my heart from the beginning, a young man who left home because he didn t want to give into his father and be a lawyer in the family business, a young man who didn t want to be hurt any by being rejected or emotionally neglected by people he cared about One of those guys who is really a good guy, but because of circumstances and other s judgments has turned into somewhat of a hard edged ass, someone who walks away instead of chancing being hurt.Arwen Poole owns the hottest spot in town, the Hellcat Saloon think Coyote Ugly, tamed down enough for family dining Arwen is independent, determined to show the town she is not a drunk like her father Arwen had a major crush on Dax back in high school When Arwen finds out Dax is back in town she decides to once and for all work him out of her system Upon first seeing each other Dax and Arwen decide to start a sex only fling This fling suits them perfectly because both come from less than stellar childhoods resulting in them both being emotionally damaged and not looking for relationships Things heat up fast between Dax and Arwen, I was fanning myself and reaching for ice water by page 23 and the searing heat never lets up.Insatiable, combustible, rough, raw, tender, passionate, caring and intense that best describes Arwen and Dax Arwen is adventurous in bed and proud of it, she is in no way a passive participant when it comes to sex Dax compliments her well, he is possessive, sexy, and rough around the edges Neither one of them can get enough of each other.But.something unexpected is happening between them, feelings, their hearts are getting involved Which isn t good when one person is rooted in Crow Hill and the other has a habit of leaving Arwen doesn t want to give her heart to anyone because her father never recovered after losing her mother Crow Hill has too many bad memories for Arwen to trust that Dax will stay around, the biggest being his father, who still lives there.Arwen and Dax are like two halves of a whole, except the halves are jagged so they don t quite fit together UNDENIABLE is an unputdownable story of two jagged halves learning how to smooth the edges and becoming one beautiful whole In addition to this emotional and blistering romance, there is an engaging and interesting secondary cast, including the staff of the Hellcat Saloon, Dax s sister Darcy, Boone s sister Faith and last but not least the rest of the Dalton Gang, Boone and Casper I cannot wait for their stories, Casper s story UNBREAKABLE comes out February 2013. Originally posted at admit it I ve become a little obsessed with cowboys I m a diehard Dallas fan from the 80 s and when TNT launched the new Dallas this season with some of the original actors from the past I was squealing with joy Move over J.R Ewing, John Ross is the cowboy to be reckoned with now He s sexy, devious like his daddy and fills out a fine set of Wranglers With that being said, I have also found a new love for hot cowboy romance books and when I saw the cover of Undeniable and read the blurb I immediately knew I had to give Alison Kent s new series a trySometimes we need the distance to see things clearly Dax Campbell, Boone Mitchell and Casper Jayne are Crow Hill s notorious misfits known as The Dalton Gang Estranged from his parents, Dax left sixteen years ago, determined to live a vagabond life of a cowboy instead of honoring his father s insistent wish of becoming a lawyer like all the Campbell men Now, Dax, Boone and Casper have returned home to claim the ranch left to them by Dave and Tess Dalton The Dalton s opened their hearts and home to the three men as teenagers to give them structure and a sense of belonging that they did not receive from their own parents The men have close bond and are loyal to each other despite their reputation as being wild and untamable Their inheritance is both a blessing and a curse given the current drought in Crow Hill and the lack of financial income But all three men have a strong commitment to the Dalton s legacy and are determined to try and save what s left of the failing ranch.Sexy, self sufficient, Arwen Poole was born and raised in Crow Hill She learned to take care of herself at a young age after her mother s death resulted in her father s debilitating grief and eventually the town drunk Arwen is now the owner of the Hellcat Saloon which is the hottest spot in town for great food and dancing on the bar entertainment Coyote Ugly style Arwen attended high school with the Dalton Gang back in the day and always had a secret crush on Dax even though he never looked twice at her Now that Dax is back, her crush has evolved to lust and Arwen is determine to scratch the itch and get him out of her system once and for allThe man she d swore to work out of her system was taking her apart I m a sucker for the emotionally tortured hero and not all readers are Although Dax portrays a cocky, somewhat arrogant attitude on the outside, inside he struggles greatly with his own self worth battling the demons that come with his family name He has a short fuse when it comes to his family and at times comes across as a real ass What Dax finds with Arwen is pleasure, no pressure and common ground with no expectations What he has yet to realize is how Arwen grounds him emotionally There is one pivotal scene in the story where Dax is literally stripped raw over news regarding his father and in turn takes it out on Arwen His torment is palpable and so is Arwen s witnessing him literally breakdown as a result of hurt and pain he has buried for years Realizing he could only find relief physically with her, she submits to his anger and desperate need In the aftermath of emotional and volatile sex, she is glad and has no regrets For me, the scene was authentic to Dax s character and took the relationship to a level beyond the physical in the aftermath It further proved that Arwen is the backbone of their relationship and had me questioning if Dax could ever rise to an equal level in order to be what Arwen needed in the endThis was sex Nothing else Yet the look in his eyes told the truth of the tale He d come here looking for something he needed Something he couldn t find anywhere else, get from anyone else, and that responsibility weighed on her too heavily First, let me confirm that Alison Kent s story of the residents of Crow Hill is every bit as HOT as the smoking hot book cover I m talking sizzling, ride em cowboy hot goodness and by page 24 I wondered if I needed to drink or soak myself in ice water Both Dax and Arwen are strong characters from dysfunctional families determined to push intimacy and vulnerability aside for raw, no strings sex No matter what kind of sex you are looking for, they have it covered angry sex, voyeuristic sex selfish, starving, all consuming sex Ms Kent s descriptive nature of Arwen and Dax s uninhibited desire for each other was achingly exhilarating Further, I commend Ms Kent for going against the norm and providing two memorable scenes where Dax took sexual pleasure and release before Arwen The majority of writers focus on the woman being completely sated before the man lets go so it was refreshing to see the complete opposite with this couple Arwen gave so much of herself not only physically but also emotionally in those scenes and it really revealed the essence of her character Further, it was just damn hot witnessing Dax lose control in the moment and validated how intense their connection was even beyond the physicalShe liked this Dax Helpless Dax Dax surrendered Dax unable to fight her or the demons possessing him She wanted of this Dax She loved this Dax, and he would know exactly how much before leaving her bed He needed to know His knowing gave her the power to convince him this was where he belonged With her To her Without her he would never be who he was meant to be The issues both Dax and Arwen faced with their families were not all resolved in the end and I appreciated that Ms Kent did not feel the need to tie up all the secondary relationships to the main characters in a neat little bow What she did provide was emotional healing and awakening for both Dax and Arwen that allowed them to take a chance on their feelings for each other.The secondary story of Dax s sister, Darcy and her budding relationship with longtime crush, Josh Lasko was just as engaging as the main couple Josh was tender, commanding yet sweet and he was a great pairing to Darcy who has spent her entire life as a people pleaser to her family I enjoyed their story as much as I did Dax and Arwen s and desperately wanted them both to have a much deserved HEAShe wanted to stay here, to live here, to wake up and have this be her world Josh and his mouth and his hands that made everything better Even at the end of the day he smelled like sunshine and fresh air and he centered her, kept her from coming undone This was my first novel by Alison Kent and I am excited by not only the erotic heat she ignites in her characters but her ability to tell an emotionally, riveting story of the character s and their lives in the Texas town of Crow Hill Undeniable is an excellent start to the Dalton Gang series and I look forward to Casper s story, Unbreakable, releasing in 2013.Favorite QuoteIt s a stiff rod with a knob on top I think I can handle it Undeniable, Dalton Gang 1, by Alison KentGrade D Do you know how long I ve waited for you Arwen Poole grew up in Crow Hill, Texas known as the kid of the town drunk and was easily looked over by the popular kids in high school especially bad boy Dex Campbell Arwen has turned her life around and has become the owner of the bar she grew up in and turned into the girl the men in town want to date When Dax and his two best friends, known as the Dalton Gang, come back to town Arwen knows this is the perfect opportunity to get her high school crush out of her system once and for all.Nothing could bring Dax Campbell back to Crow Hill except the death of Tess and Dave Dalton, the people who helped raise him when his family was off doing other stuff Tess and Dave left their entire ranch to the Dalton Gang and all three men are back to try and save the ranch that meant so much to them For Dex coming back means having to deal with the family that he ran away from sixteen years ago and stumbling on a nice surprise named Arwen Poole Dex remembers hearing about her but he never expected her to grow up so nicely and she might be just the thing to keep him in Crow Hill.Undeniable is the first in the Dalton gang series by Alison Kent and unfortunately it didn t start off as well as I had hoped There is one major problem with this book and that problem is named Dax Campbell From page one to three hundred and twenty seven the man is a jerk and people just let him get away with being like this Even when Dax is trying to be nice he still comes off like a jerk and he ruined the book for me.I really like Arwen but I thought she could do SO much better than Dax and the way he treats her I never felt like these two had anything going for them besides a lot of really good sex I had a very big problem with the fact that the book starts out with Dax searching for a woman to bed, Arwen comes along and doesn t even make him work for it and then they are into some moderate kinky sex at page twenty two I m all for not having to wait forever for the h h to get it on but this was a little much even for me.Dax came off very selfish and it was always about him and never about Arwen or anyone else He treats his friends like garbage, his sister like crap and steps all over Arwen I really wanted one of the Dalton Gang to finally get fed but and deck him The only reason that I didn t DNF this book was because of Darcy and Josh s side story Josh is the kind of man I want to read about and without them I wouldn t have been able to finish this book.I was really excited for this book and really disappointed with the outcome I will read the next book with Casper and Faith because I m hoping that not all of the Dalton Gang are as big of D bags as Dax because I really like Alison Kent s writing and storytelling style Hopefully the next book can turn this series around. This book was on a fast track to my favorites shelf Sadly, it wasn t to be.First of all, I did love the characters Arwen is a kick ass girl who takes no prisoners when it comes to getting what she wants And Dax is a real bad boy cowboy He s the kind that ll make any woman swoon And I was right there Swooning Until I hit the 50% mark on my Kindle Dax suddenly turns from bad boy, to creep view spoiler I get that he s in shock and grieving But that does not give him any excuses to rape his girlfriend That s right Rape He forces himself on her, and we get to read how she feels how he s tearing her up inside and how she knows she s bleeding All this shit is going on And she just lays there Taking it Not protesting Not fighting back It s awful to read.From there and on, it s difficult for me to read the book, and for me to like Dax Because I loved him, right up until he did this hide spoiler image error Holy Hot Cowboy Batman Ok so the blurb for this sounded good What it doesn t tell you is how freaking hot and sexy this book is I mean wow While we have an actual plot goin on, there s so much sexin here I got distracted a little sigh I decided to find a pic to convey the hotness that is Dax Campbell Anywho What I liked The writing was great and the characters and plot were really well developed There was a emotional side to this than I expected there to be and I really felt what they felt I cheered at the happy times and booed at the bad I wanted them to be together view spoiler and I literally felt my constrict when I thought he was leaving hide spoiler