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Pretty interesting BDSM yaoi manga WITH ACTUAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT No complaints here. #DOWNLOAD á 跪いて靴にキスを × Hizamazuite Kutsu Ni Kiss Wo Kneel Down And Kiss My Boots Is Volume One Of The Series Hoshi No Yakata Hoshi No Yakata Centers Around The Employees Of A Suburban SM Club The Characters Are Beautiful, The Storylines Are Charged With Angst, And The Artwork Is Very ExplicitThe Stories Takes Place At Hoshi No Yakata, A Humongous Euro Style Mansion, And Airenrou, Another Club Located A Few Hours Drive From Hoshi No YakataName Of The Volumes In The Series Hizamazuite Kutsu Ni Kiss Wo Kneel Down And Kiss My Boots Kedamono Wa Ori No Naka A Beast In The Cage Yokubou No Mitsuryousha The Poacher Of Desire Toraware Hito No Ikisaki The Prisoner S Destination Doreitachi No Jouken A Slave S Condition Old style art, but interesting development and nice BDSM sex scenes Loves the characters and the plot. Beautiful art The only true bdsm manga I ve found so far DEFINITELY 18. Still remembering my 14 16 year old me THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE WHOLE SERIES OF 5 VOLUMES PLUS THE PREQUEL 5 STARS and for the Orgasmic AwesomenessThis is one of those unforgettable ones for me Imho, it s the best BDSM manga so far The images are nosebleed inducive Sexy like hell Highly kinky too Though be warned that this is HARDCORE and might scare those who are faint of heart What we get to drool about in this manga Sexy half clothed men in various leather get ups Imagine leather bar, body harnesses, whips, cat O Chastity belt implements Whipping Flogging Canning Candle wax torture Piercing on page every sensitive spot imaginable or unimaginable OUCH Sex Slave Training Various Form of Restraints Bondage it was so imaginative I love it Various Gags not the funny kind BDSM Dungeons Cages for humans Body Branding Shibari Japanese Rope Bondage Coffin Boxed up Confined in box Storage Water Torture Sensory Deprivation Breath play Various Sex Toys Anal plugs, didoes etcOH NOES WHAT ELSE HAVE I FORGOTTEN The list is too long already I could only say that it s all the above and many that got my adrenaline pumping hard due to its intensity Pervy me has read and reread it countless times already and planing for sweet time with it still.Here s a tamer safe enough to post here picture on one of the Sensory Deprivation used on the slaves Poor thing was left hanging in a room like tat for quite some time They use a catheter on him too Just in case the picture wouldn t show or you would love to see a bigger version of it, click here.Title Hoshi No YakataAlternate Title Palace of StarsRelated Series Hoshi no Yoru ni Furete Prequel Author TORI MaiaArtist Illustrator TORI MaiaYear 1999Type MangaVolume 5 Volumes Complete Genre Adult, Drama, Psychological, Smut, Yaoi, BDSM Categories Androgynous Male Lead Androgynous Protagonist BDSM Bondage Brothel Dark Ambience Domination Subordination Male Prostitute Possessive Lover SadomasochismBlurb Hoshi no Yakata centers around the employees of a suburban SM club The characters are beautiful, the storylines are charged with angst, and the artwork is very explicit.The stories takes place at Hoshi no Yakata, a humongous Euro style mansion, and Airenrou, another club located a few hours drive from Hoshi no Yakata.Name of the 5 volumes in the series 1 Hizamazuite Kutsu ni Kiss wo Kneel Down and Kiss my Boots 2 Kedamono wa Ori no Naka A Beast in the Cage 3 Yokubou no Mitsuryousha The Poacher of Desire 4 Toraware Hito no Ikisaki The Prisoner s Destination 5 Doreitachi no Jouken A Slave s Condition Note The above info on the manga was sourced from Mangaupdates.com P S Please excuse this poor excuse of a review cos I have read it ages ago No fear tho, I plan to reread it once again soonish. Reviewed on July 16th, 2013 Fabulous I read all of it and wish it were in an electronic version It s very well drawn The stories are delightful The BDSM is so erotically hawt I loved it Highly recommended to m m lovers who enjoy heavier BDSM filled with tough love and rough pleasure.I really liked the Master Reading this, I really wanted to be one of the slaves Totally kicks up my masochistic tendencies as well as my submissive ones reading this one An absolute visual delight.