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I read a friend s review on this last night It intrigued me I had been putting off reading this because it was tagged as horror I don t like horror But, I do love this author So, since is was a short story I decided to give it a try Boy Was I surprised Yes, it was strange, eerie, creepy, and bizarre, but WOW Was the sex HOT I found the story very reminiscent of the Twilight Zone series or Tales From the Crypt or Tales from the Dark Side A short vignette of strange and bizarre things I have to say, Sabrina York surprised me by doing something of this sort so well Not only did this story grab and hold my interest, it fascinated me and left me wondering, much like those old TV shows did, what if. I have quite a few stories by Sabrina York under my belt that I can say I have a good grasp on her writing style and the types of stories she writes With that said, nothing could have prepared me for this I still can t believe the same author wrote this, but she did one hell of a job of making the scary plot work to turn me on The theme in this book wasn t even that horrific, so don t feel like you may not be able to handle it If you ve seen the original 1981 Evil Dead movie, then you re familiar with the tree scene That was probably the only squeamish part of this story.This very short story is highly erotic The sex scenes are plentiful, detailed, at times a little rough, and scorching hot This was a fast paced story with one event flowing into the next and so on Don t expect any character development because it was written in a way that pulls you right in only to kick you right out again The set up reminded me a lot of those twenty minute Tales of the Crypt or Tales from the Dark Side episodes from the 80s It wasn t revealed what was really happening to the men while Sage was having her way with them At the end we got bit detail, but not what the consequences were The ending was somewhat inconclusive, meaning we could either draw our own conclusion or pester the author to write a follow up Overall, this was a very enjoyable quickie.If you want to try something new, something outside of your comfort zone but with hot graphic sex, grab this book I would read another book with this sort of theme if it was written by this author I definitely recommend it to anyone who is into this sort of theme Disclaimer I won my copy in a giveaway The views and opinions expressed in this review are my own, and in no way represent the views or opinions of the publisher distributor. To say this Rising Green was a bit different would definitely be a understatement When I first read the synopsis about impregnating from spores from an alien plant form, I was expecting Swamp thing versus Little Shop of Horrors for the plant That sex act definitely ranks high on my strange sex act meter so be prepared to suspend all concepts of reality on that tidbit Once you get pass the plant sex there is lots of human sex In the beginning I found the characters easily identifiable in the roles of good and bad By the end, the lines were blurred and it was difficult to tell who to be routing for There is an epilogue that left me unfulfilled with unanswered questions than anything else My over all sense of this book was disturbing.If strange sex of the non humanoid kind is your thing followed by lots of hungry human sex, then Rising Green by Sabrina York is the book for you I received this book from JeepDiva in exchange for my honest review The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars 3 Flames 4 I was scared to read this Sabrina is a publisher mate of mine and I had never read erotic horror before While I prefer a romance with an HEA, I seriously couldn t stop reading this It was short It was insanely hot, sexy, sex sex sex Sabrina s writing style is quick, intense, awesomely descriptive I really enjoyed it If you want a quick, super hot, sex filled read with a weird story line, get it Buy it Read it Ha It s really good. I enjoyed Rising Green it was fun, quick story, with some unusual elements that kept me interested I loved the setup, with the heroine, Sage Green, seduced by an alien plant the description in this scene is absolutely brilliant, creepy and erotic all at once I was definitely hooked by that scene, and read the story the whole way through without stopping Sex with the human men happened quickly, and while I enjoyed those scenes, I was hoping for a bit to come out of it that really emphasized the horror element The epilogue seemed rushed, and I really wanted to see the intermediate scenes showing how it all got to that point maybe I just wanted blood and murder.Still, I d definitely recommend reading Rising Green if you re up for something a little different, especially for the opening half of the story I d love it if Sabrina York could follow up with a sequel and some plant sex I have never read anything by this author before nor have I read any books from the Shivers line I love paranormal and horror so when I read this blurb I thought that I just had to check it out plus I really love science.After reading the blurb, about Sage becoming impregnated by an alien plant I thought okay this could go either way corny silly or sexy Well this story pulled it off It was very sexy.This was a very short read Sage finds a strange plant and goes out to retrieve samples of the plant Her life is never the same Sage is the only women on an all man team but she has a reputation as being the ice princess There is a reason for this but when she comes back she knows she is not right but doesn t know what is forcing her to feel this way There is much sex to follow.This was a quick erotic read with just the right amount of creepiness needed for this story The story was complete and when you finished you did not feel as though you were missing part of the story The ending left you hanging and wondering but in a good way I received this free from author for an honest review. York s fantastically hot first outing is a tale of creeping terror and passions run amok Loved it Also it s filthy, like Sabrina Duh. LOVED IT, IT WAS AMAZING 10 STARS IF COULD GIVE THEM {E-pub} º Rising Green ¸ Chaos Erupts For Members Of A Scientific Expedition On A Remote Island When Sage, The Team S Botanist, Is Impregnated With The Spores Of An Alien Plant Form She S Always Been The Crew S Ice Princess But Now Something S Changed Now Something Is Driving Her, Raging Through Her, Compelling Her To Screw Every Man On The Desolate, Godforsaken Rock Again And Again And Again What The Very Appreciative Men Don T Realize Is That Each Illicit Interaction, Each Hedonistic Commingling, Takes Its Toll On Them As Well And No One Can Survive The Torturous Pleasure Unscathed Big fan of horror erotica, and this was pretty good Short, definitely with erotic tones, and different all good things Would have maybe liked to see a little world and character development, but it is a short and not a big detractor Nice set up how the female MC becomes insatiable for sex often I find those types of set ups difficult to believe or out there and just go with it, but this was much better done than most enjoyed this quick hot, disturbing and different erotic read.