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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ☥ Jesus and the Earth ⚑ What Was Jesus Attitude To The Earth What, If Anything, Did He Say About The Environment Is There A Divine Earth Ethic To Be Found In The Gospels As The Ecological Threats To The Earth Multiply And Intensify, Christians Are Turning To The Pages Of The Old Testament For Guidance On Environmental Ethics But Is Wisdom About This Critical Issue To Be Found Only There James Jones, Bishop Of Liverpool, Set Out To Discover If His Own Concern For Creation Found Any Sympathy In The Teaching And Example Of Jesus This Book Is The Result Of His Search Here He Argues Clearly And Passionately That Jesus Is The Saviour Not Only Of Humanity, But Also The Saviour Of The Planet And Of The Whole Cosmos, Which Came Into Being Through Him And For Him A Series Of Questions Is Provided At The End Of Each Chapter To Stimulate Individual Reflection And Group Discussion I Very Much Hope That This Timely And Insightful Book From James Jones Will Inspire Many Individual Christians And The Church As A Whole To Be Far Militant In Defence Of God S Earth Jonathan Porritt, Forum For The Future