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[[ Read Pdf ]] ⚜ The Awakening í Chloe Saunders Is Een Wandelend Wetenschappelijk Experiment, Ze Kan Niet Alleen Geesten Zien, Maar Ze Is Genetisch Veranderd Door De Sinistere Edison Groep Ze Is Een Tiener Maar Ook Een Dodenbezweerder Die Haar Gaven Niet Beheerst, Wat Betekent Dat Ze Onwillekeurig Doden Opwekt Nu Vlucht Chloe Voor Haar Leven Met Drie Van Haar Bovennatuurlijke Vrienden Een Charmante Tovenaar, Een Cynische Weerwolf En Een Ontevreden Heks En Moeten Ze Iemand Vinden Om Hen Te Helpen Voordat De Edison Groep Hen Vangt That was kind of underwhelming The Awakening definitely left me wanting I just feel like it was missing so much which is a shock to me because these book are huge.Chloe was so annoying in this book I wanted to stab my eyes so I didn t have to see her trying to flirt with everyone and anyone that walked I honestly gave zero fucks about her until she found out she was apart of a experimental group thing Honestly, I only cared a little bit I mostly just wanted the book to be over or something to happen that would grab my attention.Back to Chloe She constantly made terrible, silly, and super stupid decision throughout the whole book My eyes hurt from all the rolling I ve done today Derek was interesting because he called her out on her shit but then Simon was an annoying twat defending the ground she walked on UGH Overall, I wanted this book to end I wanted it to be either shorter and suck or longer and way exiting I got neither I m just disappointed in this book and I pray that the next one is a lot better. I AM IN LOVE WITH A TEENAGE WOLF The second book in the Darkest Powers series is just as engaging as the first, creepy action and a Derek I am in love with this boy, I wanna go in the book and drop kick Chloe, so she can see what she is missing I will say they have a lot of scenes alone together and they make me very happy.For all y all who don t know Chloe is a new discovered necromancer able to awaken the dead , first she thought she was schizo but it was discovered that the home she was sent to after experiencing seeing a ghost, were finding ways to harvest her powers Well after breaking loose, Chloe and her entourage are now on the run We have Tori the sarcastic rich girl, Simon the ever so sweet gentleman, Derek the leader and authority figure of the group, and of course sweet and na ve Chloe.Its interesting to see these very young people go out and fend for themselves They no longer can call parents for help because they might be placed in danger, some are the bad guys and others have already gone missing Everyday is a journey of survival and new realities Plus this foursome bring the laughs and good times.Kelley Armstrong is able to grab the reader and never let go, the relationships are real and very sweet I am blown away by how a guy described as being ugly, can come off as the sexiest being, I am truly lusting after Derek What this book lacks is romance but it is there if you manage to read between the lines Overall an action packed book, with creepy dead things and just a pure thrilling ride.Peeved They talk about a necklace and I have yet to see the significance, all I know is the color has changed. I don t know how I feel about this one I mean the kids are out there trying to get way from the evil people that are trying to hurt them And we find out some reasons as to why they are the kind of supernaturals that they are but I was just sort of meh I will say that I loved to get time with Chloe and Derek I really love Derek s character And we learn about the families of the kids There is also action with the supernatural abilities of some of the adults and kids but I still couldn t get into it all the way Sometimes I wonder if it s the mood I m in or if I really did just like the book and not love it to death One will never know unless of course you read it again Chloe, Rae and Tori are in cells at The Edison Group after they tried to escape with Derek and Simon in the first book A bunch of stuff happens and Tori and Chloe get away and meet up with the boys Then stuff happens and it s a little cray I also really love the ghost, Liz, in the book too I hope we get to find out something good for her in the next book I did enjoy the book, I m just mad that I didn t love it to death, but we can love them all that way right MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List As seen on The ReadventurerThe second book in Darkest Powers trilogy starts where the first one left off Chloe is at the research institute and contemplating escape What follows is pretty much Chloe s and her friends journey to get to the person who might be able to help them find Derek s and Simon s father which is I suppose is what this trilogy is about, but I am not sure at this point.The first book in the trilogy was undoubtedly drawn out and artificially extended, but this second book sure beats that While The Summoning had at least some semblance of a story specifically, the discovery of the true nature of Lyle House , The Awakening is truly 400 pages of filler Almost nothing is added to the main story arc only 3 pages describing the purpose of the experiments on supernaturals and the idea that Derek s and Simon s father can be found with the help of his friend Andrew The rest of the book is pretty much limited to hiding in various warehouses 150 pages , hiding in an abandoned house 50 pages , riding a bus to Andrew s house 150 pages , and finally meeting Andrew 10 pages The Awakening truly has no climax of any sort It reads as a boring series of events that serve no purpose but to develop the characters, which is fine, when not used so shamelessly to fill pages and pages at the expense of the real plot There are some nice Derek Chloe moments, and only these moments save the book from being a complete waste of time If I had hopes that the trilogy would pick up after a rather slow first book, I don t have them any The second book proved to be as boring of a read as the first one, and even worse This is a pity, because Armstrong knows how to write an engaging and tightly plotted book This Darkest Powers trilogy however is a shameless attempt to extend 250 pages of story into 3 books 400 pages each I am not sure if I will ever get back to this series I expect I will not be able to remember much about it even a month later.