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( Read Pdf ) õ Silent Alarm ⚢ Alys S Whole World Was Comprised Of The History Project That Was Due, Her Upcoming Violin Audition, Being Held Tightly In The Arms Of Her Boyfriend, Ben, And Laughing With Her Best Friend, Delilah At Least It Was Until She Found Herself On The Wrong End Of A Shotgun In The School Library Her Suburban High School Had Become One Of Those Places You Hear About On The News A Place Where Some Disaffected Youth Decided To End It All And Take As Many Of His Teachers And Classmates With Him As He Could Except, In This Story, That Youth Was Alys S Own Brother, Luke He Killed Fifteen Others And Himself, But Spared Her Though She Ll Never Know Why Alys S Downward Spiral Begins Instantly, And There Seems To Be No Bottom A Heartbreaking And Beautifully Told Story It s tough to say this was a fantastic book because of the horrific events that take place However it is a fantastic book and once again, Penguin, PenguinTeen GPPutnam PutnamBooks and this author have brought yet another memorable and wonderful book to my 2015Reading year Thank You For the pleasure to have been able to read this book Due for publishing in March so I ll have a better review posted before then However, right I do highly recommend it Can t hide from reality and reading it from the perspective of the MC was a nice change for me Again, the horrific topic aside, but it s done so tastefully, respectfully and what seems to me to be very true to what the reality of it all is.Beautifully written This was very dark, very gritty, and very powerful I have read a few books about school shootings, and while my favorite will always be Nineteen Minutes, this is one I m not likely to forget any time soon Silent Alarm focuseson after the fact than the shooting itself We do see the event unfold, but the story isabout Alys having to live with what her brother did As expected, there s a great amount of grief, of guilt, of what ifs on her part Her character is developed in a way that even though she closes herself off emotionally self preservation and all she still lets us in With many emotional books like this, I keep myself at arm s length due to the overwhelming nature of the character s state of mind, but with Alys, I was still able to fully immerse myself into her shoes I didn t fear the grief she was trying to push away, I wanted to be there for her This highly character based novel touches on many aspects surrounding such a tragedy The reaction of the community the need for everyone to lay blame on the family is very real and very hurtful People do react like that in real life, and it s unfortunate, yet you can t help but understand both sides Blame is a natural human response to grief, a destructive response, but we rarely put ourselves in the others shoes In this novel, we see exactly how this affects Alys s family A family that is stopped in its tracks, shocked by what their son did, but a family that is grieving like all the others nonetheless It s sad to see her friends and even boyfriend turn against her for what she couldn t control, but it s also good to see who your real friends are in these situations I was happy that she had at least one shoulder to lean on her brother s best friend to help slow down, even if it s just a little bit, this downward spiral Don t take this as a sign of romance, however This book has only the tiniest touch of romance if I even dare call it that It slike a longing of what she once had Even though the writing overall was good and emotionally charged, I was not a fan of the style she uses to convey Alys real opinion of what her brother did We d get random bits of internal dialogue inside parenthesis, usually mid sentence, that I found pretty distracting Fortunately it s not used excessively, so it doesn t become a huge deal Also, don t expect some clear cut, intensely plotted book full of twists and shocking turns This novel is a character driven story, through and through.Highly recommended to fans of dark contemporaries, Silent Alarm is an honest and raw look at grief, at someone s life changing drastically one tragic afternoon An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads This was okayish I lived the first half of the book but in the remaining half of the book I felt as if the author was just dragging the story The plot was nice but the story was incomplete It kinda got boring at the end It was overall an okay book. In her newest novel, Silent Alarm, Jennifer Banash explores the emotional topic of school shootings and their aftermaths from the point of view of the shooter s sister Alys is a daughter, a musician, a best friend, and a girlfriend, but, after her brother opens fire on their school campus and then kills himself, Alys is only the sister of a murderer Her parents, incapacitated by grief and guilt, retreat within themselves, leaving Alys to work through her complicated feelings and confusion by herself Because Luke took his own life as well, the entire community, including Alys s best friend and boyfriend, blame Alys for not noticing her brother s dangerous downward spiral and preventing its culminationI m sorry, I say for what feels like the millionth time I know, even as my mouth forms the words, that I will say them for the rest of my life Forever That there will never be a time when I am not, in some small way, apologizing for the damage my brother has wrought Luke is dead too, like Katie, I know, but this makes no difference My grief will always be less important A large part of Alys s inner struggle centers around her inability to completely hate and revile her brother like the rest of the community does following the shooting She is angry, hurt, and shocked, but she still loves him Her final images of him, pointing the shotgun at her face, then turning and killing a girl nearby, doesn t match the brother she grew up with The brother she rode to school with every morning, bickered with, and loved, even after he seemed to withdraw from their family and succumb to his dark moods, turning inward Her confusion is pervasive, jumping off the page in an affecting way, forcing the reader to confront the difficult truth that Luke, despite her actions, is neither wholly good nor badThe choir box is empty this morning, and I long for some kind of melody, the crash of the organ, the flight of angelic voices My fingers twitch against the fabric of my dress and I close my eyes, remembering the Debussy, the Brahms lullaby I played each night before bed, my face pressed to the pad beneath my chin, arms cutting the air around me The fact that Luke doesn t deserve music, the blissful lilt and salvation of it, make me, for some reason, saddest of allMusic is an important part of Alys s life, but, after the shooting, she separates herself from her violin and the solace it provides Not only does Alys feel that she has lost that part of herself, she feels she no longer deserves to feel the joy it brings her She questions whether she could have prevented her brother s actions if only she had been less involved in her own life, if only she weren t so distracted by music while her brother suffered enough that he brought a gun to school and murdered their friends She believes that, if her brother does not deserve music, she doesn t either I especially loved Alys s conversations with her violin instructor, an older woman who has lived a long life filled with both love and loss She is one of the very few characters in Silent Alarm who recognizes and acknowledges Alys s painIt feels like I died with Luke, alongside all of those kids who looked up from gossiping in the quad, from the useless pages of their books in the library, to meet the barrel of my brother s gun, his face filled with hate In a way, I died the moment Luke walked into that library, the moment we came face to face Now I m trapped in the land of the dead, a barren landscape, shards of bone cutting my feet, their voices a soft chatter, telling me to follow Banash s decision to tell this story from Alys s point of view, rather than Luke s or a classmate s, was insightful Alys provides the reader with a singular context through which to view the shooting because she is both a victim and a relative It s unlikely that any other narrator would have the same struggle as Alys, whose two very different mental images of Luke one as loving brother, one as murderer are at war Because of Alys s distinct voice and unique view of the situation and its aftermath, I was able to connect toSilent Alarm in a very real and powerful way.Highly recommended.