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FREE EBOOK ♷ Ancient (Thaumatology, #8) ♶ Ceridwyn Brent Has Invented A Way Of Creating An Artificial Ley Line And Is Planning To Use It To Generate Free, Clean Electricity To Do That, However, She Needs To Start The Line In An Area Of High Magical Energy And In Europe That Means The German Rift At The End Of World War II, A Series Of Huge Explosions In German Cities Cracked Open The World, Letting Demons And Fae Run Rampant, And That Rift Line Is Still A Huge Area Of High Magic So, Ceri And Her Friend, Lily Carpenter, Must Walk Into What Is Left Of Hamburg To Initiate The Ley LineSomething Is Wrong In The Ruins Of Hamburg, However Sensitives Are Having Strange Dreams Of Some Old Evil Rising From Underground And The Shadows Seem To Move On Their Own Something Bad Has Woken Up And It Seems To Be Fascinated By Ceri It Also Has Far Extreme Motives And, When It Follows Ceri And Lily Back To London, Blood And Chaos Are Not Far Behind This was much better than the previous book in the series as the flow of the story was better Ceri needs to stop getting captured, or needs to make some sort of magical preparations for when it happens The villains of the series learn and become difficult, not just the heroes becoming powerful Although at this point, I hope Ceri s exponential power growth finally started leveling off.