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Full Review at The Speculative Herald Angel of Storms, the Millenium s Rule series continues to fascinate me While I enjoyed The Black Magician Trilogy, I will confess to never loving it This trilogy is turning out to be a much better match for me Perhaps this is mainly because The Black Magician trilogy is young adult, where as this one, I believe is not Regardless of the reason, I tend to be captivated by this series and find it incredibly fun to read This is the second in the trilogy, and while I felt like there was a good deal of progression in this book including wonderful details about the world, there is still so much left to resolve that I actually had to verify if this was a trilogy or a longer series And it is definitely listed as a trilogy, so I suspect that final book is going to be packed with lots of excitement For readers of the first book, I know many were hoping for a quick joining of Rielle s and Tyen s story lines in this book For those that are new to the series, the first book, Thief s Magic, is told through those two POVs with no apparent connection between them In the first book they were essentially two completely separate stories being told alternately through the book The separate story lines were not something that bothered me at all in the first book, but for those of you that were feeling a bit impatient wanting them to come together with the last book, I hate to inform you there is not a quick joining of the two However, from the beginning of this second book it becomes much clearer how they might relate to each other One of my chief impressions with the first book was how I was equally excited for both POVs I enjoyed each so much I was slightly disappointed to switch to the other, only to quickly be excited to be back with that character I found I continue to really enjoy both of the main characters and their stories in this one If was pushed to pick favorites, I would say I probably preferred Tyen a bit in the first book, but Rielle a bit in this one But the difference is really minute.The Angel of Storms is a whirlwind of a book doused with magic, that shows no mercy, tests both loyalties and faith It reveals a much clearer picture of the world, journeys to unexpected places, tests both protagonists to their limits and ends on a note that will leave you craving the next book. [[ Free ]] ⇝ Angel of Storms ↰ International No Bestselling Author Trudi Canavan Returns With The Second Novel In The Millennium S Rule Series Her Most Powerful And Thrilling Adventure YetTyen Is Teaching Mechanical Magic At A School Respected Throughout The Worlds News Arrives That The Formidable Ruler Of All Worlds, Long Believed To Be Dead, Is Back And Enforcing His Old Laws Including The One Forbidding Schools Of Magic As Teachers And Students Flee, Tyen Is Left With No Home And No Purpose Except The Promise He Made To Vella, The Sorcerer Imprisoned In A Book Tyen Must Decide What He Is Willing To Do To Free HerAfter Five Years Among The Tapestry Weavers Of Schpeta, Rielle S Peaceful New Life Has Been Shattered By A Local War As Defeat Looms, The Powerful Angel Of Storms Appears And Invites Rielle To Join The Artisans Of His Celestial Realm But What Will He Require In Return For This Extraordinary Offer Discover The Magic Of Trudi Canavan After spending five years living in her new home, Rielle meets the Angel Valhan again and he offers her a chance to live on the home world of the Angels as an artist When one of his allies abandons her on an empty world, she almost dies but is rescued by the Travellers, people who trade from world to world, and Rielle starts to make a new life for herself 5 years after leaving his world Tyen is a teacher at an academy for magic, however, he is forced to leave when the Raen, ruler of all the worlds, has come back and has outlawed the teaching of magic While travelling between worlds trying to find the long searched for answers to restore Vella he meets the Raen and to save his live he makes a deal, Tyen will spy on the rebels and in return the Raen will try and restore Vella to her human form Are the Angel Valhan and the Raen the same person and if so what is his plans Angel of Storms is the brilliant second book in the unique Millennium s Rule series This book has really good world building, storytelling and I love the magic and the ability to travel between worlds The first half of the book was slower than I was expecting but it did pick up in the second half Rielle is quiet and creative, and is still na ve and wants to please people, but this books shows that she has learnt to make her own decisions and discovers who she is Tyen is idealistic, likes to discover knowledge and is clever, he is not a violent person, hates betraying people and wants to protect others However, unlike most of Canavan s books I felt the secondary characters were lacking as part from the Raen and Baluka I didn t really feel like I got to know anyone or care about them Also I did not feel that Vella was as bigger part of this book as the first one and I missed her a bit.I am glad that Tyen and Rielle story seem to have influence on each other s life s than the previous book I cannot wait to read the third and final book in this series Successor s Son I would recommend Angel of Storms to fans of the first book in the Millennium s Rule series Thief s MagicThis and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyrm Ooof, these books are good If I d remembered how good, I might not have waited so long to read this sequel It s strange, though These aren t flashy, showy books The characters don t grab you by the throat and force you to read and devour everything about their story The pace is slow, meditative, quiet, even when discussing moments of horror and bloodshed.There s almost nothing entirely predictable about the story either I want to not wait for the final chapter, to read it before I forget again how much I want to But also I know that even waiting years won t make those final pages any less enjoyable. Trudi Canavan is an author whose books I ve enjoyed a great deal in the past, but reading her recent works I ve begun to question her approach as an author The author spends an inordinate amount of time hashing over events as an inner monologue for one of her characters She does this in excruciating detail going over every step of why the character feels the way they do only to re run nearly the same inner discussion later on when it comes up again Trudi Canavan does this in all of her books but in this book I found it especially frustrating This may be because I found the main characters to be mediocre at best As a further consequence of the writing style the supporting characters are entirely one dimensional which doesn t help at all.In this book neither of the two main characters drive the story until the very end, rather they re swept along by it This can work as a plot device but in this case it makes the characters seem ineffectual Further, the magic system is poorly defined allowing for no real investment in how it s used to resolve conflicts In a lot of ways Trudi hasn t strayed far from the mechanics used in the black magician and age of five series which are feeling increasingly stale.So we re there any positives about the book The underlying concepts are reasonably interesting The ability to move between worlds allows for the potential to have a lot of interesting cultures and locations Generally I found the plot to be OK On the whole though I d say this was a bit of a disappointment. woah woah woah Der Canavan Effekt Die Mitte zieht sich, aber das Ende haut dich um After the cliffhanger at the end of book one I was kind of curious how the author would solve that Well, to be honest she didn t She kept her decent writing style, her way of setting words onto paper and how she created everything For all those, who never read a book written by the author let me tell you this you need to get used to her style, her kind of fantasy and how she sees things.If you can manage that, you ll find some sort of entertainment one way or the other in her books that is a promise.About five years have gone by since the last events at the end of book one Thief s Magic Tyen is teaching at Liftre and living kind of a normal life, Rielle has done everything Valhan asked of her to restore the magic she took from her world Now, both are again in a position where they have to change their lives Rielle survives the attack of a powerful sorceress by accident and Tyen has no other choice but to become the spy of the powerful Raen to find a way to keep his promise he once gave Vella Now both are part of a rebellion, each of them in their own way, they didn t want and Raen plays a game that isn t that easy to understand.Guess I ll have to admit, that I am not a huge fan of Trudi Canavan Her style isn t really mine The reason why I started reading this trilogy in the first place was, I fell in love with the cover of the German edition of Thief s Magic you can read my review about it here I asked for a copy, got it and started reading But I wasn t as happy or hooked as anyone told me I would be.Yes, Trudi Canavan has her very own way of writing fantasy novels and not everyone will like it Despite the fact, that I don t consider myself a real fan of hers, I do see that she has a great fantasy Though it isn t always easy to see what she tries to show her readers Angel of Storms is told by an invisible narrator and the writing style is as debauched as ever You need some patience and stamina to make it to the end If you can do that, you will discover a very entertaining and haunting last third of this story And that is it, what saves this novel from the total misery Don t get me wrong The fantasy in this book is not the kind of fantasy you might be used to Canavan sees things in her head and puts them onto paper that are quite astonishing, colorful, exiting and frightening at the same time But nonetheless you need to read all of it if you want to have the slightest change to follow the plot And she uses a lot of words and with that I mean literally a lot to tell her readers the adventures of Rielle and Tyen Many figures are showing up in this second book of her Millennium s Rule trilogy Not all of them are good, not all of them are important and not all of them like Rielle or Tyen It is sad to say, but if you are looking for Pergama aka Vella, if you like her that much like I do then you will be disappointed She isn t showing up very much so Angel of Storms is a lot less fun and humorous than the Thief s Magic.But the change Rielle goes through, how see starts seeing things, the way she keeps her instincts and how she trusts them that is great to watch She is so fair to herself and others to admit when she made a mistake, when she has to learn that she needs to see things in a different way to really be able to understand And she is the one who is not buyable At the end I was kind of surprised in a positive way to see how she was acting Baluka is another good character in this novel He is the son of a leader, young and his way of seeing things is not as typical as you might think He is used to use magic whenever he needs it Has no remorse to do what he does and when Raen takes something from him right in front of him, he starts to fight and search for it in his very own way And becomes a man, Rielle wouldn t have wanted in the first place, probably Good heavens, this was sometimes a real torture And I am still asking myself if it was really necessary to describe everything and anything in such an abundant way My head is still spinning Not sure if I will read the last part of this trilogy too Originally posted on Gone With The Books 3.5 Drugi tom jest dla mnie sporym rozczarowaniem po udanym spotkaniu z pierwszym Teraz boj si si gn po trzeci Tak czy inaczej, chodzi o to, e Anio Burz jest piekielnie nudny, przez ponad pie set stron nie dzieje si praktycznie nic Jedno wielkie NIC W tki Rille skupiaj si wok nieustannego podr owania mi dzy wiatami i czytania w my lach przypadkowych ludzi, za Tyen jest wmieszany w najbardziej nieudoln i le skonstruowan rebeli wiata W tki rebelianckie w ka dej ksi ce mocno mnie nudz , ale w przypadku tej ksi ki zosta o to pog bione o jakie tysi c procent Czytanie w tk w Tayena by o dla mnie m czarni Tyen to ma a pierdo a, kt ra nie potrafi utoczy nawet kropli krwi swoich przeciwnik w, a przyw dc rebeli staje si kto , kto moim zdaniem nie przejawia wcze niej na to adnych zadatk w i wygl da o to tak, jakby autorka nagle wpad a na pomys hej zr bmy z niego przyw dc , nie daj c nam wcze niej adnych wskaza , by postrzega go, jako potencjalnego kadydata na to stanowisko Ech Jedyn postaci , kt ra absolutnie skrad a moje serce, jest Raen Tylko co z tego, skoro jego w tki ograniczaj si do paru scen w ca ej ksi ce Ponadto, autorka w og le nie wykorzysta a potencja u tego bohatera i poprowadzi a go w taki spos b, e moje rozczarowanie tylko si zwi kszy o Raen sta si moim pierwszym, ksi kowym kraszem, a bardzo ci ko pokocha mi kogo z ksi ki, wi c autorce uda o si co niezwyk ego w moim przypadku Dlatego w a nie uwa am, e to Raen powinien wie prym g wnego, m skiego bohatera, a nie Tyen, kt ry m g by by moim lekiem na sen, bo jedyne, co potrafi , to mnie u pi Po tej lekturze jestem sfrustrowana i zawiedziona Potrzebuj wi cej Raena, mniej Tyena, ale raczej i trzeci tom mi tego nie zapewni, znaj c ju preferencje autorki, co do swoich postaci.No c , nie wiem, czy polecam. Awww.i rly liked it After almost a 2 years pause of not reading anything, it was hard to decide where to start again.Well i am glad i choose to continue Trudi Canavans series.Her storytelling and world building sucked me in imidietly and once again opened my huge appetite for reading fantasy books.The only reason i didn t give it 5 stars is that i would feel guilty doing so if i compare this book to other fantasy books that shined a bit brightly although i enjoyed it as much Patrick Rothfus i am looking at u will u ever finish the next story of your Chronicles And that s about it Off to start the third book now the night is still young