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I think there s beauty in not knowing how things will end If we knew our fate, we might try to change it.Thank you, Martin, for bringing this jewel of a book to my notice Can t wait to read the sequel You all know that I love historical fiction and I read a ton of it I was very excited about this book as I ve read very little historical fiction about Rome even with all of the HF that I read I was most definitely not disappointed This is a well researched story about the everyday lives of Roman soldiers I d like to point out that I really, really enjoyed the historical note at the end of the book that discussed what the author made up and what research went into the book I think that in historical fiction books, it s definitely interesting to see what the sources the author looked at while writing the book I think that it really helps put things into context I really liked how vivid the writing was You really feel like you re witnessing the things that the characters are doing There is most definitely a good sense of setting, which I felt really helped to pull me into the book Also, I m not huge on war books and technically this book covers a war however, the story itself really covers of the human story behind the soldiers The focus is really on the inside scoop on the things that went on when the soldiers were not fighting It was a unique perspective and really allowed you to get to know the characters than you do in a normal war story.I really like the characters in the book You have a very powerful general, someone who would know of the high life of the highest class of Romans Then you have the soldiers that come from a variety of backgrounds I liked that you sort of got a taste of some of the different Roman classes, a very important feature of Roman society.One thing I will mention is that there is a homosexual relationship between two of the male characters in the book This should not bother you Why, you might ask Homosexual relationships were a completely normal part of Roman life As the author explains at the end of the book, the Romans thought that the male body was the most beautiful form in the world and thus, if you were a man and you took a male lover, not another thought would be given Bottom line This is a great historical fiction read I finished this book in two days Am I overly fond of historical fiction no Do I pine for Roman tales not really Am I keen on war stories not exactly Do I appreciate well written, unconventional love stories You bet But that doesn t begin to say why I couldn t tear myself away from The Soldier of Raetia Heather Domin sets a reader right in a Roman landscape, the smells, sounds and sights fleshed out as if I was reading in the houses, at the campsites, on the battlefields What Domin does for vistas is expounded further in her plot and characters not a single voice rang untrue and I had to know how the novel ended I read a sample via Smashwords, then ordered the print version I was not disappointed in the remainder of the story, nor the presentation of Domin s work in paperback Looking forward to from this author. I was always a big fan of Roman history, especially the Roman army and how they managed to build such an empire and especially how to maintain it.So I read quite a few books about Rome and I didn t need a lot of convincing when this book popped up on Martin s reading list, to follow suitAnd I can definitely say I did not regret it.The writing and the story reminded me of those beautiful Paul Waters books, who describes Roman everyday life including gay love interests like nobody else well maybe now like Heather Domin Add to that a beautiful and very slow burning attraction between Dardanus a young inexperienced soldier and Valerius a famous general of a Roman legion and you get a great story with a historic background and a nice love interest.However, do not expect a fluffy gay romance, be prepared for a realistic description of life in Roman times, especially in the army and with that knowledge you might enjoy this tremendously It is probably a novel about Roman soldiers and everyday life where the main characters are gay, than a gay story about Roman soldiers I certainly didn t mind, I enjoyed this a lot and it was hard for me to put the book down, it had me hooked to the end.Easily 4 stars, maybe even 4.5 and recommended. ( Download Book ) ⚔ The Soldier of Raetia (Valerian's Legion, #1) ♇ Rome, BC Manilus Dardanus, A New Soldier From The Provinces, Applies For A Military Sponsorship With Cassius Valerian, The General Of A Small Legion Patrolling The Northern Frontier Idealistic And Naive, Dardanus Has A Lot To Learn About The Life He Has Chosen, And At First The Brusque And Reticent General Seems The Least Willing Candidate To Teach Him But Gradually A Bond Begins To Form Between This Unlikely Pair, One That Neither Could Ever Have ImaginedOver The Course Of A Blood Soaked Summer In The Wild, As Dardanus Struggles With Coming Of Age And Valerian Wrestles The Ghosts Of His Past, Battles And Betrayals On Every Side Threaten To End That Fragile Bond And Possibly Their Lives 4.5 Nearly everything about this book is nearly perfect unobtrusive exposition, evocative descriptions of people and places, careful and sparing touches of research, vivid characters, high stakes and the maddeningly slow burn of the relationship between the protags And now I feel like I ve sucked the life out of it with this review, but it is very much alive, very vibrant and moving This first book promises an awesome series And it s 3, guys. This was basically a Bildungsroman The strong points were sympathetic characters and excellent character development A young man, Dardanus, enlists in the Roman Army, 10BC, and is posted to Raetia parts of modern day Germany Liechtenstein Switzerland Austria We are given a detailed depiction of his basic training , of members of his contubernium i.e., tentmates messmates and General The equivalent term probably would have been Legate Valerian of the Legion, his sponsor and mentor Dardanus bonds with them all, including a deeper bond with the General There are vivid battle scenes, heroism, and treachery Some parts of the story are poignant Though simple, the language seemed very modern, but there was no swearing a good thing, in my view In the author s historical note, she gave a skeleton history of that historical period She separated fact from her fictions for the novel and told us why she invented what she did I loved her descriptions of nature and of the characters I could visualize each person and felt that I was standing right in the middle of the action all through This was an easy read of only a few hours As this is the first novel in a projected series, I certainly would like to read any further adventures and will reread this novel. If you ve ever looked for reading material and thought, I want something like the Eagle of the Ninth, but actually gay , I have a recommendation for you. Well researched, but there s a bit too much of telling instead of showing, and it takes a while to get going The relationship between Dardanus and Valerian his sponsor legatus is very slow burn, which I enjoyed Overall, while The Soldier of Raetia isn t as great as I expected, it s an enjoyable coming of age story. Have you ever read a book which you kept coming back to no matter how many books you have read after, and wanted to read and reread and savor every word and reread again Have you ever read a book where you wonder how the writer could transport you to another time so flawlessly and make you want to get to know the characters in person because they felt so amazingly real I am sure we all have such books which we can gush about endlessly, and this is one of those books for me.This is a historical fiction novel with the touch of m m romance of the kind which I personally do not see nearly enough in the genre, and of the kind which I crave the most I have read historicals which, as far as I am concerned, really should not classify as such since the settings were badly researched and or the characters were contemporary minded just placed elsewhere in time Recently, however, I have read several historicals in a row where the settings were well researched and the characters felt for me well, let s just say I felt as if I was reading about aliens from space, so unrelatable the characters felt in the best possible way And this prompted another reread of this book, where I could not help but hold my breath so badly I wanted my beloved characters to succeed against all odds, survive, and find all the things they are looking for in life.These characters did not feel as if they have contemporary mentality and were just dressed in Roman costumes Quite the contrary, in fact One of the most likeable characters in this story wants to buy his mother ten slaves when he becomes a successful soldier, and no, there is absolutely no chance I could like somebody from my own time wanting to do that But this author seems to remember that there are at least some character traits that a lot of people could relate to no matter which time we live in, and good guys in this book, while not running to free their slaves or do other anachronistic things, seem to have those traits in abundance traits like honor, patriotism, courage, and willingness to help their comrades on the battle field.This is a story which, as blurb tells us, takes place in Rome and one of its provinces As I said above, this is first and foremost historical fiction about the life in the army of Rome at the time of its glory as much if not than a m m romance The love story between Valerius and Dardanus is definitely there, but it takes a back seat to the rest of the story This is also a coming of age story for Dardanus, who comes to the home of General Cassius Valerian because his father wants Valerius to take Dardanus under his wing as his ward and maybe later heir.All of the characters in this book are very well fleshed out, and it was a joy to read about Valerius very reluctantly deciding to be Dardanus sponsor for the summer when he starts his military training and slowly, oh so very slowly, coming to realization that he may actually be attracted to young man Dardanus was so lovely, a twenty year old who dreamt about being a soldier and who is blossoming into a real soldier who fights for Rome, and whose admiration of Valerian turns into love His friends Iocundus, Ellerius, Iallis and couple others were delightful characters as well.We get treated to very detailed descriptions of Roman army training and battles, but for me it was never boring in fact, it was so very vivid that I found the pictures the writer painted with words I was so engrossed, it truly felt as if I was there among the soldiers and was observing the battle field.My only niggle with the book was the fate of the villain and the villain itself The villain felt to me pitiful than villainous, although I totally understand how soldiers of Rome would have felt very differently and had no pity At the same time, while my little contemporary heart liked how the villain was dealt with, and I do get the explanation of how it would have made sense, it did feel to me a little anachronistic.Please be warned, there is one m f sex scene on page, which, while completely making sense in historical context, may turn some readers off.Highly recommended.Originally posted at jessewave reviews my nick is Sirius there