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This is in many ways an excellent bookthough I suppose the 5 star rating may have given you an idea I might think something like that.This book is very character driven while also having an intense, fast moving yet very plausible plot Now I know there are going to be people who want to go on about how the book s style is wanting and I ll admit this isn t a work that shoots for literary depth at least in some ways It s also guilty of using some minor stereotyping It s pictures of some of the players aren t really spot on.But they are close enough for the story to be believable Some of us will probably be annoyed at the way certain characters are presented or portrayed That said they are not far enough off for me to call the writer on it He has in most cases simply amplified what s there.The events in this book could happen Not only could they happen it s not that unlikely The events here are not far fetched at all.Of course the novel also ends in a way and in a place that will make you want to give the writer a piece of your mind about the inhumanity of cliffhangers.I hate cliffhangers.The next book is slated to be out next yearI m waiting.I like this one I recommend this one. Wright, the protagonist of this action packed speculative novel, is a decent guy trying to fulfill his duty as a National Guardsman when his gun goes off accidentally into a crowd of protesters The governor of Idaho is already at odds with the President of the US over a national ID card, and this incident is the spark that accelerates the civil war Rarely does YA fiction tackle real political questions such as states rights versus federal laws Trent does an amazing job of presenting both sides of the arguments in a way that is thoughtful and totally engaging and one that allows lots of opportunity for debate Although there is lots of military action and detail to lure in reluctant readers, Trent doesn t glorify war His protagonist struggles with the emotional impact of shooting a fellow citizen Perfect for reluctant readers, fathers and sons, US government classes. Hoo boy Editorial bias alert, but I think this could kick up quite a splash in the YA world next spring for its awesome cover, its enormously timely themes about the breakdown in political communication and conflict between state and federal governments and in particular its approach to the latter , its portrait of our all encompassing media and digital worlds and with all that, its really great characters and action, as Danny Wright first instigates a rebellion he never intended, and then must choose his side and his friends It s a PRE dystopia novel about an entirely plausible America, and very thought provoking as such, as well as a great read ARCs should be available later this month. WOW Since I can t give the review that this book deserves right now on cell I would just like to say AMAZING KUDOS to the makers of this audiobook I have to say this is the single most awesome audiobook that I have listened to and I have listened to at least 300 of them I was so entertained by the reading of this novel that I believe if the story was atrocious I would have enjoyed it anyway For those of you who love audios this one is a must OK so on to the story Danny is a 17 year old boy that enlisted in the National Guard to honor his father and country At the time, Danny didn t realize that this decision would lead to other decisions and his entire life would change Danny lost his father to the cause and his mother didn t do well with the loss Danny was left to pick up the pieces and help his mother over the tough spots He just didn t know how bumpy that road was going to get.One weekend Danny and other guard members were called out to try to stifle a protest It was a simple routine job so it didn t seem out of hand to send the young guards to handle the task Only it wasn t a simple job and when the bullets when flying and the smoke cleared people were dead and the solders of the guard were to blame How did this happen One day Danny was in high school and the next he was in the line of fire Funny how life can change with a blink of the eye.There were moments in this book that I was angry Angry with the way the public were treating these kids, I mean he was 17, and the way the news would just turn everything around, which they do all the time, and how the government, mainly the president, thought they could hold a group of kids with only weekend training responsible for any of this There were times that I was overwhelmed Overwhelmed with the way Danny cared for his mother She was not at all stable and he always keep her in the forefront of his plans, thoughts and actions There were times when I was heart broken Heart broken because of the decision that Danny has to make and the aftermath of that decision.Trent did a fabulous job with this book and I could go on and on about how fascinating and awesome, action packed and thought provoking this story is but I will let you read it yourself I would recommend this to anyone be it someone looking for YA, action, dystopian what ever it may be you are looking for this is an all around terrific read. [ Download E-pub ] ♬ Divided We Fall (Divided We Fall Trilogy #1) ♼ From The Author Of The Acclaimed WORDS IN THE DUST An Action Packed YA Novel Set In A Frighteningly Plausible Near Future, About What Happens When The States Are No Longer UnitedDanny Wright Never Thought He D Be The Man To Bring Down The United States Of America In Fact, He Enlisted In The National Guard Because He Wanted To Serve His Country The Way His Father Did When The Guard Is Called Up On The Idaho Governor S Orders To Police A Protest In Boise, It Seems Like A Routine Crowd Control Mission But Then Danny S Gun Misfires, Spooking The Other Soldiers And The Already Fractious Crowd, And By The Time The Smoke Clears, Twelve People Are DeadThe President Wants The Soldiers Arrested The Governor Swears To Protect Them And As Tensions Build On Both Sides, The Conflict Slowly Escalates Toward The Unthinkable A Second American Civil WarWith Political Questions That Are Popular In American Culture Yet Rare In YA Fiction, And A Provocative Plot That Could Far Too Easily Become Real, DIVIDED WE FALL Is Trent Reedy S Very Timely YA Debut Look at that cover I look at the cover and I see war and destruction in a modern setting Yay, these are things I like Unfortunately, nothing even remotely like what you see on the cover happens in the book I thought that this was a sort of pre dystopian, you know, watch the empire as it crumbles I thought it d be full of action, destruction, moral quandaries, heartbreak, trauma, etcall the things you want from a good war story No, that is not this book.You know those SAT prep novels that are supposed to be an entertaining way to learn SAT vocab words This reads like that if they had a Civics version The beginning is strong I actually connected to Danny at first, even though we couldn t be different He s very much a Red State teenage boy into football, rodeo, his gun, his truck, his girl, and the National Guard He has genuine and affecting relationships with his mom and his girlfriend He seems like a pretty good kid all in all.The chaos ensuing the misfires, and Danny s emotional reaction to the unnecessary deaths, did endear him to me Unfortunately, that didn t last long The book immediately gets bogged down into a whole lot of nothingness as I will detail There s an action scene in the beginning, an action scene at the end, and a whole lot of tedious unraveling of civics lessons and info dumping in the middle Really, it s super tedious and uninteresting If Civics didn t excite you in high school than this is not the book for you The final action scene is just bizarre and full of cheesy cliches Danny goes on a dangerous mission across the enemy line All of his friends come with him He doesn t need them and it s very dangerous They just come anyway to provide drama, and some comedy, but comeeeee onnnnnn And guess what Super surprisingly things go very, very wrong The best friend character is a male chauvinist whose humor is intended for comedic effect No The girls don t take any of his shit which is nice But still, you re very obviously supposed to look on him as like Oh that lovable rascal No He s just disgusting and gross and it s not funny At times, the girlfriend really seems like a caricature She is representing the liberal POV for the story, but I did tend to think that it was just a bit over the top She was super zealous in her anti war, anti soldier stance in a way that just reminded me of the way FOX News represents liberals There is no Second Civil War as we see from the blurb This entire book is just one long set up for it I guess the actual war part will be Book 2 But I wanted war, dammit I imagine this is a book for people who really like the political nitty gritty and would love to take a step by step look at exactly how and why the US could fall into a second civil war That person is not me, though.At least this book made me very curious about Idaho and I would now like to go there someday Thanks, book An advance copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for this review. Divided We Fall by Trent Reedy is a brilliant and also incredibly timely pre dystopian novel I listened to the audiobook available for free last week through YA Sync.In the not too distant future, Danny Wright joins the National Guard to serve his country in the way his father did Then, the Idaho governor sends the Guard to a seemingly routine crowd control mission at a protest in Boise However, Danny s gun misfires, spooking the highly divided crowd and soldiers, and by the time the smoke clears, twelve people are dead The President wants the soldiers to face justice for the Battle of Boise, while the governor of Idaho swears to protect Danny and the rest of the Guard As tensions build on both sides of the political divide, conflict begins to escalate potentially leading to another civil war.The political questions and themes explored in Divided We Fall, such as states rights vs federal rights, are popular in contemporary American culture, I mean, just turn on the news, Glenn Beck which I try not to , or any political commentator sensational journalist for that matter That being said you don t see a whole lot of it in YA fiction, or not quite like this I would call this sort of a pre dystopia although, this is set a few years in the future, it feels frighteningly plausible in a right around the corner way Trent Reedy does an excellent job of presenting both sides of the arguments states rights vs federal rights and conservative America vs liberal America, among others in captivating and engaging ways Primarily, this is done through the fantastic cast of characters, but Danny does the most heavy lifting when he s placed right smack dab in the middle of everything Divided We Fall is an exciting, action packed, thrill ride that also packs a pretty heavy emotional punch War is not glorified as Danny physically and emotionally struggles through the decisions he will inevitably be forced to make.I also really enjoyed the production of the audiobook Primarily, we have Andrew Eiden narrating, but we also have an ensemble of voice actors providing the media presence in the story It s a refreshing audio production which makes the most of its format Finally, I highly, highly, highly recommend this fantastic novel by Trent Reedy and I can t wait for book two, Burning Nation If they re America so committed to peace , but have failed so miserably the last 50 years, the last century, what makes you think they re going to figure a way out of this mess without fighting WOW This one is a complete surprise This is NOT my typical genre nor something I would typically like So imagine my surprise when I found myself hitting play again and again to the audio book, finding reasons to listen to it This is a reality completely unimaginable to me A president pushing these identification cards on us And one state, One state of Idaho going against it strongly enough to fight One lone bullet, one misfiring gun, and it s all out war What a horrific reality The audio book was great, adding commercials and songs and a complete atmosphere to the story I will definitely read book 2 I have to know how this ends. This ordinarily wouldn t have been a title that interested me except for the fact that its plot hits a little too close to what I imagine the U.S is going to turn into if we continue regressing in this abhorrent political climate Because of this, I am excited now to recommend this book to teens as a daunting what if scenario I liked it enough to consider listening to the sequel and third books, which is saying a lot these days, though I probably won t jump into them right away The audio version is fantastic because all of the news NPR interludes sound like actual broadcasts with a variety of narrators. As with the other book of Reedy s I recently finished, I enjoyed this than I expected to It s a near future action and adventure about the fall of the USA It has problems hence no fifth star but it is also compelling and suspenseful hence the four that already are present I enjoyed the characters, and while the conflict between friends could have been pronounced , I rarely if ever felt that things were too easy The plot was superb, and very realistic With all the forces acting on both the characters and the circumstances, the plot fell together very naturally and easily, creating extreme suspense The setting wasn t much, but it didn t have to be it s only set a couple years in the future, and the author did a good job making things seem futuristic but not flying cars futuristic There weren t many cons to the book as a whole.That said, content warning for language and gore There was also an unhealthy amount of underage drinking and sexism, which I let pass because everything else was done so well Perhaps I m wrong to do that, but I felt the writing than made up for its faults For that which the writing didn t make up for, it was necessary I don t claim to enjoy it, but it was necessary, so I ll let it be.I enjoyed this book than I expected to I ll be looking into the author s other works.Also, this is how anti war novels ought to be I m looking at you, Collins This put the message across perfectly, placing it in a world identifiable with ours to the point that it s scarily accurate, but keeping it fictional enough that you actually think about it, instead of being desensitized by all the violence It was well done.