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[Free Ebook] ⚕ The Reality Matrix Effect ♺ When Newspaper Copy Editor Al Frederick Is Called Back To Work After A Popular Congressman Is Shot And Killed In , He Is Unprepared For The Events That Follow A Suddenly Changed Headline Splits Reality And Sets Frederick S Life And The Course Of World History On A New Path Fifty Years Later, The World Is At Peace, Running On Clean Electric Power Produced By Generators Using A Nickel Titanium Alloy Called Nitinol Al Frederick, Recently Deceased, Has Bequeathed To High School Teacher Rayna Kingman A Box Of Old Audio Tapes And Newspaper Clippings That Explain Much Of What Happened In The Intervening Years This Includes Al S Work With A Controversial Counter Culture Physicist Whose Research Indicates That Al May Have Changed Reality Stunned By What She Learns About Her Friend Al Frederick And About Herself Rayna Tries To Make Sense Of It All While Coping With Disturbing Changes That Include A Threat Of War With Mining Colonies In The Asteroid Belt I d hoped that, written by a journalist, this would ve grabbed me Unfortunately although it was an interesting idea I came away without really feeling much for the people. Since I am the author of this book, and since no reviews had been posted here yet, I originally gave it five stars to reflect the overall rating at Kindle Now that there are reviews both here and on Kindle, I have cleared my own rating so that the Goodreads ranking doesn t include the Kindle evaluations You can read the Kindle reviews, get a free preview and buy download the book at The book originally was published only as a Kindle edition, but you don t need a Kindle device to read it You can download a free Kindle reading app for just about any computer, tablet or smartphone including both Android and iPhone.Also, as of Jan 28, 2014, this novel is available in multiple electronic formats from Smashwords at and as a Nook book directly from Barnes and Noble. I like the way the story is told, the book definitely gets you I would describe it as elegant , compared to other books out there It just seems good writing The story is captivating and complex, and the plot as well as the writing style keeps me connected to the story.While technical details it is SF after all make the story interesting, the investigative skills of Al brings back the fun of old investigation movies It is a very good mix.If in doubt, at least try, you won t regret it