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I thought this BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER parody ripoff might be good for a laugh, but dear God Dumb, unfunny, offensive for all the wrong reasons, and just plain awful. That is what I was afraid The Mocking Dead would be Goodness that was one horrible story. Orribile, trama assente e anche i disegni non sono per nulla erotici. Textbook example of how to take a good idea and do it really badly.The humor isn t funny, the story is paper thin and characterization is non existent.So few writers same able to write done in ones, that I m not really sure why publishers keep doing them. .FREE PDF ♣ Vampirella vs. Fluffy ♊ Young, Horny High School Couples Are Being Horribly Mutilated By Demonic Puritans Time For Fluffy To Take A Study Break And Kick Some Supernatural Ass Meanwhile, Fluffy S Pals Are Wagging Their Tongues At The Hot New Substitute Teacher Vampirella When The Iconic Vampire And The Teenage Warrior Face Off, The Clash Is Epic Than Stripes And Polka Dots Vampi Continues To Tear Her Way Through Pop Culture Vampirism In Dark, Brutal And Cathartic Satire From Writer Mark Rahner Vampirella Annual , Rotten