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Nails It.Although a little long winded and repetitive at times, this books gives you all the vital information ties up nicely which in the end leaves you with no alternative Kennedy was killed by a group of conspirators Lee Oswald was a patsy. I somewhat randomly found myself interested in the JFK assassination, and I had previously read nothing on the subject I wasn t interested in wacky conspiracy theories, but rather a reasonably objective look at what facts are actually known Based on reviews, it seemed like this book was a decent option It was not.First, it is written shockingly poorly Overflowing with hyperbole and cliches, it almost feels like it should be the narration to some B level documentary, where sentences are regularly followed by a dun dun DUNNNNNN sound effect.Second, the author does not document any of his source information This is a problem because the reader can t tell the difference between conclusions based on hearsay and those based on established fact either of which the author seems comfortable using to defend a claim And when the reader can t tell the difference between conjecture and safe conclusion, it makes him or her doubt the veracity of any claims made by the author.While some of the arguments in this book seemed compelling at the time of reading, it caused me to do some research to see what the lone gunman side had to say about it, and almost invariably I found a better argument with sources footnoted from the lone gunman camp It s pretty impressive for a book to attempt to convince a reader of a certain theory and end up convincing that reader of the opposite. One of the interesting and acceptable of the truth behind the Kennedy assassination books that were published to coincide with the 50th anniversary in 2013 I gave it three stars, I liked it for the broad stroke overview of the history, and agreeing to condemn the same forces responsible for the killing as I do Perhaps this is close to a four star read for those with a casual interest in the case.Colonel John Hughes Wilson is a former British Intelligence Officer who may well like his Martini shaken and not stirred However, the Bibliography shows that he has done his homework JFK An American Coup D Etat is a five part work that comprehensively covers the political ground surrounding the Kennedy White House Although there are the odd factual errors, and clearly the author writes on the backs of past research, my main complaint is the lack of Notes in the book, although these are available on line.I would have been interested in a spooks take on Harvey Lee by John Armstrong, but that is not listed in the Biblio We know Richard Nixon, George H.W Bush and E Howard Hunt were around the action in Dealey Plaza, although they couldn t remember but this is the first time I ve come across Yitzhak Rabin attending the Big Event A well presented synopsis of the conspiracy, the factions and participants and the very many skeletons still hidden in the American political cupboard. Anyone interested in history and the JFK assassination should add this to their reading list I would not end my research here I still have doubts and questions Some of the theories and facts presented by this author I had not discovered elsewhereworth knowing. Easy to read and well structured The cover up angle is engaging than the actual assassination. JFK Assassination Truth Fantastic read Highly recommended to everyone who has a theory on who killed President Kennedy Gripping, logical and new important information of what happened in Dealey Plaza It seems every time there is a new theory about the events of late 1963 I believe it to be the definitive account and adjust my opinion accordingly until the next documentary takes the diametrically opposite view Over the past few years I have been convinced that the assassination was the work of a lone nutter, a man dressed as a policeman on the grassy knoll and recently by the accidental discharge of a security serviceman s rifle from a following car in the motorcade Was Kennedy shot from the back 3 times by Lee or were there 7 shots from different places from 3 separate groups of killers none of them called Oswald The cover picture of this exhaustive account suggests LBJ himself was not entirely ignorant of what was about to happen to the man whose heart only needed to stop beating for the Big Texan to usurp his position and escape almost certain jail If only Shakespeare were around to sort out the definitive play we could all relax Mind you, even he got Richard III all wrong see review of Josephine Tey s The Daughter of Time This excellent book raises many questions and delves into the tangled world of Cuban Rebels, Mafioso bosses, Israeli nuclear plans, CIA criminality and a convenient communist former US marine who might just take the entire blame if he can be silenced. This book brings together all the facts behind the conspiracy culture around the Kennedy assassination and weaves them into a single narrative that reads like a Tom Clancy thriller Starting with the cover up of the murder of Marilyn Monroe just to demonstrate how the powers that be could conduct a whitewash on this scale, and then leading us through the long list of Kennedy s enemies, including a long list of lethal enemies in the Cuban exiles, the Mafia, the military industrial complex and even Wall Street to the nuts and bolts of the assassination itself in Dallas This book names names right down to the identity of the man most likely to have fired the lethal head shot from the Grassy Knoll Essential reading for anyone interested in the Kennedy assassination on modern American history in general The assassination of John F.Kennedy was the foundational text of American postmodernist fiction It gave it all, and it still gives secret power elites with their invisible networks of bag men and muscle men scuttling around beneath the eyeless crystalline towers of glass and steel in the plasterboard cities of cheap suit salesmen working for ex bootleggers out of the back of some dime an hour carwash outfit next door to OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE while out in the fields there s the old Army airbases erased from the map but still each one a nexus for Special Ops and Black Ops and nameless men training to kill, kill, kill This is where it all begins, in between the doctored frames of the cinefilm footage that the entire staff of Life Magazine couldn t quite destroy it s the rupture, the absence of meaning, the absence of the sense of an absence, observe the observer observed November 22nd was when US history became Naked Lunch Hughes Wilson gets us through the main details with minimum fuss, also no editing or much fact checking of non secret matters such as whether Peter Sellers actually played Jack D.Ripper in Dr Strangelove page 11 It s a repetitive, fractured text with an unreliable index The racist right wing loon Joseph Milteer is cited as appearing on pages 251 2, but page 252 is blank how did the guy pull that stunt And he s one of the bigshots who knows what s going down, months in advance Latin tempers are cited as a contributory factor in those pesky Cuban footsoldiers deciding to turn their guns around and fire in the other direction But we get to meet again all the good ol boys of the assassination circuit Sam Giancana, Guy Bannister, Dave Ferrie with his fake eyebrows, The Three Tramps, Lee Harvey Oswald both of them , Jack Ruby, and also a diverse selection of penumbral figures in the JFK story Lawrence Olivier, Bertrand Russell, Angie Dickinson Jack was crap in bed, and also hitting the drugs big time even when he was in the White House It s a wonder he didn t make William S.Burroughs his Secretary Of State, or at least invite him to give one of those classy lectures he used to have put on specially for the Kennedy clan.As for new revelations, JHW seems quite taken with the idea of the Jewish lobby being powerful in American politics, a thought he doesn t contextualise with any timeline of how it all changed between the Suez crisis of 1956 and the Six Day War of 1967 He doesn t consider that JFK might simply have changed his mind about policy toward Israel, as he d already done with other major issues such as Cuba, Vietnam and the USSR He also bizarrely thinks that anti segregationists in the Deep South pg 305 are amongst the groups with anti JFK grudges, but that s probably a typo Still, it is interesting to hear that a plan to kill Castro was rolling along at the same time as the invasion was scrapped and efforts at a rapprochement were commencing JHW is quite convinced that Uncle Cornpone Bobby s unaffectionate nickname for LBJ was at the centre of things, even if he didn t initiate or control it, and maybe even Governor Connolly knew what was going down, and didn t want to be in the death ride It s all over and filed away now, and if you want to feel it over again maybe the best books are Dreamerika by Alan Burns and Nocturnal Vaudeville by Stephen Schneck. ^Download Book ☘ JFK ↭ In , The Idea That The President Of The United States Could Be Gunned Down In Broad Daylight Was Almost Unbelievable In America Men And Women Wept Openly In The Streets For Their Dead Leader But Events Soon Began To Unpick The Original Version Of What Happened It Turned Out That Theaofficial Report Was Little Than A Crude Government Whitewash Designed To Hide The Real Truth Even American Presidents Admitted As Much President Nixon Memorably Confessed In Private That The Warren Report Was The Biggest Hoax Ever Perpetuated On The American Public It Began To Emerge That Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald, The Original One Nut Gunman, May Not Have Acted On His Own Others Were Involved, Too That Meant No Lone Gunman, But A Conspiracy This Book Attempts To Answer The Big Question Who Really Shot JFK And, Important Still, Exactly Why Was He Shot John Hughes Wilson Argues That The Murder Of John Kennedy Was, Like The Murder Of Julius Caesar ,ayears Before, Nothing Less Than A Bloody Coup DOCO R Tat By His Political Enemies, A Conspiracy Hell Bent On Removing A Leader Who Was Threatening The Power And The Money Of The Ruling Establishment Pointing The Finger At Lyndon Johnson, The CIA, And The Mafia, John Joins Jackie And Bobby Kennedy In Their Conclusion That The Assassination Of JFK Was Far Complex Than A Deranged Attack By Lee Harvey Oswald, The Year Old Ex Marine