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FREE DOWNLOAD õ Square Cat ABC ⚠ Enjoy The Alphabet With This Charming Tale About A Curious Mouse And The Delightful Eula From Square Cat, Which School Library Journal Said Was Perfect For Storytime Or Sharing One On One Each Letter Of The Alphabet Tells The Story Of An Adorable Mouse Who Discovers Eula, A Hip Yet Square Cat, In Her Garden Mouse Wants A Taste Of His Favorite Vegetable, Spinach, But Our Four Sided Feline Hates The Green Leafy Stuff Enter The Threatening, Pointed Quills Of A Porcupine, And Mouse Is Ready To Run One Letter Leads To Another And By The Story S End, Mouse And Porcupine Are Pals And Eula Might Even Try A Taste Of Zesty Spinach I loved the first Square Cat book This one didn t strike me quite like that one did This is an ABC book that just follows Eula the square cat around with all of the alphabet being followed There isn t a story to this except the words that start with letters of the alphabet.On a list of the top picture books of 2014 This was just delightful Instead of having a theme, which is what most ABC books seem to be doing lately, this one has a story that works quite nicely and is humorous as well I don t think parents will see the twist at the end coming, and I think kids will enjoy the twist, particularly picky eaters A mouse starts the story and introduces his friend Square Cat Mouse is trying to persuade Square Cat to try spinach which is Mouse s favorite food Will he succeed or not And will Square Cat like spinach Read to find out I ll admit that the author cheated somewhat on X with it being the second letter of the word, but that is usual enough to be accepted The drawings are simple but sophisticated to hold attention of parents as well as the kids Nice and bright colors make the mood pretty unconcerned It is clear that the resolution will not be even a bit earth shattering, no matter what it is, and that is a nice feeling to have in picture books I ve nothing against serious picture books but this was just a pleasure, nothing , no great lesson to be learned I m going to have to go back and read the first square cat title I like the illustrations and how the alphabet weaves its way through the story conversation between Eula and Mouse The story itself is pretty simple though, and with such sparse pages, leaves things a little boring If you re doing this as a storytime read, I d recommend making it interactive the kids helping to read the alphabet as you read the conversation, or something Just something to keep their focus I did get a chuckle from the last few letters so many try new things books end with Y is for Yummy, that is was a little bit of a surprise But optimistic Mouse Zucchini Overall, though, a bit too simple.This could be an OK addition for a storytime on cats or mice or gardening or the alphabet or porcupines I honestly wouldn t use it for one on vegetables, just because of Y for Yucky even though I did find it a little funny, as I said Don t need to reinforce that veggies are icky, do we Fun way to tell a story with each page representing the next letter in the alphabet The ending is surprising Storytime focus Letter Knowledge.Best for 2s and 3s or a toddler preschool storytime.