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my students should read this This book was good, but so very short The characters were well developed and the writing and plot flowed easily, but for such intense subject matter, it was jarring to finish so quickly and frustrating because it left several huge questions unanswered. Personally I love books that are related to teens in High School The reason behind that is because of how I can relate to the books The emotions and the judgement that go around In this book I can relate to different characters and their personalities at different parts of the book I can relate to Adam the most, I am aware of others and their feelings and actions Throughout the book Adam has shown great courage and strength, along with Zoe The book Lockdown is about Adam and his experience through a traumatic school shooting The shooter is an old friend of Adams, Josh Josh and Adam were friends last year but this year they were mutual In the class they shared, Science, Josh would take care of the class pet, a hamster, and when the hamster had babies Josh was informing to his peers that it was crucial that they don t touch, lift, or shake the cage and nest But some students did not listen, especially Mike Mike would mess with Josh by picking up the cage and shake it, stick his finger and move the nest the mother built, and then make funnot the hamster when it ate its baby because it felt that the environment was unsafe Along with that Josh was made fun of a lot and called weird and kids would make fun of him to his face and Josh would get upset Until one normal day when the lockdown alarm was sounded Just another drill, right Thought Josh and tried to skip class with Zoe, wrong The attitude of Adam relates to me I think , he doesn t really find lots of school classes intriguing, he is always using his head, he pays attention to lots of details, and he hates running One thing that doesn t match up is his courage The way he took charge to protect him and Zoe, to try and find Joshand stop him I could not have done that When my school was put on lockdown because a sub entered the panic code I was frozen in the cafeteria, my brother had to pull me up and run me out of the school, he was my Adam. People should really watch what they say Especially when it comes to animals that Josh loves Fellow students in class make fun of a hamster The hamster was loved by a lot of kids in the class, but mainly by Josh The class making fun of the hamster has made Josh extremely upset Upset to the point where Josh decides to turn his regular high school into Columbine He brings a gun to school and decides to shoot up anybody in his sight In the end, Josh is taking down by the police after lunging for the policeman s gun during a showdown. 02 09 2009 Lockdown by Diane Tullson This book is about a student who is a geek through out his high school Everybody makes fun of him Then one day people tick him off by messing with the hamster an she ate her babies The next week the lockdown bell came on and people thought that it was onother drill, but it wasn t People started to run crazy, trmpleing over people, hitting, trying to leave as they hear the fun shots come closer and closer Josh the shooter wasn t shooting people, he was shooting at things He was trying to tell people that one person can only take so much He was trying to make an example of what would happen 02 10 2009 level one What does Josh wear Josh wears a blue shirt with a pocket, blue jeans, and boots.What is Josh like at school Josh is the geeky type at school Only a handfull of friends.Does Josh have any friends Josh has a couple of friends Only in the geeky crowd.Level two Why is that Josh gets picked on all the time Josh gets picked on all the time because he doesn t stand up for him self.Why does he let the bullying happen for a long period of time I think that Josh lets the bullying go on because he is a friad to stand up for himself Retaleate.Level three How can you tell Josh has taken so much from being bullied and why The way you can tell is when he blew up on his classmates when they messed with the hamster One day he can t take it noand he brought a gun to school Shooting at things, trying to make an example of what really would happen if they messed with the wrong person. It had a very strong plot to it The characters were described well, the area it happened in was great, and the ending was really heart warming. |Epub ♱ Lockdown (Orca Soundings) ☸ Some Days It S Just Easier Not To Go To School At All Adam Has Been Slacking Off Lately, But Today He Stuck Around To See His Girlfriend When Josh, Who Has Been Bullied Mercilessly, Brings A Gun To School, The Building Is Locked Down And Adam Is Forced To Risk Everything To Save Himself And To Find Zoe Before Josh Does Calling On Reserves He Didn T Know He Had, Adam Could End Up A Hero Or A Victim Lockdown by Diane Tullson a fiction thriller was a great book The book starts out as a boy who goes to this school who starts to develop feelings for another girl at the school He is planning on making a move when all of a sudden the lockdown alarm begins to go off Everybody in the hallway begins to think it is just a drill so the continue sitting until a teacher comes out yelling it is not a drill Everybody was confused Then sure enough gunshots are fired inside the school Students are beginning to be locked out of the classes not having anywhere to go The main characters then go into the bathroom to hide While the students are hiding in the bathroom they begin to hear the shots get closer and closer The door then begins to open, the students are standing on and in the toilet, then the shooter opens the door One of the students makes direct eye contact saying, Please don t shoot The shooter begins to laugh But one of the students recognized him and was one of the only kids that was somewhat nice to him Then the students close their eyes hoping nothing will happen, they watch his finger slowly pull the trigger, then he shoots and it bursts the light, the bullet then ricocheted off the light and grazed a student in the head The shooter left and the students hugged each other not knowing what to do Read the rest to find out.During the reading I was freaking out and could not stop reading, especially when they walk in the bathroom If you re interested in thrillers I suggest you read this book. this book is about a kid named josh and he is a good normal kid living his life but he is very sensitive one day some people where picking on him and he was going crazy his hamster had fainted because everyone was huddling around it next morning everyone is in class on time except for josh theres a alarm ringing and everyone thinks its just a drill but then some one anonces that this is no drill everyone remain in your classes there is a real kid with a gun in the school adam and zoe hide in the bathroom the gun man comes in adam looks at him and relizes that it is JOSH and he sees zoe and adam so he just shoots out the ights and runs next adam and zoe leave to become the heros of the school they find josh holding a gun up to mr toppets head adam runs to stop him and tackles him on the floor the gun flys out of his hands adam picks it up and then the cops come seeing the gun in adams hands they assume that he is the killer but he is not mr toppet explains it but once adam hands over the gun josh jumps and reaches for it right after that the cops ope fire at him there josh is dead on the floor mr topett is not ok and has suffered a little injery now he goes and runs with adam instead of adam going to gym class i cant really connect this book to my life because i never had a kid in my school start a shooting or i never have witnissed one i give this book 5 stars because it a very short book but every page is filled up with so much detail i reccomend this book to anyone who is in for a good book. The book Lockdown by Diane Tullson is about a boy name Josh who is a Hamster boy in school.m Lots of people in school mess with the pet Hamster which stays at school, to get on Josh s nerves This pattern has been going on for about 1 year now And finally, Josh does something about it It s not a regular thing people do to handle bullying issues he locks down the school and shoots at people Even though he didnt kill anyone, he injured the principal and a girl he has been crossing on One internal conflict that Josh has is, should I risk my life and kill people just because they are hurting the Hamster, or should he deal with the situation a different way He pick the hard way I believe he picked the hard way because, people in his class thinks that he is a punk So all he wants to do is stick up for himself and his consacience I recommend this book to people who have been bullied alot and never taken serious I recommend this book to people like that because, even though the problem might be little, things can escualte and turn into stupid stuff I give this book a 5 because, it was very detailed And because I can connect to this book because I have a hamster that my brother and sister always mess with to get on my nerves And this book taught me that as little as a insult is, things can get out of control.