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The Golden Goose by Dick King Smith is a tale of a poor unlucky farmer whose geese lays a golden egg When the golden egg hatches there is a golden goose inside, who name Joy She then brings them luck and fortune in ways than they could dream The farmer is protected over her and keeps her locked away in their house, until one day their little daughter tells the postman, who tells a movie producer The fame of the goose rises but her golden feathers soon fades Luck seems to be fleeting, until she lays a golden egg.I found this book to be a rather entertaining concept, with the large font and many pictures it will be perfect for children aged 7 9 I m not sure how I would use this book in a lesson but it could just be a nice read whilst the children are eating fruit. It s a circle story but you have to read the book to figure out what that means It s a great book by Dick King Smith One of my favorite books from him so far. Download E-pub ☿ The Golden Goose ♆ Farmer Skint And His Family Have Fallen On Hard Times At Woebegone Farm Until Their Goose Lays A Golden Egg With The Birth Of Joy The Golden Goose, The Fortune Of The Skint Family Begins To Change But What Will Happen When People Find Out About Their Golden Feathered Friend How Long Can They Keep Joy A Secret From Beloved Author Dick King Smith Comes The Heartwarming Story Of A Magical Golden Goose Perfect For Beginning Readers From The Hardcover Edition My class enjoyed this 72 2017 Not as charming as other books by the same author Does include gambling, which may be to he explained to young children. Very cute, short and sweet Cameron read most of this out loud to Mallory and I. The Golden Goose by Dick King SmithAudience 8 12 years oldGenre FolktaleMotif Gold Golden ObjectSetting Summary The story of a farm family at Woebegon Farm that has been experiencing some hardship Skint, the farmer, struggles come when the rain comes during the harvesting season and his chickens being eaten foxes When Skint and his family discover that a goose of the theirs has laid a golden egg With much excitement, this has the family of farmers in a tough situation They are hesitant to let the community know about their golden eggs, and birds The golden goose, later being named Joy brings much happiness to the story, but their is a twist where the survival of friendship comes into play Illustration The book presents simple colors, with an angelic approach It allows the readers to see how life is when they seeing the struggles that come into play with Skint and his family Reflection A rich story that embodies all about love It is a heart warming story that made me honestly have a tear in my eye There is a lot of struggles that is shown in the book, where people today can relate to Especially through financial hardship, and families that are struggling to survive. Hidup petani Skint yang malang berubah setelah kedua angsa emasnya, Misery dan Sorrow namanya gitu banget, sih menghadiahinya sbutir telur emas Telur itu kemudian menetas, ya, anak angsanya juga berwarna emas Bulu, parus, ceker sampai kotorannya Petani Skint memberinya nama Joy dan sejak saat itu hidup petani Skint berubah Tak ada yang mengetahui perihal angsa emas tadi Kenapa juga tidak ada yang menggosipkan tentang keberuntungan Pak Skint yang mendadak, juga tidak dibahas Sampai satu hari, putri kecil petani Skint memberitahukan tentang angsa emas mereka pada Tukang Pos Tukang Pos meneruskan informasi yang dia pikir hanya main main itu pada Sir David Sir David kemudian menemukan tulisan tentang kisah angsa emas pemberi keberuntungan pada periode Romawi lama DIa lantas memutuskan, sebelum kemilau emas angsa milik petani Skint memudar sebagaimana tertulis dalam buku yang dia baca mereka harus mendokumentasikannya.Mulanya saya menyukai angsa emas ini Sepertinya dia angsa yang imut dan bisa jadi binatang peliharaan yang baik Tidak buang buang limbah sembarangan, penurut, dan tidak ngak ngak seperti bapak ibunya Tapi kenapa kenapa kenapa kebahagiaan yang diberikan si angsa pada petani Skint itu harus sesuatu yang bersifat materi Saya menunggu tokoh antagonisnya Seseorang atau sesuatu yang memberi sedikit kepanikan Seorang pencuri misalnya Atau wartawan rese Atau anak anak tukang jahil atau siapalah Ini terlalu lempeng, Bang.Untunglah, saya terselamatkan oleh artworknya Simpel dan manis sekali. Farmer Skint always pays for his farm animals than anyone else and always sells for less at the market His farm is in danger of closing as he does not have enough money to keep things going.One day his goose lays five eggs, four are normal white eggs and the final is a golden egg The golden egg hatches into a golden gosling who brings luck and joy to all those around her Shortly after the golden gosling is hatched farmer Skint wins 10,000 on the premium bond and 5,000 on a house race, he finally has the money to keep his farm going and treat his family One day their neighbour, who is a nature TV specialist hears about the golden goose and goes to Mr Skint s farm to see for himself He researches and old Roman legend of the golden goose which says that after a while the golden goose will loose its colour and turn white but it will retain its magical powers The neighbour asks Farmer Skint to help him make a TV documentary before the goose looses its colour Farmer Skint agrees and they make a tidy profit from the documentary Farmer Skint then decides that the Joy, the golden goose should now have a mate, so he builds them a coup of their own and they live peacefully One day Joy lays her first hatch of eggs four are white and the fifth is a golden egg just like before.