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~FREE BOOK ♎ The Smallest Dragonboy ♹ The Smallest Dragonboy Is Set During The Ninth Pass It Tells Of Keevan, A Boy Who Is A Candidate For Ramoth S Latest Clutch In Benden Weyr Keevan Is Shorter Than The Other Candidates, And Is Teased About This By Beterli, A Boy Who Has Stood For Eight Impressions And Has Not Been Chosen Keevan Works Hard But His Size Leads Most To Underestimate His Abilities When He Overhears Some Of The Senior Dragonriders Talking About Dropping Some Of The Younger Candidates From The Impression, Keevan Automatically Thinks He Will Be DroppedWas Included In Get Off The Unicorn Collection A lovely short The dragon always knows what s best. I remember reading this short story in middle school and it s what sparked my interest in reading, particularly in fantasy novels I went to the library, looked up the author and then proceeded to read every single book available by her I absolutely love this short story and it will always have a special meaning to me Thank you so much Anne McCaffrey for changing my life. THIS IS THE CUTEST STORY EVER I wasn t familiar with this author but apparently she s one of the greatest sci fi women authors of all time and I can see why I will most certainly read from her, and specifically this series I can t wait to continue Keevan s adventures in glorious Pern This tiny little snippet was just so incredibly satisfying and surprisingly complex I ve read whole trilogies with half the world building of this one, not to mention the lovely characters and amazing writing Ms McCaffrey, I m impressed If you loved How to Train Your Dragon, you will love this one THIS is what started it all 5 stars This book grants an Outstanding O grade in Astronomy N.E.W.T.s The smallest dragonboyby Anne Mccaffrey This is a beloved story using her smallest son as inspiration Kevan is a young boy that is put down and put apon, who finds love and friendship in dragons this is a great beginning for the pern series, and an great concept of maternal love. How to review the short story that inspired my love of reading Well, I have no idea, but here it goes I stumbled upon this story entirely by accident while flipping through my fourth grade English text book Dragons are cool, right So I gave it a shot.Now, up until that point, my 9 year old self hated reading But that day I discovered something I d been detrimentally exposed to the wrong kind of books It wasn t until my early 20 s that I rediscovered McCafrey s world of Pern, but I can pinpoint my love of stories back to the day that the The Smallest Dragonboy crossed my path He will forever hold a special place in my heart. This short story leaves me blubbering every time I read it I m such a sap for good dragon stories and Anne McCaffrey is one of the best authors for bittersweet stories about dragons. Read this in the Women of Futures Past Classic Stories anthology, which I d highly recommend if you don t know the authors included I found this sweet story a tantalizing glimpse of McCaffrey s Pern books, and when I stumbled across Dragonflight in a bookstore not long after, I went ahead and bought it While I have mixed feelings after reading it I think the earlier books likely feel dated already, akin to plenty of less than politically correct classic sff McCaffrey s worldbuilding and writing style hold up well, a half century after she was first published. The title story The Smallest Dragonboy was in a elementary school reader when I was in 3rd grade From this short story, which I loved, I sought out the author and proceeded to read everything I could find that she wrote It is from this story and this author that I get my love of fantasy. This is the short story that got me started on both Anne McCaffrey and advanced reading back when I was in eighth grade and falling behind my classmates in reading It was in a literature book for class, and I loved it so much that I asked my teacher where I might find The middle school library had a surprisingly vast collection and that was how I discovered Dragonflight.