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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ☳ Eleanor and the Iron King ♿ Eleanor De Lacy Is Forced Into An Arranged Marriage With Her Father S Greatest Enemy, Brac Goch, The Welsh King All Eleanor Knows Of Brac Is That He Is A Ruthless, War Hungry ManEleanor Arrives At The Welsh Castle Of Bryn Du Already Expecting The Worst When The Ghost Of Brac Goch S First Wife Appears And Warns Her That The Welsh King Is Not To Be Trusted, All Of Eleanor S Fears Are ConfirmedAs The Countdown To Her Wedding Day Approaches, Eleanor Must Figure Out Who Is Lying, Who Is Telling The Truth, Who Is Loyal, And Who Is The Traitor And Most Of All, If She Can Love An Enemy King I loved this book The setting was amazing, I felt like I was there in the castle and mountainous woodlands Eleanor is a strong young woman, but helpless in her role as political pawn She s an interesting mix of independence and submissiveness Her choices and reactions were not predictable, yet offered insight to her character She is loyal and kindhearted, feisty and impulsive Her skills with healing herbs are an invaluable asset to those around her in a time of limited medical knowledge, and it helps her make some new friends that ease the loneliness of her new home Brac is also a study in contrasting characteristics unyielding and compassionate, arrogant and teasing The gentleness and humor confuses Eleanor since it s not only unexpected, she has never experienced that with her own father king It was endearing to see him try to connect with Eleanor even when she wanted nothing to do with him I could not put the book down as Eleanor learns little by little that not all is as it seems or as she had been told and she no longer knows who to trust, except by instinct The romantic moments between Brac and Eleanor develop naturally and enhance the emotion of the plot The creepy phantom adds heightened tension and an element of fantasy but it blends seamlessly with the world the author has created The pacing is steady throughout and climaxes in a battle where all is finally revealed I highly recommend this novel and look forward to reading by the author Thank you to Covenant Communications for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Loving a woman that scorns you is like licking honey from a thorn Or it s like picking a rose from a bush on fire.Whichever makes you feel better.You can imagine what the romance in Eleanor and the Iron King is like slow burn, light, realistic, beautiful, dangerous, and irresistible.I ve run out of adjectives, so let me take you to the very first page of this book The story gets right to the matter at hand War s a bitch Eleanor De Lacy is hauled off like cattle to her enemy in exchange for a truce between countries Eleanor s father, along with his right hand man Gilbert, delivers her straight to the doorsteps or I should say arms of Brach Goch, the Welshman responsible for killing her brotherI, Eleanor de Lacy, do plight thee, Brac Goch, my toth With these words, Eleanor sealed her fate.As if leaving her English home, having been rejected by the man she has feelings for, and being married to a murderer aren t enough, she is tormented by an apparition on the night of her arrival Soon, she will learn she has enemies on all fronts.The mystery unfolded reasonably and I didn t feel like it dragged on or was underdeveloped I honestly can t find any fault with this book I can not Not with the mystery, the drama, the pace, the plot, the romance, the characters, etc I like it all From a critical eye, both Eleanor and Brach are strong leads Brach is patient and kind Eleanor is prideful and stubborn which I find are good equalities in a strong headed woman Her ignorance can easily be mistaken for hostility and I guess that s only fair when she s living with the enemies.From a fangirl s view, Eleanor and Brach are perfect for each other Don t argue with me otherwise Don t They re totally awesome characters I love them.They start as purely enemies, but when they actually meet, stranger danger becomes a scary reality for Eleanor They go from enemies strangers to frenemies to something and I love the growth of that undeniable bond between them Their easy bantering is cute and to die for Yet, I wouldn t want to be caught in the crossfire All in all, I am surprised and pleased by how much I enjoyed the romance.The one thing I didn t enjoy was the healing herb information It was interesting the first and second time. But then as the story went on and the poultice healing process continued to be described in details several times, my eyes just sort of glazed over the sentences I wholeheartedly didn t bother to care Why Because it was repetitive and it wasn t worth my time to read about Eleanor giving out the same orders and telling us, step by step, what she was crushing or mixing I reached the point where I had to stop caring, you know Other than that, every sentence of Eleanor and the Iron King was worth reading and I thoroughly liked the book from beginning to end An ARC was given via Netgalley Wow, I haven t done Tumblr edits in a long time Tumblr edits are made by me, although none of the pictures used are mine. Eleanor and the Iron King was a good, middle of the road historical romance with a mysterious paranormal twist This was a super quick read, that held my interest well Eleanor was a likable enough mc and Brac Goch was a decent love interest In case it wasn t obvious, while I did enjoy this novel and found the story to be interesting, overall I found the book to be a bit average It was nice, and while I had no big complaints while reading this, I also probably wouldn t bother recommending this to anyone It just doesn t stand out, but it was still a worthy contender for my time.Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict BorrowNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book from the very beginning It is historical fiction with paranormal elements Eleanor is forced into an arranged marriage She is a pawn used by her father to broker a peace agreement with a Welch King, Brach Goch She has only heard negative things about him from her father He is a supposed war monger who will do anything and everything to conquer his enemies Her father is abusive and she fears him and letting down her people than she does about marrying an enemy.I love reading about medieval times This book was the perfect fit for me The characters were well written with a strong sense of honor and integrity Brach and Eleanor were two people who come from different view points who have to learn to respect and honor the other Eleanor had a difficult time with the situation.The book also has a ghosts and dealing with witchcraft Brach s deceased wife haunts the castle and leaves messaged in blood for Eleanor It s kind of creepy but added an element to the story that intrigued me.This is a great book about misunderstandings and learning to have respect for people and culture It is a clean book with a little bit of violence. I kindly received a copy of this book from Covenant Communications via Netgalley in return for an honest review.Is that a chicken you re stitching Odd choice It s a flower I just had to start this review with this quote It made me giggle so much This book was unbelievable sweet, clean and darn right cute Let s discuss the plot Eleanor de Lacy is the daughter of Baynard de Lacy, earl of Wrexbury who has been ordered to be the sacrificial lamb of her people.She must forever be linked to a man whose name strikes fear in the heart of her father s staunches warriors She must forever be the source of a treaty.She must enter an arranged marriage with Brac Goch A great Warrior King The language is foreign, the people foreign, everything is bizarre and strange.But one thing that stands out the most is the red headed king who is nothing like she expects.But things are not as they seema wraith lingers and soon, Eleanor finds herself incurring the wrath of other powers beyond her control. This book was lovely, i enjoyed that immensely I m not going to lie, Eleanor got on my nerves at times She was being selfish and nonsensical but afterwards, i warmed up to her But Ohhh Man Brac TOTALLY stole my heart That man just sayingYou are like a plague, my lord Once infected, it never goes awayI totally wouldn t mind being plagued by him clears throat what I m just being honest ANYWAY,This story has a supernatural twist that ll give you the hibby gibbies I really enjoyed that It had shades of a book i can t for the life of me recall, but anyway, it was a really cool twist Not just a dull romance, but full of action, intrigue and unknowns.It s actually a short read, or maybe it seemed short to me because i was so invested and read it so quickly I don t think you ll regret reading this.Also the romance was real That was my favourite part As in, it wasn t some love sick, silly, exasperating notion of love that s lust that we see in so many novels today But no, this had a CLEAN Thank God, i started thinking those books were extinct notion of love that is founded on the best idea And that is that real love is not about your own wants and gratifications, but true love is on the basis of making the other happy.That s right ladies and gents, we have a blessed mature book here I liked it Stay Awesome The Book Herald Tweet me thebookherald 4.5 starsWow this book really took me by surprise I found myself glued to the pages and got absolutely nothing done for several hours because I couldn t put it down Set in times of knights and castles it is a marriage of convenience story with a creepy mystery paranormal twist.Every time I thought I had things figured out something else would happen Eleanor is practically sold off by her father to Brach the iron king to keep peace between their lands She only knows her future husband as a war hungry monster and murderer That is what she has been told of him and all anyone will tell her She soon learns that nothing and no one is who or what she thought or what they seemed.Without trying to give too much away, Brach quickly made his way to one of my top favorite heroes I adored his character A true knight in shining armor I was completely shocked by the spooky turn the book took and found myself having the hardest time setting it down It did end a bit abruptly and I was loving it so much I was wishing there was another 100pgs at leastbut I m REALLY hoping there will be a book 2 so we are reunited with some of the characters Hopefully they will have their happily ever after as well There were a few time period issues ,not that I m an expert by any means, that bothered me a bit A few phrases here and there that didn t seem to quite fit along with some decorum problemsbut honestly all in all I loved it Quick, clean read, although there is talk of dark magic and evil spirits I really enjoyed it and just writing this review makes me want to read it again 4.5 Stars Highly RecommendReally enjoyed Content Clean Oh My Word I LOVE this book Seriously, LOVE this book I read the whole thing the same day I got it in the mail Yes, it s THAT good.I didn t expect just about anything when reading this book Things in here were completely unexpected I had no clue There is so much in the book, I wish there was MORE to the book, I didn t want it to end It has romance, a ghost story, mystery, paranormal activity, and political intrigue.The book follows Eleanor who is forced to marry the man who has been the means of so much pain for her and her people He has come to her lands and have caused wars and bloodshed to the point that her brother went off to fight him and never returned So when she is forced to marry the King in order to save her people and have peace she does it out of pure duty.When she meets her future husband, she constantly reminds herself of everything she has ever heard of him this warrior king Yet this man is nothing like she heard from her father.When mysterious things start to happen to her, she has nobody she can trust and nobody she can really turn to but her fianc.Eleanor is such a likable character, I didn t really have any problems with her She s loyal to almost a fault, she desirous to help others even her fianc whom she fears I just liked her.The creepiness with this story was fabulous There was a right amount of mystery and thrill that had to turning the page to find out what the heck is going on The twist and turns were a bit obvious except for ONE thing and I didn t see it coming.The romance was perfect Slow moving and romantic enough that it kept you invested and interested I loved the fact that the main love interest is actually a good guy A manly man who is GOOD Completely won worthy male lead.There is SOOOOO much I could just rave about when it comes to this book Seriously rave but I don t want to spoil anything THIS IS A MUST OWN Overall I would recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE, it was that good.Sexual Content mildViolence moderate some scenes with blood, creepy ghost story that is a little disturbing but not too graphic, wounds that aren t too gory, some sword fights nothing too graphic Drugs Alcohol mildLanguage none I loved this book Eleanor s father takes her to a rival king as a peace offering The rival king, Brac Goch, has killed her beloved brother, Richard, so she is not happy about this She s constantly looking for a way to escape and make her way back home However, the longer she stays, the she realizes that she may have been wrong about him after all.The pacing of this book is fantastic We get little bits of information at a time which kept me endlessly reading one chapter until I was done We know that Eleanor doesn t want to be Brac s wife but as she starts piecing things together, she realizes that she s never been given the true story of what happened in the past or even what s currently happening Her father has treated her poorly her entire life and she expects that treatment, so she s pleasantly surprised by Brac s behavior.Eleanor s a healer and is the only one who can see the ghost of Brac s first wife, who leaves her messages advising her not to trust him Brac isn t thrilled with her healing abilities and it takes a while before she finds out why It was interesting to watch Eleanor adjust to a different culture and realize that the Welsh and English were alike than she originally thought She met some great characters that helped her along the way and helped her see the truth.I ve only read a short story by Julie Daines, which I enjoyed, and since I loved this book, she is an author I will definitely be reading of in the future and am already looking forward to her next book I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my own.Mel s Shelves