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The Devil s Dozen is one of those texts that one may be in danger of taking for granted the value of this book.I initially took this book up first because I looked at the page count and saw 160 pages and simply thought, this will do for some light reading over the weekend Little did I appreciate that author, Gemma Gary, would find a truly approachable method for aspiring students of Traditional Witchcraft to approach this often enigmatic if not often misrepresented branch of modern witchcraft Approaching the Devil figure of Man In Black as a sort of engrained psychopomp the book takes on echoes of the ancient initiatic traditions of old As with all initiations this is only the beginning and where I feared this book may have gone the way of so many Wicca101 style books offering pseudo initiatory experience this book DID NOT in fact lead the student reader through a series of initiatory rites promising false illusions of divine knowledge Instead, Gary brings the reader through the key tools of a traditional witch.Where else Gary could have run down a well trodden rabbit hole in modern pagan authorship is that she did not hand deliver the reader to a surface layer reading of an experience At every opportunity the reader is invited to make use of the suggested rituals and adaptions as needed and they are also invited to experience the Craft first hand How deeply one reads into the ritual experience text is very much up to the reader, but there is definitely a wealth of information and experience backing up this work. This book and its rituals and lore made me live deliciously every moment I was reading it These aren t rites for no Wiccan, light worker, Harm None, positively witch These rituals are rooted in sources folklore and are concerned with the powers that are activated when you step out into a dark night alone in the middle of the woods, and speak the names of a being we ve been raised to fear And then it challenges you to do call it to you, and to be vulnerable, and to find the power the comes from sitting through the fear. This book is Gemma Gary s creation both as a piece of art and ritual guide 13 rites dedicated to the Witchfather of traditional witchcraft It s fantastic as both a piece of art and a Trad witch Tome This is a special limited edition of 300 I have number 95. Excelente livro que traz alguns rituais da bruxaria tradicional Al m disso, antes de apresentar o ritual em si, traz um breve relato da contextualiza o dos elementos e significados, que o ritual conter Os rituais apresentados s o relatos das tradi es que por algumas pr ticas atuais s o desconsideradas, portanto, considero, como um resgate de alguns elementos que representam a bruxaria antiga Os utens lios e materiais que s o citados nos rituais n o s o t o exc ntricos e imposs veis de se conseguir, apesar de que alguns s o bem caracter sticos da regi o de onde o livro surge Boscastle The Old One apresentado pela autora como Bucca, e ao longo do livro diversas pr ticas s o dadas no entendimento do mesmo, trabalhando a inicia o, o empoderamento, a uni o, a prote o e a devo o. ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ♛ The Devil's Dozen Thirteen Craft Rites of The Old One ⚖ The Devil S Dozen Is A Modern Gramarye , Or Black Book Of Thirteen Craft Rites Of The Old One Has Been Created And Is Offered By A Present Day Initiate Of The Old Craft Within Its Pages There Are To Be Found Thirteen Rites For Both The Lone Practitioner And The Assembled Companie Of Vision, Sacred Compact, Dedication, Initiation, Consecration, Empowerment, Protection, Illumination, Union, Transformation And Devotion An interesting collection of historical and contemporary rituals of South West England.