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You can t pitch this as being The Breakfast Club meets We Need to Talk About Kevin and then have absolutely none of the depth of either To quote The Wire s Omar Little You come at the king, you best not miss And Shooter, you missed By a long shot The Breakfast Club worked because it was a group of teens a representative of each high school stereotype, which was 100% borrowed ripped off here in a completely stagnant setting They had nothing else to do besides pass the day Their only responsibility that day was to sit in their chairs and write an essay and watch the clock The way their personalities, social statures, and home lives clash is what added forward momentum to the story their dialogue and character development was the plot But in Shooter, it made absolutely no sense in any universe that these teenagers, stuck together in the boy s bathroom during a lockdown due to a shooter in the school, would sit around and wax poetic about the pressures in their lives and muse about their families and who s a nerd and who s going to prom with who There is a SHOOTER IN THE SCHOOL It s not Saturday detention, when there s NOTHING ELSE GOING ON THEY COULD DIE THEIR FRIENDS COULD BE DYING In a society where school shootings are all too common, I can t help but feel like this juvenile, self absorbed approach is actually kind of disrespectful to all the children who have been through this traumatic ordeal I bet they didn t sit around talking about comic books and how demanding their mothers are or whether or not some boy is cheating on them You can t have a book about a school shooting and then make that shooting be a tertiary plot, an AFTERTHOUGHT The author could have absolutely pulled this idea off if she had added some depth to the topics of conversation while they re hiding from the shooter I mean, if she had had her characters feel like they were ACTUALLY in danger then maybe they wouldn t have been so vapid and immature And then the author doesn t even bother to mention school shootings in her 3 pages of acknowledgements Which I suppose makes sense what with the lack of respect she s given to the actual victims Can you imagine being the parent of a child from Columbine or Newtown or Virginia Tech and getting a hold of this book and reading what these little jerks talk about while they re hiding from someone who wants to end their lives The author literally made the shooter into a comic book character who LITERALLY dons a cape and mask The audacity of that astounds me A school shooting is not a vehicle for this kind of character exploration bildungsroman type of story, nothan cancer or mental illness should ever be vehicles for young adult romance Not only that, but can you imagine Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald s characters sitting around talking about trvialities while under lockdown due to a shooter in the hallways Like. should that not affect the mood of the scenes And further this cast of lacklustre, cliched characters with their interchangeable voices had NOTHING on The Breakfast Club and their incredible dialogue backstories development, and if I were Caroline Pignat, the last thing I d want is for my work to be compared to a John Hughes classic And then the We Need to Talk About Kevin comparison I cannot How about you do some research into school shootings and psychology before you try writing a book like this and then passing it off as something akin to that book movie This didn t even scratch the surface of mass violence or the mental health of the perpetrator, and we barely even met the guy, aside from scenes where he s about as developed deep as a Power Rangers villain, so to call this ANYTHING meets We Need to Talk About Kevin is like comparing Finding Nemo to Jaws or Paul Blart Mall Cop to Training Day Just laughable.So basically bottom line this book was surface level drivel that has no business comparing itself to anything of merit and absolutely no right to use something so tragic and horrible and real as a backdrop for its juvenility. I read this all in one sitting..and never came up for air until I reached the last page I found this book to be a brilliant read Four teens held hostage inways then one An unexpected outcome.This is a sensitive, gripping portrayal of all the characters involved and how connections were made between them.The author has taken a subject matter that is in much of today s media and is one that always has listeners holding a collective breathe until the final outcome.this is something that I also did as a reader as well Highly Recommended Muchabout the lives of five very different high school students than a school shooting A modern day Breakfast Club, complete with the princess, the nerd, the weirdo, and the jock Most of these people don t spent any time together or even notice each other at all Locked in a room with no way out, is it possible that they could gain some kind of understanding about each other Alice is the shy and nerdy writer She spends a lot of time worrying after her autistic brother, Noah When everything is going right, he s fine When things change, he can be unpredictable Locked in a bathroom with strangers is not the ideal situation for anyone, and for him it s much worse Isabelle is the stuck up and spoiled school president She has issues of her own, but it s hard to see past her ego mania Hogan is the huge ex football player with a troubled past who radiates hostility and anger Xander is a socially awkward photographer who has a really hard time understanding other people These are not people that would hang out together but now they have nowhere else to go They know their school is on lockdown They know there s rumors of a shooter roaming the hallways They know that there is a police presence in the school What they don t know is who to watch out for and how they re ever going to leave the school.Read and enjoyed in one sitting I d recommend it to readers who like YA novels There s bound to be a character here you relate to in some way, and the story is very intriguing I received a copy of this book from Net Galley and Penguin Random House Canada, thank you My review is honest and unbiased. Shooter is a solid Canadian Lit that features a multi POV 5 narration using prose, verse, cellular text, and images Between this and the other YA school shooting book I read this year, This Is Where It Ends, I found Shooter to feelorganic, nuanced, and less cinematic even if Marvel s X Men is the inspiration for some character frameworks While it has its faults in convenient plotting and a limited scope per the villain s voice, Shooter does well to champion the acknowledgement of problematic perception in the YA school environment and has all the right intents of shifting those incorrect thoughts For example and IIRC there s a scene where one character is called a retard and that s quickly shut down A Will probably be rated a 3 or 4 out of 5 stars Full review pending. I am a huge fan of horror suspenseful books and movies and if you are interested in that kind of stuff, you should definitely read Shooter by Caroline Pignat She definitely will make you be on the edge of your seat while reading this book This book is amazing because 1 it has various parts of suspense and 2 all the characters have different stories but they realize they are connected in a very similar way Alice, Noah, Hogan, Isabelle, and Xander are five characters you will not forget during reading Shooter Once you pick up the book, it will be impossible to put it down, trust me on that This book will simply make you shook when you get to the turning point The book is unpredictable in a good way This book is very similar to the movie, The Breakfast Club Five unalike students go to Saturday detention and have figured that they havein common than they think Read it There should be a warning on the cover of this book DO NOT start reading this book at Midnight I decided to start this book at midnight a chapter or two before going to sleep, the next thing I knew it was 3 30am I m 3 4 of the way through the book and my alarm was going of in 2.5 hours If I didn t have to work in a few hours I would of stayed up the rest of the night to finish this book.I have not picked up a book in a VERY long time that I ve wanted to stay up all night to read. Read this book in 1 day So freaking good I really identified with something in every character and absolutely LOVED all the difficult themes and ideas this book tackled beautifully I really appreciated that although the main topic of the book, a school shooting, is one that can be terrifying and gory it was written in a way that captured the fear and felt genuine with out it being overly frightening This makes it accessible to everyone I think that s great I also really liked that this took place in my hometown as I never get to read books that happen in Canada let alone my city Thank you for writing this book HIGHLY RECOMMEND *DOWNLOAD PDF ✘ Shooter ⇲ The Breakfast Club Meets We Need To Talk About KevinA Lockdown Catches Five GradeStudents By Surprise And Throws Them Together In The Only Unlocked Room On That Empty Third Floor Wing The Boys Washroom They Sit In Silence, Judging Each Other By What They See, By The Stories They Ve Heard Over The Years Stuck Here With Them Could Anything Be Worse There S Alice An Introverted Writer, Trapped In The Role Of Big Sister To Her Older Autistic Brother, NoahIsabelle The Popular, High Achieving, Student Council President, Whose Greatest Performance Is Her Everyday Life Hogan An Ex Football Player With A Troubled Past And A Hopeless FutureXander That Socially Awkward Guy Hiding Behind The Camera, Whose Candid Pictures Of School Life, Especially Those Of Isabelle, Have Brought Him Trouble Than AnswersTold In Five Unique Voices Through Prose, Poetry, Text Messages, Journals, And Homework Assignments, Each Student Reveals Pieces Of Their True Story As They Wait For The Drill To End But This Modern Day Breakfast Club Takes A Twist When Isabelle Gets A Text That Changes Everything NOT A DRILL Shooter In The School Suddenly, The Bathroom Doesn T Seem So Safe Any Especially When They Learn That One Of Them Knows About The Shooter Than They Realized I loved the beginning of this book It was fun and believable and I wanted to know what was going to happen to all the characters However, the minute Alice ran out of the bathroom, I knew it was going to shit for a while Up until they were all back in the bathroom, it was totally unbelievable The plot with the X Men pranks was on again off again The ending was realistic enough, but I definitely had to let some things go Really, my main problem with this book as the level of believability However, It was still pretty good and I liked it Bonus points for it being set in Ottawa, aside from the school shooting. I had such a nice big review typed out for this and then I was dumb and x ed out So, anyway.I really, really wanted to like this book School shooting is one of my bookish buzzwords, and I m always interested in what an author has to bring to the table, because this is a phenomenon, largely American note to everyone author is Canadian , that just keeps happening, and these are stories that are interesting to tell and to hear, and are important to tell and to hear.That being said, this book could have been a lot better if one of two things would have happened the shooter himself was anonymous, and we focused on the kids learning about each other and that they re not so different, or we were closer to the shooter I m talking that Craig Manning motherfucker Xander gettingscreentime, as annoying as he was, because he was the only person that gave us any insight into the shooter and, honestly it wasn t great insight Which brings me to characters Did not care about any of them other than Hogan Alice and Hogan, when they were together, were pretty cute, too, I guess, but I didn t really care Isabella was all right, butisn t there maybe something bigger than college acceptance that we should talk about right now, IzzyNoah was literally just a tool so that we could feel bad for Alice I don t know why he was there The portrayal of the shooter was, while sparse, extremely caricaturist and simple Pignat took Eric Harris s god complex and smashed it into a Hollywood Nerd and gave us zero direction with it The portrayal of the shooter was why I think he should have been anonymous, also because he didn t even seem that important most of the time It was like, oh yeah, this is an excuse to get these kids together, so why not just embrace it The writing was all right It was fast paced and easy to read This book was a quick finish, and I m kind of glad, because there were aspects that, theI think about them, made me really, really mad.