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Ten years may have passed, but Brock doesn t believe Pia has changed her childish ways.Pia has devoted her life to making a name for herself without help from her mother She wants to prove that she is than a name, plus in some ways, make up for a disastrous decision she made when she was younger.Now thrown together, they must work together to find a way to survive after an attack on Pia s life But all their time together brings feeling to the surface that Brock feels he can t act on He s not the man that Pia thinks he is and he believes he can t give her want she deserves.But Pia s defiance is strong and pushes Brock to the limits until the truth about his upgrades is revealed Now Pia must decide if Brock is still the man she believes him to be or a machine But even is she wants him, no questions asked, does he want her I really enjoyed this story It s a fast paced story about two people that first meet under usual circumstances, parted after a misguided decision, and thrust back together years later Brock is the same man he used to be, but with certain improvements that makes him believe a normal live will never be within his grasps Pia wants to be wanted by the one man that she s always wanted Both have their issues, but I love that even though it may never last, they take the risk If it s just for the day or for a lifetime, they need to express their feelings.In the end, this story proves that sometimes you have to take a risk, no matter the consequences And you just get the one thing your heart desires.I can t wait to see what Cara will bring us next in this exciting new series. Quick read Good story Surprised me a bit.Read for the URR 2018 New Year challenge, 39 Science Fiction RomanceI m kinda liking the fact that my current TBR list is meeting most of the sub genres for the URR challenge So, it s not even like I have to change my reading plan for the challenge Yay, me Anyhoo, this was a bit of a surprise as I thought the book to be a decent read I was expecting some meh here, but instead it was a decent story, some interplanetary action, some diplomatic action, some alien interaction and of course, some cyborg human romancing Not gonna say great, but truly decent The characters did not annoy me too terribly much. #Download Ebook Ç Stranded with the Cyborg (Cy-Ops #1) º The Daughter Of The Terran President, Penelope Aaron Resented The Restrictions Imposed Upon Her, But That Was No Reason To Take It Out On The Man Assigned To Protect Her She Regrets How She Got Agent Brock Mann Booted From The Security Force But Now That She S An Interplanetary Ambassador About To Embark On Her First Diplomatic Mission, She Still Doesn T Want Him Tagging Along Especially Since He Seems To Be Stronger, Faster, Muscled, And Sexier Than She Remembers And Pretending To Be Her Husband This Mission Couldn T Get Impossible Ten Years Ago Penelope Isabella Aaron Had Been A Pain In Brock Mann S You Know What Much Has Changed In A Decade PIA As He Code Named Her, Has Grown Up And Is About To Attend Her First Alliance Of Planets Summit Conference, And Brock Was Transformed Into A Cyborg After A Near Fatal Attack Now A Secret Agent With Cyber Operations, A Covert Paramilitary Organization, Brock Gets Called In, Not When The Going Gets Tough, But When The Going Gets Impossible So When He S Unexpectedly Assigned To Escort Penelope To The Summit Meeting, He Balks At Babysitting A Prissy Ambassador But After A Terrorist Bombing, A Crash Landing On A Hostile Planet, And A Growing Attraction To His Protectee, Operation PIA May Become His Most Impossible Assignment Yet Kindle Unlimited Cyborg lovers might enjoy this one than I did.I really didn t like the heroine She made my too stupid to live shelf.Recommended as filler. I read this with my book club and did not expect to love it, but I did Brock and Pia were electric The storyline was interesting The suspense was intense Once I started reading I could not stop I ll be reading cyborg romance in the future I rather enjoyed this one.Okay so PIA was a little dumb at first because she thought she didn t need protection and so changed her travel plans I m sorry, but no ambassador in their right mind would ever do that.Other than that, I really enjoyed it, and look forward to reading the next.I liked Brock.PIA wasn t annoying other than her first moment of stupidity And the terrorism plot well considering what is going on in the world today felt rather close to home, just on the planetary scale I rather liked that. 3.75 stars I want to start off this review on a positive note, so I m saying upfront this was an entertaining read, the writing was good and I like sci fi romance I tend not to delve too deeply into the science part of the sci fi because I allow for the impossible and the suspension of my disbelief, after all I m a mad keen Marvel fan and I love all the superhero movies and TV shows.I love the idea Brock is man and machine, a cyborg I would love to have his enhancements and have a wireless computer in my brain I could use to connect to anything, anytime Very, very handy And that database in his brain Can I please have Wikipedia in mine Better yet, how about the entire internet and a Google search engine without having to type and I can just think it My heart ached for Brock, for his isolation and his loneliness, for him thinking he was unlovable because he was a cyborg instead of a full human I m thinking being a cyborg makes him extra special Pia on the other hand lives up to her codename Pain in the ass Seriously She was annoying right from the get go and I have a special dislike for people like her, be they male or female Instead of me ranting about her, I ll just let my status updates as I read speak for themselves.15.0% Should have known from the blurb that Pia would be a brat I hate brats Irresponsible Selfish Bratty They have nothing to recommend them 30.0% So she s less of a brat now but I still haven t found anything to like about her 52.0% Way to finally realise the stupid 69.0% I don t hate her any 72.0% Well, there goes the little bit of like I had built up 74.0% Pfft Stupid girl 88.0% Yep, that s right Naive and stupid Behaving like a rebellious teenager I m quoting here 95.0% Sheesh After all that, that was just a little too easy If you don t have a special dislike for heroines like Pia, you will probably like this book a lot than I did, but even then, as I said upfront, it was entertaining Ms Bristol didn t make their ordeal too easy to overcome and she threw in an interesting twist of what Urgak, the bad guy was I did, however, take exception to how easy the relationship part of the story was resolved That was a little too pat and a little too easy Maybe she hit her word count and needed to resolve the story quickly, since this was not a particularly long story I don t know I just felt that Pia, for all the hurt she caused Brock, got an easy out.One other thing which jumped out at me, and it s something I tend to notice, I don t know if others will, is Ms Bristol did not address the safe sex protection birth control issue I don t know what it s like in the future, if they have managed to cure all disease and no longer have STDs and have some kind of universal prevention of pregnancy thing all women or men are inoculated with, but I totally noticed it This is kind of a big deal for me, it s not a deal breaker, but I always notice it and it throws me out of the story a little while I m reading when it s not there I do understand when it s not necessary, like in a historical, or in most paranormals, though even for paranormals, if it s set in contemporary times, there tends to be a small mention of it.I think this is the start of a series for Ms Bristol, and if the heroines are less like Pia in the other books, I am interested in reading. I discovered this series when I found Mated to the Cyborg, book two, and loved it so I kept reading and anticipating each new release But, guess what I forgot to go back and read book one The author made it free and I still managed to wait forever I m reading it now though Yay for getting Brock and Penelope s story finally.Stranded with the Cyborg begins with Brock Mann, a covert ops cyborg, getting assigned to the dreaded brat that he d been forced to do protection detail aka babysit through her snits and teenage rebellion back in the day Now, Pia as he called her is a grown woman and an ambassador on her first important mission And, she might be hot to trot, but she s still impulsive, naive, and a touch bratty.Penelope doesn t want or feel she needs a bodyguard against a terrorist threat so she attempts to just do her thing Then, ugh, its the man she totally crushed on and was a total jerk teenager to, and he sees her latest action to ditch her bodyguard as proof that she hasn t matured at all.This one started off iffy for me because I rather thought Brock had the right of it about Penelope She is mature in some ways, but her behavior and naivety for the first part of the book were dangerous She knows better she s on a mission those terrorists aren t as bad as everyone says and it can never happen to me And how dare the highly skilled, trained, and experienced security expert try to do his job.But, thankfully, she got a clue about the time she was in the middle of a terrorist attack and things progressed better Part of the conflict was the sizzle of attraction between them and Brock trying to keep his cyborg side a secret I loved it when they are stranded and working together on the alien planet I really feel that one of the author s strengths is her creative backdrops and settings along with character development Oh, and lets not forget some melty hot love scenes.So, hoorah, I made it back to the beginning and loved what I got of Brock and Penelope s story Sci Fi Romance fans need to do themselves a solid and get going on this series. Decent sci fi romance It was pretty short though The story and world building were interesting I wish that some of the sex scenes had been sacrificed to allow story There were four or five of them and one would have done it and left those15 or so pages for action and plot.