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`Download Kindle Û Exposed (Tough Justice #1.1) ì A New Job A New Case A New Criminal Special Agent Lara Grant Will Do Anything To Get Her Mark Until Her Last Undercover Case, Infiltrating The Notorious Moretti Crime Ring, Forced Her To Get Close To The Top Way Too CloseNow Starting A New Job In New York City, All Lara Wants Is To Leave The Ghosts Of Her Past Behind Until A Dramatic Sniper Attack Leaves Lara S Face And Real Name All Over The Media In The Blink Of An Eye, Her Cover Is Blown, Her Identity ExposedThen A Woman S Body Is Found, Branded With The Ritual Moretti Tattoo Someone Knows Who Lara Is And Exactly How To Make Her PayPart Of In A Chilling, High Octane FBI Thriller TOUGH JUSTICE From NYT Bestselling Author Carla Cassidy And Tyler Anne Snell, Carol Ericson And Gail Barrett Lara Grant spent several years in deep undercover to bring down the Moretti syndicate Her undercover work was so successful that she then had to spend a year in a safe house to protect her life She s just returned to work in the FBI when she s called out to talk to a man on a ledge A man that asked for her by name A man she doesn t know After talking this criminal off the ledge, she escorts him from the building only to have him killed in front of her by a sniper Now the entire world, including the Moretti s, know that Lara is back at work Lara begins work with her team of FBI agents to try and determine what link, if any, the deceased has to the Moretti syndicate The they dig, the questions are raised When an innocent jogger is found murdered in the park, it becomes clear that these crimes are linked not only to the Moretti s but to Lara Can the FBI determine who is behind these crimes before another crime occurs Is Lara a target Tough Justice Exposed was an incredibly quick read, not just because of its length, but because it is a fast paced read The reader gradually gets to know Lara as the investigations begin, and she is just as enigmatic as the crimes being committed If you enjoy fast paced suspense thrillers, then you ll definitely want to add Tough Justice Exposed to your reading list Tough Justice Exposed is the first book in the Tough Justice series Each book will be written by a different author, but feature the same characters and story I look forward to reading the next seven installments and finding out what happens next. Tough Justice Exposed Part 1 8 by Carla Cassidy is a 2016 Harlequin Special Release publication I have always enjoyed serials, and wish there were of them out there With the busy lives many of you live, it can be a challenge to fit reading into your routine Serials are a great way to incorporate reading into a tight schedule, plus, I love how each installment leaves you hotly anticipating the next story in the series, which encourages people to continue reading, whereas a novel can feel too daunting at times, and are easily abandoned So, I think this is a great idea and it s a fun way to spice things up a little I am looking forward to the next installment and can t wait to find out what happens next Could there eventually be a little romance between Lara and Nick Will Lara stop the Moretti s before they murder again Stay tuned This review is the copyrighted property of Night Owl Reviews To read this review in full, click on this link I have read several of Carla Cassidy s books, mainly her MYSTERY SUSPENSE and ROMANTIC SUSPENSE In this series of 8 parts, featuring FBI Agent Lara Grant, Carla shares the writing experience with Carol Erickson, Gail Barrett, and Tyler Anne Snell Each of them have written 2 books in this series.This book introduces Lara Grant and focuses on her past She spent a year under cover and brought down a major mafia drug trafficker She then went into Witness Protection until all members of the gang were tried, convicted, and locked away for good Or were they Lara has barely met her new partner and the rest of the team when she s called out A man is on a ledge, ready to jump, but asks for Lara by name After several hours of trying to talk him down, he confesses to the killing of a young girl, and lets himself be talked off the ledge.Found in his possession is a stamp and ink pad The stamp is a replica of a tattoo that the mafia used to mark their possessions It will remain a question as a sniper ends his life.And then a young woman with the same name as Lara is murdered Now the chase is on to see where this threat is coming from..This was a short story, and a quick, easy read The book focuses on Lara, her secrets, her trust issues She is well fleshed out and I think she will make a very good series character Her new partner, Nick Delano, has a past and secrets of his own I look forward to learning much about him.I gave it 5 stars I like the story and I look forward to see where it goes from here.My thanks to the author Harlequin US Canada Harlequin Special Releases NetGalley who furnished a digital copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.NOTE As of today s date, book may be pre ordered from US free Book will be available 1 12 2016. I m thankful for the free download from Netgalley in return for my honest review although in its Kindle format it is currently free from , This is the first book in a series of 8 titles around a FBI investigation in New York City A new team has been put together to tackle certain cases but before they can even begin an older case, thought resolved returns to haunt them and in particular Special Agent Lara Grant She was instrumental in assisting the arrest and imprisonment of the major players in the Moretti crime syndicate However, like a many headed hydra the organisation seems to be active and as deadly as ever Moretti seems to be orchestrating his former crime ring from within prison and rather than being destroyed by Lara s undercover efforts he is out for revenge on her betrayal including everything she holds dear.The eight short stories in this Tough Justice series have been written by a different author each time, they have taken 2 episodes each so it will be interesting to see how the collaboration works.This first one is Exposed by Carla Cassidy who will return for the final instalment With the writing being compact and factural, with fleshed out characters like TV scriptwriting this project will work up to a point but I feel each writer will have to work to a formula to ensure they are seemless Time will tell, it is certainly good to be in it from the start and I did enjoy the scene setting in this first thriller.I love a good ledge hugger and potential jumper and this scenario kicks off the book in dramatic style Lara perhaps should have been worried when the would be suicide asked for her by name.The danger of such a series is that everyone needs to buy into it as future stories on Kindle are 99p meaning an outlay potentially of 6.93 I remember buying magazines in my childhood with free gifts at the start and reduced prices to suck you in Perhaps today something about the solar system with weekly parts to build the space station What you fail to understand at the outset is there are 144 weekly copies to collect and you ll end up paying to build your copy of the space station that the actual one cost It is frustrating therefore to be caught on this hook ready to be reeled in at the cost of 6.93 but as a project, I personally believe it could be worth it and should be supported for this interesting literary enterprise I hope part of the fun will be seeing if there are any discernable differences with each author s approach.