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2 1 2 starsThis is a novella with each chapter contributed by a different author While it s an interesting idea, the story is very disjointed A couple of the writers were especially out of sync. I think as a whole A Duke to Remember was certainly entertaining to myself as the reader I liked how a group of authors were able to come together with each having their individual ideas and writing style to create this title The romance was present within the pages, the plot was easy enough to read and there were small amounts of humor to be found So overall I found this story to be likable.When I first heard about the story I knew it was material that I wanted to read I would say I was curious than anything else to see if so many authors could pull off one story Most of the time authors tend to pen their own separate stories and so when I learned that this story would only be one I had to give it a shot Most of the authors pulled it off beautifully and few others I will not name needed a little time in penning their own sections.I think it is important to understand the concept of this novella when reviewing it This was most likely not an easy task to do to continue a story with the author s own ideas while intertwining both the story and the romance into one novella I respect the authors for having the courage to do this and for having the talent to pen such an inviting novel I think this novella would be something I would like to see authors and publishers doing in the near future.Lastly I would recommend this book It is free so you have no risks in taking the time to read the book It s well worth the effort and I will be keeping an eye on the authors in hopes of finding their next successful reads. FREE PDF ♱ A Duke to Remember ☳ For The First Time, Read All The Avon FanLit Winning Chapters As One Amazing Novella When Maxwell Trent, Duke Of Highclyff, Arrives At The Ball Of The Season, Lady Felicity Stratford Can Scarcely Believe Her Eyes Or Control Her Beating Heart Ten Years Ago, Max Left Felicity In The Wake Of A Scandalous Duel And Sailed Off To The West Indies Having Only Just Recovered Her Reputation And About To Embark On A Long Awaited Engagement, The Duke Is The Last Man Felicity Wants To See Back In London, Even If He Is The Only Man She S Ever LovedBetween A Forbidden Balloon Ride, A Runaway Monkey, And A Life Changing Ball, Max And Felicity Discover The Truth Of What Happened All Those Years Ago And They Must Decide If True Love Really Can Last ForeverAn Avon Romance It is a bit rushed and erratic No smooth flowing of events this The reader is left to assume some things like why the second son of a duke left the shores of England to parts unknown, the duel with Wakefield, Felicity s ruination because of it and sundry other related events that should have been been made clear to the reader but were not Despite the narrative flaw, the concept is Good At least the reader never doubted the setting because there were no present day words inserted in the dialogues so the author at least respected the timeline and the genre P.S After sending my review I read the other reviews below and upon knowing that the novella was written by several authors then that in itself is the explanation for the jarring effect on the story s flow Still a Good read, though. It was an ok Novella, it seemed a little rush wish it had a little depth to it Max returning home after 10 years to find the woman he loved and fought a duel over was engaged to his nemesis, the very person he fought the duel with No clear explanation as to why they fought a duel and why Felicity was upset that he returned when he did Of course they both still loved one another, but little misunderstandings were keeping them apart They got married by special license at her engagement ball and lived happily ever after The End This Avon FanLit Novella was written by different authors, each chapter by one of them, which made for a very interesting read and some absolutely unexpected twists The ladies wrote very harmoniously, if their names weren t put under each chapter title I might not have noticed it was written from different hands but some scenes would have made me wonder then, the heroine and her sidekick are a bit uncontinuous in their behavior All in all it was a fascinating experiment and I would like to hear the Other Story too Historical Clean English second chances romance.Maxwell Trent, Duke of Highclyff has always loved his childhood best friend and neighbor, Lady Felicity Stratford, but ran away a decade ago when he had a chance to marry her Now Lady Felicity is engaged to marry some other rich titled dude and Max has to get his act together in time before she actually marries the wrong person.Cute totally fluff story.65 pages and kindle freebie2 stars Cute story I enjoyed the plot until chapter five From the start the chapter felt disjointed and the twists were confusing, and I m sorry to say, a bit illogical There was no rhyme or reason for the change or actions of one of the main characters Wakefield I kept saying what How Why This book clearly shows the blunders in narration, dialogues, and the storyline that can creep in when a novella is being co authored by different authors Some chapters were good, some were average I didn t like the way they rushed the story towards the end Explanations for many of the actions by the protagonists and minor characters were unclear though there is ample hint that Wakefield is getting to star in another story as the hero soon A light read. This is an interesting way to do a novella, with every author writing a different chapter They managed to tie it all together well and, while I really enjoyed the story, I wish I had been able to hear the difference in their authorial voices a little better I also hope that I m able to read the story between Birdie and Wakefield, the fianc of the heroine of this story.Ten years ago, Felicity and Maxwell had been friends At least until she kissed him and then asked him to run away with her and he refused Their embrace was interrupted by the Earl of Wakefield who then challenged Maxwell to a duel It ended with Maxwell leaving England never to return Even when his brother died, leaving Maxwell to be the Duke of Highclyff or Highcliff, both spellings are used.So Maxwell has 75 pages to remind Felicity of why she loved him and then to convince her that he loves her as well.