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!Read ♵ Pinocchia ⚉ Poor Gepetto Alone And Horny For A Beautiful Woman What If He Carved The Woman Of His Dreams Into A Big Puppet Better Than Nothing But Then, Wait, Taking Her Acts Like Magic In Making Her Real Lushly Rendered By The Frenchman Gibrat, This Sexy Spoof Of The Classic Tale Has Poor Innocent Pinocchia Taken By Many A Cynic And When She Lies, Guess What Becomes Bigger A book in the tradition of Manara A wooden doll becomes an innocent young woman, just to be used by evil men, while trying to find her father and the love of her live.A modern and sexy adaptation of Collodi s masterpiece. A full color adult graphic novel Like Milo Manara s Gullivera female Gulliver and Eric Maltaite s Robinsonia female Robinson Crusoe a rather good book , Pinocchia is an erotic tale based on an earlier story in case Pinocchio, the wooden boy Galipetto is an old man living alone in the deep woods when he is inspired to make a wooden female Luckily for him, Galipetto is a first class carpenter that makes his living carving toys Using a tree that collapsed into his shack, Galipetto creates a wooden woman After he is finished, he takes the little wooden woman for a test drive, and unknown to him, this causes the woman to come alive Galipetto learns about this amazing transformation when Pinocchia, nude but for shoes and an apron, brings Galipetto breakfast and asks if he is her papa Some local police stop by and ask if anything is damaged after the storm, and they find a nearly nude woman rushing from the back room, and hugging her papa The police take them to jail While in jail, Pinocchia, nude but for a mutating coat one minute a green coat, the next a green dress , ends up going down on one of the men there in jail As the police do not have anything on Pinocchia, they release her, but keep Galipetto in jail So, the barely clothed woman wanders down the street and is picked up by a man in a car The man takes her to a party, where a woman helps Pinocchia change clothes and who ends up fondling Pinocchia While the women are otherwise occupied, two men peer into the room, and eventually lead Pinocchia away from the party and, at the first opportunity, prostitute her The rascals run off with Pinocchia s pay, and without leaving her any money to pay the hotel bill While Pinocchia begins to pay for the room with her mouth, the hotel owner s wife runs in and spanks Pinocchia with a wooden object Pinocchia flees the hotel In the meantime, Galipetto is released and he wanders along in his night clothes, attempting to return home Along the way he ends up at the same house Pinocchia wandered up to and entered after she fled the angry wife While his creation is screwing around with a man up on the second floor, Galipetto is offered the position of gardener The gardener was just fired and thrown off the premises for sleeping with the maid Running away from an attempted forced and unwanted bath, Galipetto runs across his Pinocchia, who has reverted to wooden status Galipetto revives her, is caught and the tail continues its twists and turns for another 25 pages and in those 25 pages visit to a circus, underwater brothel on a submarine In the Pinocchio story, there was a certain punishment rendered upon him when he lied his nose grew Well, in this case, when Pinocchia lies, her breasts grow and she doesn t lie, apparently, until after page 35 though, at one point she purposely lies to save herself in the water, and ends up with massive breasts Overall, a very good little graphic novel, with great artwork and a good pace The book includes a small amount of bondage, a small amount of whipping, and a certain amount of public nudity.The kind of book that leads one to want to read by these authors, but unfortunately, I haven t found anything else by them. L ho trovato per caso in Archivio e l ho letto Ogni tanto voglio farmi del male da solo.Il povero Geppetto, spinto da uno specchio un po maligno, costruisce una donna di legno la bambola gonfiabile per soddisfare i suoi bisogni sessuali Solo che lei diventa umana e qualcuno la sente urlare Papa, pap , cos arrivano i gendarmi e arrestano Geppetto per aver avuto rapporti sessuali con la figlia Lei rimane sola e arrivano il signor Volpe e il signor Gato che la vendono in giro E lei continua ad aprire le gambe per tutti Tipico sogno maschile di una donna poco sveglia ma sempre disposta ad avere rapporti sessuali E tutti si approfittano di Pinocchia Si innamorata di un Lorenzo Finisce nella pancia della balena che un bordello di lusso per miliardari americani e scopre che il seno, gi prosperoso, cresce quando dice bugie E solo quando qualcuno la picchia ridiventa normale.Va beh, un po mi ricorda Il gioco La raccolta completa donne completamente in balia di uomini perversi SIGH Como dice otro comentarista el dibujo muy bien La historia, horrible.