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I am rating this as a 10 year old Can t remember much about the book now, but I remember of liking it and reading it several times as a child.. [[ FREE EPUB ]] ↡ Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo ☠ AMERICA STRIKES BACK After Pearl Harbor, America Seemed To Have Lost The War Before It Had Begun Allied Forces Were Being Beaten Across The Pacific By The Japanese Military Juggernaut, And Morale Was At The Breaking Point America Desperately Needed To Strike Back At The Enemy For This, A Corps Of Heroic Volunteer Fliers Led By Lt Col James H Doolittle Began Training To Attack The Very Heart Of The Japanese Empire Tokyo To Succeed, The Tokyo Raiders Would Have To Launch Sixteen Fully Loaded B Twin Engine Medium Bombers Off The Deck Of The Aircraft Carrier Hornet Something Never Done Before And Land At Airfields In China Through Courage And Luck, The Raid Itself Went Flawlessly But Bad Weather, Lack Of Fuel, And Darkness Worked Against Many Of The Pilots And For Many, Escaping China Proved Even Perilous Than The Mission This Gripping Eyewitness Account Hailed As The Most Stirring Story Of Individual Heroism That The War Has So Far Produced The New York Times Is One Of The Most Daring Missions In Military Aviation History The Legendary Doolittle Raid INCLUDES HISTORIC PHOTOS SOME NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED I ll admit it, I read this over forty years in grade school, but it still has a major impact on my introduction to World War Two I was fortunate to attend a public school system in Tulsa, Oklahoma that exposed us to many topics The first I read was I think Air War in Europe but sadly I can not find this publication There were six of us who read them to see how fast we could finish it Since my curiosity was peeked, I chose this one next Ted Lawson wrote at great account of the Doolittle Raid and what happened to the pilots who flew the mission It didn t glorify the war, it showed us young readers the facts of what these brave men were attempting to accomplish take the war to the Empire and let them know we were still in the fight. I wonder why the word swell fell out of favor as an adjective The book starts with these two sentences I helped bomb Tokyo on the Dolittle Raid of April 18, 1942 I crashed in the China Sea for info on the raid, try this link There are many others, some better, but this has the best overview.I am a woman who was born several years after WWII ended, but heard war stories from the men of the family so you might not think this would engage me, but it did The book is the story of the Dolittle raid from one pilot s perspective, and This is basically a diary by a very young man and what he learned and became during one year of his life This book is not about politics or war it is about the daily life of a person in the midst of doing his job in a war.Apparently a movie was made of this which I have not seen as yet but I plan to do so The reader learns about basic flight school in the early 1940 s and about the camaraderie that developed among the men The author hints at the great love he had for the woman who became his wife You learn about his love of the planes, especially the B 25, which he flew His relationship with the plane is a big chunk of the first part of this story It was his trustworthy friend Based on the authors description of learning about the plane, I can imagine that learning how to fly those planes blueprints, wiring, mechanics, etc was a lot like writing code today.Lawson s description of the fuselage art nose art for his plane was interesting, if scary in its prognostication We learn about the faith these pilots had to put in their Navy counterparts on the aircraft carriers In this case the famous Hornet and how the Navy men were very careful with their charges.I followed the flight on google maps, and seeing it on modern technology makes the feat all the remarkable I plan on reading about the raid.And after the crash, I learned about the terror and emotional agony of losing a limb, almost dying and slowly realizing the leg is gone forever.I learned about the kindness of strangers and how the local Chinese saved and cared for these men It reminded me that our current social and economic issues with China are with the government and not the people I guess this isn t a review as much as it is an awestruck response to this horrible and amazing tale I am glad I read it this Memorial Decoration Day weekend It puts my sitting here in front of a computer in perspective.Basically, this was a swell book.Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo not the edition listed here by Capt Ted W Lawson no photo the Book I m reading is called Thirty seconds over Tokyo The book is about the time Ted Lawson has up to a raid this raid was somewhat revenge for pearl harbor The Doolittle raid was were B 25 liberators took off from an aircraft carrier and bombed cities in japan This book is about how Ted live and where he went before the raid It tells about the time the the USS.Hornet the carrier of the B 25 After the plane he piloted crashed it tells of the brave Chinese citizens who risked their lives by aiding them in escaping the Japanese army tell about how the wounds made the escape dangerous.i give this book a five star rating because it is a book which isn t hard to read it has allot of action and rarely any boring parts I strongly think that people should read this book because it is true but is very interesting Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo is a tightly focused yarn about Ted Lawson s participation in the Doolittle Raid In the darkest days of 1942, with fascism on the march everywhere, a handful of pilots flying B 25s from the USS Hornet made a bee sting raid on Japan The raid had negligible material impact, but was an import moral boost.Lawson s memoir moves swiftly through pilot training, to the raid itself, and then the meat of the book, the long journey home Severely wounded while ditching his bomber, Lawson s leg was amputated in China, and he was carried to safety on vehicles ranging from stretchers to trucks.This book was written for a popular audience, and published in the middle of the war So it s limited in scope, but it s fun and its quick. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo is an amazing book I love how much detail Lawson put into each page Each description I could almost see He wasn t afraid to tell you stuff that might scare you This book helped me see just how horrible WWII was for some people It was nice that he started before the meat of the story starts because it gave me background that was not needed, but very useful I didn t like how often he would say for Although a minor detail, he said it a lot I love this book 5 5 I read this book in the second grade, many years ago, and it lit a candle on my reading of WWII history and, indeed, my reading of history and historical biographies in general that has yet to burn itself out. A simply and powerfully told story of the Doolittle raid over Japan in WWII The account neatly captures without strain the ethos and manner of speech of that time. I found this book to be a great addition to my war library Looking back to WWII and the war literature crafted from firsthand accounts helps me to see what America was I realize it is only one lense of the times, but the men and women who had to endure on the field, in the sky, on the seas, and at home to support the efforts were crafted of some of the sturdiest, bravest, and idealistic people to ever have walked the eath This account is told from the first person perspective of one of the bomber piolets who completed the first bombing of Japan after the Pearl Harbor incident The piolet is portrayed as an everyday person who wholeheartedly believed in his country and loved his way of life enough to risk everything to defend it The aircrew that was assigned to him was no fewer stalwart individuals, and we no mean warfighters Within the pages of the book, one can expect also to see the nobility of the Chinese people of the time, and the ruthlessness of the Japanese warriors I would recommend this book to any reader who wishes to learn about World War II, people who would like to know about human nature, people interested in general history, people looking for a quick, engaging read, or those who just like the war in general There are some gruesome parts, but it is written in a lighter sense There is some suspense that is created from the real life situations the flight crew were in, and there is even a very slight hint of spousal and parental sentiment.