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I ve always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, and I remember the news of the discovery of KV5 back in 1995 At that time, I watched a documentary with my Dad who passed away a few years ago about its discovery literally beneath where the tourist coaches used to unload streams of tourists who had no idea what lay beneath their feet I ve been dutifully following the progress of excavation still ongoing today and now the largest tomb in the Valley of the Kings This book adds wonderful firsthand insight into the discovery.I still check to see how the excavation is going More chambers and wonders are being discovered with every season The tomb of Rameses II KV5 has had me spellbound for years and long may it continue to reveal its secrets And, as a genre fiction writer, these discoveries make excellent story ideas Gut geschrieben und nat rlich sehr interessant, auch wenn ich mir mehr Detailwissen zu KV5 gew nscht h tte schlie lich geht es ja eigentlich um dieses Grab in dem Buch Aber das Wissen zum Theban Mapping Project und der gyptologie den Ausgrabungen an sich war sehr unterhaltsam Kein Fehlkauf @DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚦ The Lost Tomb ⚤ S T In , An American Egyptologist Discovered The Burial Site Of The Sons Of Ramesses II This Is His StoryDr Weeks, An Egyptologist With The American University In Cairo, Draws On His Own Diaries, As Well As Those Of His Wife And Foreman, To Describe The Excitement And Risks That Surrounded The Most Significant Archaeological Discovery Of Our Time The Burial Site Of The Son Of Ramesses II This is hands down the best nonfiction I ve ever read Kent Weeks has an extraordinary gift for storytelling His passion for Egypt and its history is obvious in the decades he dedicated to the Theban Mapping Project The TMP ensures that the tombs, temples, and monuments of Egypt will never be lost again This book delves into the rediscovery of the largest and most intriguing tomb in the Valley of the Kings, KV 5 It is a must read for anyone enad with Ancient Egypt and passionate about restoration and conservation. Great book I ve had this on my shelf for several years and finally took it down I don t know why I waited so long A compelling story and a fascinating time of history. Libro fascinante, te engancha desde el principio y no te deja hasta el final, prosa muy fluida sin entrar en tecnicismos propios de la profesi n de arque logo, contado para todo el mundo y que poco a poco te va metiendo en la Historia de Egipto a trav s de esta tumba.Recomendable 100%. I first read The Lost Tomb in the early to mid 2000s, and it s long been one my favourite books about Egyptology Luckily, I now own a copy DIf you knew me at all during that time, you d know that Ramesses II was my absolute favourite pharaoh, so any book about him had to be good So, okay, The Lost Tomb which is about the rediscovery and excavation work of the tomb of Ramesses II s sons known as KV5 already had a lot going for it Not only is The Lost Tomb the story of the discovery of KV5 the most significant find in the Valley of the Kings since Tutankhamun but because of the context Weeks provides, it s also a great source on Ramesses II s life and family and archaeological practices.But The Lost Tomb is just a really, really good read You don t need to have a specialist knowledge to really get into it Weeks is very engaging writer, and very good at explaining things without getting bogged down by the abundance of facts For this reason, I think he s one of the best authors writing in the field. Ancient Egypt through the eyes of someone, who loves what he is doing And it shows in his writing He tells us, what the Theban Mapping Project is and how it came to exist It eventually leads him to re discover KV5, the greatest discovery at the Valley of the Kings since Tutankhamun Great read, very exciting, you feel as if you are digging that tomb together with Kent Weeks and his team And he throws in some new theories of his own on what it could all mean Very readable, not just a dry recount of events and it wants you to read about it all It also gives you a nice look into the Upper Egypt of today and its people.What makes this book even special to me is that I met Kent Weeks briefly, while I lived in Cairo and that one of my oldest friends worked on the Theban Mapping Project with him So I got a lot of answers to my many questions Part memoir, part history lesson, part archeological treatise this book has something for everyone A document of what is probably the greatest archeological discovery of our time is than an academic book concerning the burial place of Ramesses II it is also an engaging piece of narrative non fiction written in a warm personal style that should please readers of all ages and walks of life Kent Weeks has a writers eye for detail and an ability to convey the tedious, laborious task of excavating an immense tomb in a entertaining and informative voice that takes the reader into a world that few of us will ever know first hand There probably is not a writer alive who wouldn t wish to do the same The memorable people he surrounds himself with and the celebrity he encounters after his brush with history are all described in this books as is the mapping project that preceded his discovery but I never got the feeling that Kent Weeks focus was on anything else but the tomb he was excavating This is an academic whose meticulous approach to archeology and love for ancient Egypt was going to lead him to a great discovery and the fluid precise writing style employs only adds the discovery. An interesting book about the exploration of KV 5, the possible tomb of the sons of Ramesses II It is scholarly enough to give you some insight into ancient Egypt but not so scholarly that it comes across as lie a text book Like most of these explorations it is still a work in progress and open to various theories and interpretations.