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( Read Kindle ) ì Small Beauty à Small Beauty Tells The Story Of Mei, Who In Coping With The Death Of Her Cousin Abandons Her Life In The City To Live In His Now Empty House In A Small Town There She Connects With His History As Well As Her Own, Learns About Her Aunt S Long Term Secret Relationship, And Reflects On The Trans Women She Left Behind She Also Brushes Up Against Some Local Trans Mysteries And Gets Advice From Departed Loved Ones With A Lot To Say This book broke my heart.It is exactly what it says on the cover a small beauty. I first heard about this book on the Can t Lit Podcast.Blurb from author site The novel Small Beauty tells the story of Mei Coping with the death of her cousin, she abandons her life in the city to live in his now empty house in a small town There she connects with his history as well as her own, learns about her aunt s long term secret relationship, and reflects on the trans women she has left behind Small Beauty was the recipient of the 2016 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction I m always on the hunt for books about small lives with meaning and found it in this quiet novel Mei is faced with living life on her own, with the silent consequences of decisions made by her family members There are no big revelations and no Hallmark movie moments, just daily struggle and tiny victories, like leaving the house. Great story poignant and intriguing Its one of the staples of modern Trans literature and a true gem of non binary exploration of Identity but as much as I enjoyed the narrative, I can t say the prose was anything out of the ordinary. I love when you read a book without many expectations and it exceeds them easily This was so great, I loved it.