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!Free Pdf ☲ Brocke (Alien Warlords Conquest, #4) ⚓ Every Ray Of Light Needs Darkness To Make It Shine Cora Frey Has Been Working For The Galactic Union For Far Too Long To Be Rattled By Anything As A Terran Investigator On The Corgan World Gaiya, She Stands Between The Violent Alien Rance And The Union Itself, Chasing Down Those Who Wish Either Side Arm But When A String Of Violent Murders Sweeps The Corgan Community, Even Cora May Have Finally Seen Too Much And It Only Gets Complicated From There, When One Passion Filled Night With The Most Terrifying Man In The Realm Leaves Cora With A Surprise She Wasn T Quite Prepared For Brocke Is The Well Kept Secret Of Corgan Society As The Executioner And Guard Of The Chieftain S Private Prison, He Is What Corgan Parents Use To Scare Their Kids Into Behaving, The Guardian He Is The Darkness That Comes Before The Light And No Nightmare Has Ever Gotten Past Him Until Now But His Paths Cross With Cora, And The Corgan Warlord Finds Himself Considering Whether There Isn T Something To Be Said About The Lighter Things In Life And When News Of Cora S Pregnancy Reaches Not Only Brocke But The Evil They Re Meant To Vanquish, All Bets Are Off Together, They Must Chase Down A Crazed Convict And Untangle A Web Of Lies And Murders That Have Kept Both Corgans And Humans On Edge For Far Too Long With Cora S And His Unborn Child S Life Is Put In Danger, Only The Heartless Warlord Can Be The One To Save Them Both Yet If He Discovers That He Is Willing To Lose Everything He Has Held Dear In The Name Of This Feisty, Curvy Woman, Can He Really Hold On To What He Thought He Was Will Cora Make Brocke Become Than A Nightmare Will Brocke Win Cora S Heart And Above All, Will They Both Survive To See The Birth Of Their Child Find Out Brocke Alien Warlord S Conquest Is The Fourth Book In A Series Of Scifi Romance Novels, Following Corgan Warriors And The Human Women That Love Them The Book Contains Plenty Of Love, Hardcore Warrior Lords, Lust, A Surprise Pregnancy And Epic Battles, So If That S What You Love, You Ve Found The Right Read These Books Can And Should Be Read As Standalones, There Are No Cliffhangers And Each Book Contains A Guaranteed HEA I enjoy this universe, but this was my least favorite book in the series The action and adventure was great I love the crime scene investigation I actually liked both leads I just didn t feel the connection as sharply as the impervious ones It seemed rushed it needed time to develop the relationship between them if I had not read any of the previous stories and enjoyed them for the fun romp they are I would not continue on with this series. This book had a seriously high creepiness factor There was a LOT of sick stuff going on Unfortunately our hero is part of that with his role as a psychological torturing super prison guard I never warmed up to this guy I just couldn t get past cutting off someone s hand for talking Add to this a whack job villain who is slaughtering people in the name of racial purity and doing it in some gruesome ways , and I didn t find this book very romantic Oh maybe the romance was supposed to be the lurid erotica that we were treated to, including the heroine masturbating for page after page after page The p word gets used way too much and there s a copious amount of wetness going on I definitely think this is the low point of this series and it s making me reconsider my insta buy policy for Vi s stuff. Wow, what a ride Outstanding It s 30 years after the first book and Brocke is Nadar s son He s the Enforcer, the Guardian, the Executioner, the fiercest of them all He s dark, unforgiving the stuff of nightmares Yummy I liked Cora too she was the light to his darkness I truly enjoyed their story I really wish it was longer and a little emphasis on the romance I ve liked all the other books of this series but this one, this one I loooved. Tamed by the little warrior.Can a man who has dedicated his life to his world s most notorious prison team up with a woman trained as an investigator to rid this new alliance of the evil villain who would kill people for their organs to enhance their own bodies An evil priest who has been in his prison for his crimes I love the world building and the love that grew between them Well written and kept me up late to finish it Recommend it. I chose to read and review this book I liked this one full of action suspense and so much that kept me reading all night long I could not put it down so awesome recommend it I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we Cory Frey and Brocke Brocke is the son of Nadar Brenger and Mara James He is one of the first hybrid children on Gaiya He is also the Guardian which is one of two Corgan s to run the secret prison Brocke has let one of their heinous prisoners Condor escape from the prison so that he can deal with him once and for all The problem is Condor has followers that are helping him to continue what got him thrown in jail to begin with, killing hybrids So when he meets the Union representative who is looking into the murders he knows there something special about her Can he get the criminal before he looses the girl Cory knows there is something she is missing when it comes to all these murders The thing she never expected to to find was the Guardian She had heard rumors about him but had never met him in person and at first glance she knows there is something special about him She just doesn t know how special he is When she teams up with him to stop Condor and his followers she is impressed with his ability to adapt to working with a partner She just wonders when the job is done is her time with him done as well This is another amazing hit in her alien series It can be read as a stand alone but if you read the others the locations and some of the details in this book might make sense There are many twists and turns in this book that I really want to tell you about but don t want to ruin the story for anyone I will tell you this book will have you hooked from the first word to the very end I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review BROCKE Alien Warlord s Conquest 4 by Vi VoxleyCora Frey works for the Galactic Union as a Terran investigator on the Corgan world Gaiya When a string of violent murders sweeps the Corgan community, Cora knows she has now has seen too much and needs to find the illusive evildoer But it only becomes complicated when she meets the most terrifying male in the realm, Brocke, and he leaves her with a surprise she wasn t quite prepared for Brocke Brenger is the most feared Guardian in the Corgan society His guard and executioner at the Chieftain s private prison, his dangerous, his intimidating, and he gives no mercy He is the darkness that comes before the light and no nightmare has ever gotten past him Until now Then he crosses paths with a Terran female and the Corgan warlord finds himself in a place his not found himself before, which scares him But his battles have only just begun, because now he has something in his life he can t live without and the evil that lurks is not only aware of it but he wants her.Wow another fantastic book, I loved it This author has such a creative imagination, which shows in her storytelling in this series The pages are filled with drama, suspense, action, and hot, hot romance The storyline is both intriguing and captivating, and it keeps you entertained from start to finish I loved the characters, they were amazing I think this is probably my favourite of this series for me Overall a very exciting and entertaining read If I didn t love this universe I would ve stopped reading this book.This book was written in haste There are a lot of conflicting statements from the beginning of the book to the middle of the book to the end of the book With in the conflicting statements there is no depth of characters The relationship between Brock and Cora is completely on a physical level There needs to be depth to make the relationship a lasting one for romance genre Style of writing for this book was so far from what Vi has given us in the past, I was disappointed This book needed an editor badly Lots of grammatical mistakes Read this book if you like love scenes written from the male perspective There are too many conflicting ideas that could ve been solved with common sense and Advanced Technology that is already present in the plot I had questions that needed to be answered that were not answered by reading the book I got a sense that when things were chosen to happen they were purely poor choices for plot devices Maybe the book needed to simmer before being released to the public Brocke is the latest installment in Vi Voxley s Alien Warlord s Conquest series Taking place thirty years after the Galactic Union sent the Flora to Gaiya for settlement, the Corgans have been experiencing showing behaviors similar to human racial tensions So much so that one man in particular Condor has made a point of causing considerable havoc, with the help of his fantatics, to the tune of murder and mutilation of those who aren t of pure Corgan descent Guardian Brocke, the son of the Corgan Chieftain, Nadar and his human mate, Mara, is searching for Condor so that he can finally bring him to justice He, along with Cora, the human who works for the Union Militant, are in for a run And considerable shooting among other things.Like in Voxley s other books, I loved the interactions between the two characters Their attraction to each other was fun to watch grow as they both enjoyed and fought their growing interest The little details about each character came out through the other s thoughts fantasies made me smile each time.One of my favorite things about her books is the heady combination of science fiction and romance While at times, the stories are much heavier on the sci fi, the worlds Voxley builds are detailed and something I enjoy returning to when I m looking for something to read.While this is part of a series, each book can stand on its own, but it helps to read the series to get the full picture.