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I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the third in the series but the first that I have read I found it ok to read as a standalone, although I am sure that there were some continuity issues which I did not notice I liked the story, and the way that it delved into the issues that Sawyer had with believing he caused bad luck I thought Day dealt with them effectively and imaginatively There was a good length of time where these two skirted around these things and also about how attracted to each other they were, but once they opened Pandora s box well it never closed again It was definitely sexy, although even exploration into possible kinks would have been fun The only thing that did annoy me a bit was the repetition of the term Master a bit like some books overdo babe, or baby, here Master appeared 10 plus times on a page repeatedly, and in a way lost value. I didn t like this book as well as the first one I read in this series I felt like the dialogue between Day and Jude was so redundant that it distracted me from the story I probably would have rated it even lower if not for the excellent bdsm scenes Several reviewers have complained that there are too many sex scenes I enjoyed them, but I have to admit there were of them than plot.I ll probably try from this series since they are available from the public library. [Read Book] ⚒ The Luckiest Master (Iron Eagle Gym, #3) ♛ When Master Damien Richardson Day To His Friends Takes Over The Front Desk Manager Job At The Iron Eagle Gym, He Knows He S Going To Need An Assistant But Finding The Right Person For The Job Is Harder Than He Thought It Would Be When He Meets Saw, He Thinks He S Found The Solution To All His Problems, And Maybe SomethingSawyer Whitehead Lost His Master To A Tragic Car Accident Some Years Ago, And Since Then One Opportunity After Another Has Gone Sour On Him Thoroughly Convinced He S Cursed And A Jinx To Everything And Everyone He Touches, He Refuses To Officially Become Day S Assistant Because He Knows That As Soon As He Does, Something Terrible Will Happen He S Even Determined Not To Get Involved With Day, Despite His Attraction, Because It Would Kill Him To Be Responsible For Tragedy Befalling The Lovely ManDay Must Convince Saw That He S Not Cursed And That Together, They Can Face Any Challenge That Comes Their Way In Both Their Professional And Personal Partnerships Der Dom Damien Richardson, auch Day genannt, bernimmt im Iron Eagle Gym den Job des Managers und stellt schnell fest, dass er dringend einen Assistenten braucht Die f r ihn arbeitenden Subs sind daf r nicht geeignet, doch Bran stellt ihm den Sub Sawyer Whitehead vor Dieser ist nicht mehr ganz so jung und Mitglied des Clubs Saw m chte und braucht aber keinen Job Allerdings stimmt er zu Day zu helfen, bis dieser einen passenden Assistenten gefunden hat.Doch Day denkt gar nicht daran Er will Saw als seinen Assistenten und schon bald weitet sich sein Interesse an den f rsorglichen Mann aus Saw f hlt sich zu Day hingezogen und f llt schon bald in die Rolle eines loyalen und f rsorgenden Subs, der seinen Herrn gl cklich machen will Dabei will Saw auch keinen Master mehr Sein letzter Master starb bei einem Unfall Dies und andere Ereignisse lassen Saw glauben, dass er nur Ungl ck bringt Und er will nur das Beste f r Day.Master Day umwirbt und umgarnt Saw und versteht es gekonnt sein Netz ber den scheuen Mann zu werfen Kein Wunder, dass Saw sich schnell darin verf ngt Mir gefiel dieser Teil der Geschichte sehr gut und trotz aller Tragik um Sawyers Vergangenheit kommt auch der Witz und die Romantik nicht zu kurz Leider kippt die Geschichte irgendwann Kaum gibt Saw nach und es kommt zum ersten Sex, kommen die beiden gar nicht mehr raus aus der Nummer und dem Bett.Jemand, der eine Sexszene nach der anderen lesen m chte, wird mit dem Buch gl cklich werden F r mich war es dann doch eine herbe Entt uschung, weil der Anfang so sch n war Und ich dachte wirklich, dass Sean Michael da weiter in die Tiefe gehen w rde Leider wurde ich entt uscht Im letzten F nftel der Geschichte f ngt die Autorin sich dann wieder und bringt wieder etwas Normalit t und auch Drama in die Story hinein Das Ende hat mich vers hnt, aber insgesamt war das Buch unbefriedigend. Book The Luckiest MasterAuthor Sean MichaelRating 4 StarsI cannot imagine going through the loss Saw has gone through in his life and not come out scared from it He so truly believes that anything he touches dies whether it be a job, a company, or a boyfriend that he refuses to have any of those things in his life He doesn t even acknowledge that he needs those things in his life But he is the type of guy that thrives on being a caretaker for someone It gives him purpose in life and makes him feel good Even if he is in denial about it.Day takes over as the front desk manager job at the Iron Eagle Gym after Bran had to quit and realizes the previous person was doing the job of two people so he knows he needs to hire someone for the job just as soon as he gets this next thing done When he runs into Saw he immediately offers him the job but of course Saw refuses but agrees to volunteer since that s not him actually working theresilly boy These two had some immediate chemistry going into this story but what they also had was it was like they were in sync with each other They could move around each other and the longer they worked together the Saw anticipated Day needs and the Day realized he needed from their relationship But Day knows that as cautious as Saw feels he needs to take it slow with him so he tries to build trust between while at the same time getting to know Saw better Before you know it they are a couple in all but words and sex The author was able to create a story with loads of emotions, tons of sweet mushy love stuff, and hot to trot sexy scenes Of course it s BDSM so the hot sex is expected but for me the surprise was in how full of LOVE and romance even those scenes were right from the start There was almost a soft and gentle feel to the whole style of the book and for a Master slave type relationship I was floored Day wanted to take care of Saw as much as Saw had a need to take care of Day They needed to find their balance since Saw was so used to being a caretaker to his last Dom Day s other jobto convince this sweet loving man that he is not bad luck Which thankfully was not an easy feat for Day since his Saw was very stubborn.These characters are well written and fully developed along with a storyline that flows from one point to the next with no confusion or plot holes Sen was able to connect us to Saw and the everything of his life to give us a greater understanding and that belief we needed in why he is the way he is without overloading the story with an information dump We do get a connection with Day but since he is such a straightforward character the depth of his development is not as great but this in no way hurts the story.This is the third book in the Iron Eagle Gym series, and even though the previous characters do play a part in this book it in no way impacts the story that much that this cannot be read as a standalone I have not read the first two books but after reading and enjoying this one I will definitely be making it a goal I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through Sweet and fluffy read Easy to enjoy chu This is a great read It s part of a series but you don t have to have read the others, I didn t Day has taken over running the day to day operations of the Iron Eagle Gym He needs some help, it s definitely a two person job Saw offers to help him temporarily until he can find a permanent replacement Saw lost his master to a terrible car accident a few years ago and he feels that anything he touches turns to shit People leave and job opportunities dry up He has every intention of leaving when Day finds a replacement, the only problem is that Day doesn t intend to replace him Day plans on biding his time until he can talk Saw into the job and into his bed permanently Day feels like he is getting Saw to lower his barriers when an attempted robbery at the gym leaves Day with a broken arm and Saw running scared Now Day has to figure out a way to prove to Saw that he isn t bad luck and that accidents happen without pushing him further away Loved this story Saw was an amazingly strong character that I fell in love with immediately He was so caring and thoughtful for someone who had been through so much Don t get me started on Day, I get the warm fuzzies over him Day is such a strong master without being domineering or heavy handed He is so in tune with Saw s emotions that their relationship feels effortless, minus the anxiety Saw has This was a great story, with strong characters and a great plot line I can t wait to go back and read the rest of the series. 2.5 rounded up for the first half Sawyer s partner died years ago, every time he applies for a job the place closes or he doesn t get it, so he s sure he s bad luck He does volunteer to help Day run the gym but no pay therefore he can t jinx it Of course before long he s serving Day he s big into service, not so much the BDSM stuff if any but won t date him FINALLY he decides and they get snowed in for the weekend Skim, skim, skim Sigh It was doing well, there was actual story, them getting to know each other, then once they started smexin they just didn t stop Of course there s a bit of drama where someone breaks in to the gym and Day breaks his arm tripping and Sawyer I refuse to call him Saw because that s weird who is now called Jude which is his real name as his master named him Sawyer is sure it s his fault so they break up for about a minute and a half and go back to having sex everywhere Well, almost I was really disappointed that the first time or two for sex turned into time or 13 I get it, they re making up for lost time, but I was really enjoying the STORY, rather than just a lead up to endless sex scenes I should know better butThere s only a couple of cameos by other people from previous books so you can read this easily as a stand alone. I made it through to the end I didn t like this one.There were too many sex scenes that made me skim most of the at the end, I m all in for let s get down and dirty.BUT please, give me a good story too Day Saw relationship is like seeing the scene from Coming to america through the entire book. Book 3 in this Iron Eagle Gym series This on features Master Day and his Boy Saw A hard journey for Saw But a HEA in the end This is a mm contemporary story with BDSM elements.