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Sprawling and introspective, Another Country explores the many forms love and longing can take Set in Greenwich Village and Harlem during the late fifties, Baldwin s third novel centers on the malaise and messy affairs of a small group of friends following the grisly suicide of one of the circle s key members Characters cheat on each other, cross class and racial boundaries, and strive for greatness even as despair threatens to consume them Again and again they ask themselves and others whether or not they re loved the question s recited like an incantation throughout the novel s three slow moving sections and with great insight Baldwin muses about the impact of social identity on romance The end s a bit abrupt, and the work s not as thoughtfully plotted as his first two novels, but it s still astounding and well worth checking out. (((Kindle))) ☟ Another Country ☔ Set In Greenwich Village, Harlem, And France, Among Other Locales, Another Country Is A Novel Of Passions Sexual, Racial, Political, Artistic That Is Stunning For Its Emotional Intensity And Haunting Sensuality, Depicting Men And Women, Blacks And Whites, Stripped Of Their Masks Of Gender And Race By Love And Hatred At The Most Elemental And Sublime In A Small Set Of Friends, Baldwin Imbues The Best And Worst Intentions Of Liberal America In The Late S Ne m oublie pas, he whispered You are all I have in this world Don t forget me From Paris to Greenwich Village and Harlem, love traverses boundaries, inflames souls, manipulates the vulnerable, and burns each person who comes near its flames Turbulent love is what Baldwin transcribes, the kind of love that is ignited by passion until it knows no name, has no form, except for the triangle it forms among friends By now, my close GoodReads friends know about my reading love affair with Baldwin, so I ll try to encapsulate the elation I feel when I savor his words James Baldwin Photograph Ralph Gatti AFP Getty ImagesThis is my sixth Baldwin read In Giovanni s Room, I described, in that review, how he hypnotized me with simple lyricism that entrapped Our rendezvous usually unfolds this way In my review of Go Tell It on the Mountain, I wrote how he gave me music in words, and I fell for each note In If Beale Street Could Talk he rendered pain vivid in The Fire Next Time, he warmed me, and in Notes of a Native Son, which I plan to read again soon, he gave me perspective.In Another Country, he makes me ponder the profundity of love s role in self angst, self loathe What happens in a person s life to make him hate himself, his skin, his people, his lover, his friend What makes a woman use her beauty not only as a method of survival, but also as a tool for delivering hatred What drives a secured and married mother into the hands of another What happens when hopelessness drowns the conscious mind and sends it into self pitying stupor Each chapter is laced with these questions Harlem The light seemed to fall with an increased hardness, examining and inciting the city with an unsparing violence, like the violence of love, and striking from the city s grays and blacks a splendor as of steel on steel In the windows of tall buildings flame wavered, alive, in ice One thing s for sure Baldwin knows how to write about sex and angst He elucidates despair in a way uniquely his and highlights biracial and homosexual love in a way only someone from his unique vantage point could Here, despair lives on the streets of Harlem and Greenwich village, in the hearts of bohemians, in struggling artists and writers Greenwich Village, 1960s We re all unpredictable, he finally said, one way or another I wouldn t like you to think that you re special It s very hard to live with that, said Eric I mean, with the sense that one is never what one seems never and yet, what one seems to be is probably, in some sense, almost exactly what one is He turned his half smiling face to Vivaldo Do you know what I mean I wish I didn t, said Vivaldo, slowly, but I m afraid I do The first eighty eight pages of this book could have been a novella No one could read this first part and love Rufus, for even Rufus didn t love Rufus Pained as he was, he took it out on Leona, a young white woman who escaped a painful past from the South, only to find herself in a tumultuous relationship with him The first part is a novella cold and hostile, laced with self hatred, but it exists to make lucid the gritty world of racism and segregation, a world wherein each character connected to Rufus resides within some self revelatory cocoon he or she must be released from There is Cass, wife of the writer, Richard Eric, the American actor who has returned from Paris Ida, Rufus sister who becomes his friend s lover, and Vivaldo, Rufus best friend and the white man whose perspective Baldwin uses to inspect race relations Vivaldo was my favorite character Don t forget me, it s as if the phrase is embedded within each sentence spoken, within each unforgivable gesture Love, lust, and angst engulf these pages and turn thunderous Relationships are mangled and mutilated, and one wonders if anything is what it seems As the sections progress, erotic savagery culminates into hungry lovemaking and misguided lust turns into uncertain love that isburied beneath the impossible language of the time, lived underground where nearly all of the time s true feeling spitefully and incessantly fermented. It took 15 years for Baldwin to complete this novel He travelled all across from Paris to Turkey in poor health, depressed, and feeling that he had lost sight of his aims as a writer On the brink of suicide, this novel had almost killed him And while reading this you can sense Baldwin s sense of despair, torment and rage.This would not be a Baldwin novel if he did not deal with social issues such as race, class, and same sex relationships Baldwin has a way of eloquently showing people s ugly core as they deal with such issues He doesn t allow any character to simply get by but he makes them face and confront their weaknesses and lies A large and relevant piece of America can be inspected here I hesitate about stars I certainly don t love the book on 5 star level Do I like it enough for 4 Does respect and tempered admiration justify 4 It s the late fifties in New York and Another Country begins following the ineffaceable Rufus Scott He s a jazz musician whose luck seems to have run out From there the story of Another Country unfolds in three parts to uncover artists on their journey to survive life among racial unrest, misguided friendships, vacillating sexuality, societal pressures, and all while discovering a myriad of unlikable, flawed characters.Another Country is a slow burn of a story that will suck you in and keep you hooked It s not a story of plot It is a novel which is purely character development Each character is introduced in juxtaposition with another character to stress their faults Click this link for the rest. I don t even know where to begin with Another Country..This book showed me myself in ways I had never imagined a book could.I mean talk about intense, raw, truth, hurt, love, booze, swinging, and every other action that connects all human beingsI am 21 years old, and to think that December 10th if this year will mark the 50th Anniversary of this book is mind blowing to me.I first have to start with Rufus Scott.I have never had a character in fiction who was complex, and damaged that I could FEEL like this young man..The funeral scene where the pastor is eulogizing Rufus is by far one of my most powerful moment s in reading I have hadI being a african American truly have been to funerals like this my life Now with the other person who I truly connected with was Eric.I found Eric to vulnerable, real, humanOne of my most favorite quotes comes from Eric talking about his relationship with Yves, and how being homosexual in an era where that it was not accepted, and with that has the background he goes on talking about because of his desires, he found himself living a secret life where he goes on to say to me one of the most profound life mantras The trouble with a secret life, is that it is frequently a secret from the person who lives it, and NEVER from people the person encounterLove, Love, Love this Book..Thank You, Mr Baldwin Wow Just wow Kind of weird my reaction is not declare Another Country a new favorite, I just didn t love it in that way And yet, and yet, it penetrated deeply, perhaps deeply than some books I do consider my favoritePerhaps this has to do with how perplexing Baldwin is as an author it takes a while, almost too much effort to get into the story, and then suddenly, unexpectedly you re in an ever tightening vice, not sure how the hell Baldwin got you there before you even managed to notice He certainly has a way with words, beautiful, almost aggressively lyrical without ever being showy but what his words do have is weight, an almost unbearable density that in some passages seem to weigh so heavily upon the skin, as if their sole purpose is to rip to shreds any layers of resistance, pick apart any and every last defenseReally, I suppose that s as good a description as any of what Baldwin does to his characters he flays them alive so their intangible insides their hopes, fears, secrets, contradictions, prejudices, dreams are splayed unceremoniously upon dirty Greenwich Village sidewalks and greasy tables in the smoky corners of dive bars for each other to see, to gawk at, to pick ruthlessly at, to take up and wield like weapons to destroy each other, to bind each other closer than ever beforeAnd to take it one step further the title kind of demands as much the same could be said about Baldwin s general examination of America mercilessly yet lovingly the oh so thin line separating love from hate is a reoccurring preoccupation throughout the book ripping the American psyche apart Granted, his focus on a very particular group, mid to late 50 s Greenwich Village, certainly one of the most socially progressive enclaves in society at that time But that s almost what makes Baldwin s expos so very painful he s unearthing and then brutally exposing the most hidden prejudices of the particular kind regarding race, gender, class, sexuality that liberals and artistic types like to think they ve managed to exorcise and escape from Baldwin s indictment of white liberal guilt can be particularly agonizingKind of hopeless the constant refrain at our first bookclub discussion it s amazing how so little has changed , but oh, so very necessary Anybody who claims we live in a post racial, post anything era here in America needs to be promptly slapped upside the head with this bookPerhaps such secrets, the secrets of everyone, were only expressed when the person laboriously dragged them into the light of the world, imposed them on the world, and made them a part of the world s experience Without this effort, the secret place was merely a dungeon in which the person perished without this effort, indeed, the entire world would be an uninhabitable darkness and she saw, with a dreadful reluctance, why this effort was so rare I am appalled that it took me so long to read Baldwin, but I am gradually correcting my outrageous neglect of this important author He was a tremendously skillful writer This character driven book is about a group of authors, musicians, actors and a few others who come together in New York City They are male, female, black, white, heterosexual and bisexual They love, hurt, attract, challenge and repel each other in various combinations They also struggle with issues surrounding their careers, families, race and sexuality There is a staccato rhythm to this book Although it is not plot driven, the book moves along very quickly Baldwin was a master observer It felt like he had spent hours watching people both alone and interacting in bars, funerals, apartments and on the street He eavesdropped on conversations and looked through windows There is clarity in both his observations and his precise use of language The book ended abruptly and I really wanted to know what happened next to these people.The narration by Dion Graham of the audiobook was excellent He even sings well. Such an excellent novel This is Baldwin s Ulysses A cast of genius and memorable characters, impeccable prose, and such relentless realism makes this the brilliant novel that it is Baldwin has outdone himself by writing this novel Just flawless. 4.5Near the start of this book, I was reminded of Baldwin s previous novel, Giovanni s Room But it quickly becomes Giovanni s Room exploded , for this is not just the story of fraught tension between a homosexual man and a possibly bisexual man but also the story of other couples, and coupling a white woman who has escaped the South and a black man a white man and a black woman and, the one that seemed the most forced to me, an older married woman and a homosexual bisexual man, another escaped Southerner Ultimately, Baldwin seems to be commenting on the uselessness of such sexual labels, that these relationships are all due to love, or at least something approximating it and any hate arising between the couple is due to cultural discrimination and pasts that may be impossible to overcome Through the characters thoughts and words, rendered in beautiful prose, the intricacies of the various relationships are empathetically delineated, in both their joy and their violence Violence is a word Baldwin uses in interesting, and unexpected, ways throughout the work, such as using it as a collective noun Towers skyscrapers loom over the inhabitants of New York City, seeming to doom them That image is carried over to France, with the towers of Chartres Cathedral serving the same function for a visiting couple consummating their relationship Despite the plot s brief sojourn to France, I am left with the feeling that the city of New York, so than any of the characters, is the primary, motivating force of the work even so than the character from the first section who links the others.With its frank depictions of sexuality never seeming gratuitous , the casual use of marijuana and themes that have remained relevant, I had to keep reminding myself this was published in the very early 60s.