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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚉ A Question of Blood ⚕ The Fourteenth Inspector Rebus Novel And No BestsellerTwo Seventeen Year Olds Are Killed By An Ex Army Loner Who Has Gone Off The Rails The Mystery Takes Rebus Into The Heart Of A Shattered Community Ex Army Himself, Rebus Becomes Fascinated By The Killer, And Finds He Is Not Alone Army Investigators Are On The Scene, And Won T Be Shaken Off The Killer Had Friends And Enemies To Spare And Left Behind A Legacy Of Secrets And LiesRebus Has Than His Share Of Personal Problems, Too He S Fresh Out Of Hospital, But Won T Say How It Happened Could There Be A Connection With A House Fire And The Unfortunate Death Of A Petty Criminal Who Had Been Harassing Rebus S Colleague Siobhan Clarke A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin.Inspector Rebus has been accused of possibly being involved in the murder of Martin Fairstone Fairstone was found burned to death while tied to a chair Rebus s hands had been severely scorched and remain bandaged leaving the detective in considerable pain It was thought to be a revenge killing for threatening Detective Siobhan Clarke, rebus s partner Two boys at a private school had been shot to death and another wounded by Lee Herdman Herdman had stormed into the school with no other motive for the killings except madness I enjoy so muchthan just the story in the Rebus series The love of the Edinburgh area of Scotland comes across in each and every novel The roads, pubs and quite frankly the camaraderie add so much to these books Then the mystery which turns out to be just the surface and the depth of the actual motive s appear latermuch later in the book. It s been five years since I last visited with Edinburgh police inspector, John Rebus and his partner, Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke Much too long a time A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin is the 14th book in this excellent series and it was as engrossing and enjoyable as the other 13.In Question, we find Rebus once again treading in thin waters hmm, not sure but I might be mixing metaphors DS Clarke has been harassed and stalked by a petty criminal This man has been found burned to death in a house fire in his home Unfortunately, Rebus has been seen with him the night of the fire and for some reason, Rebus is suffering from burns to his hands re Mr Rebus, he scalded them in hot water An investigation is being launched into the incident by his boss, DCI Gill Templar and the Complaints Division.While this is going on, old friend DI Bobby Hogan has asked for Rebus s assistance in another case An ex SAS man has entered a local school and killed two students, wounded another and then shot himself Since Rebus was in the military and almost passed the tests to become an SAS man himself, Hogan feels he might be able to provide assistance in determining the motive for this shooting Two SAS personnel, Whiteread and Simms show up to stir things up and as well, a local politician, whose son was wounded, sticks in his oar, trying to grandstand the issue.Already sounds neat, eh Well it is Rebus is one of my favorite crusty, irascible, effective cops and I have a bit of a crush on his partner We get to see both of them in equal amounts and that s just fine They are a fascinating team and work well together one playing off the other There is genuine affection between them, even though Rebus quite regularly tests the bounds of their friendship The cases are both interesting and often events and suspects and characters are intertwined I like Bobby Hogan and long suffering Gill Templar both as well It s an entertaining mystery, with enough action to keep you satisfied and Rankin is skilled at establishing the mood and in describing the Edinburgh scene Satisfying mystery and excellent story 4 stars Edinburgh s infamous D.I John Rebus must find out why an ex army loner walks into a private school and shoots three people dead, including himself.Scotland wants new gun control laws The police believe the crime to be a post traumatic, stress related shooting Rebus has a military past and he doesn t agree He believes the killer was after the victims as he identifies links between them Two military investigators in plain clothes arrive and convince Rebus he s on the right track.However, he is investigated as a suspect in the murder of a petty criminal who stalked Siobhan Clark, his sidekick The sexual tension between the two is there, as always He dodges Internal Affairs, bucking the system He puts his superiors noses out of joint as well as those of local politicians His love life is in its usual shambles, he fails to make his doctor s appointments and he takes his usual beating with stoicism. 2016 , ,, 5, ,, , , , ,, , , ,20 7 10 This is he 14th adventure of John Rebus, a police detective in Edinburgh, Scotland Rebus is a somewhat dark, occasionally violent, always acerbic, hard working copper He is also usually in trouble with his superiors for crossing some line or breaking some rule that he and the reader usually finds both aggravating and irrelevant A bull in a china shop may be overstating his actions but Rebus is driven to stop bad guys one way or the other That he is not a one dimensional cardboard protagonist is a credit to the author especially after fourteen booksRankin s books have a tendency to start slow not this one The book opens with an ex soldier entering a school, shooting three students, killing two of them, and then turning the gun on himself Sounds straightforward but it s not Rebus, with his partner Siobhan Clarke, begins investigating and it soon becomes apparent there is muchto this case than meets the eye, i.e a madman with a gun There s also a sub plot in the background Rebus in trouble again he s under suspicion of murder a minor criminal who had been stalking Clarke is found dead, burned in an apartment fire, and Rebus shows up with heavily bandaged hands the following morning Although the case or cases is central to this book what drives the narrative, as in the previous Rebus books, are the secondary characters Rebus buddy who is in charge of the school shooting case, the surviving shooting victim and his opportunistic politician father, the other victims families, the suspects, an investigative duo from the army, whom Rebus doesn t trust and the Internal Affairs team dogging Rebus The reader becomes just as involved orwith these folks, as in the solving of the case I would also be remiss in not mentioning the author s ability to capture the environs of Scotland which fit Rebus like a glove one could never imagine him working and living anywhere else A Question of Blood is an excellent book which is part of an excellent series. What appears to be yet another tragically senseless school shooting is actuallythan meets the eye.This is number 14 in the inspector Rebus series, and perhaps this explains my less than flattering review, which I can sum up in 2 words ho hum It may also explain the little or no character development and the weakly contrived plots with a twist at the end that is unsatisfying and not very believable.Even with two parallel plots, the book could not hold my interest well enough to enjoy it there seemed to be a lack of urgency in either of the plots.Occurring throughout are frequent petty incidents that have no bearing on the plot and only serve to slacken the tension Also, there is excessive road mapping and bar restaurant description.Once again, I ve encountered the series syndrome, where the author builds a fan base that unquestionably buy and read, and actually enjoy these insipid books that no one else would, only because the same characters appear, while the author is laughing all the way to the bank.I ve been fairly negative in my recent review of crime detective books This might be a sign that I need a break from them, particularly series that target die hard fans So maybe the book isn t all that bad Perhaps it s just me. N o h mist rio nenhum Acreditem quer n o assim que come a este thriller misterioso que se desenrola na cidade de Edimburgo Preparem se porque Uma Quest o de Sangue surpreendente at ltima p gina Sangue espalhado pelo ch o e pelas paredes Sangue por todo o lado Sangue com hist rias por contar O Caso Port Edgar tem inicio numa Ter a feira e termina ap s nove longos dias Uma escola o palco de um massacre Um psicopata faz tr s vitimas e, em seguida, suicida se Um total de tr s mortos, o que nos deixa um sobrevivente.O nome do assassino nos revelado logo no primeiro par grafo do livro Ent o onde reside o mist rio perguntam me voc s por isso que Uma Quest o de Sangue t o especial um romance sobre a amizade, a trai o, a fam lia e o passado onde nos vemos envolvidos na procura pelos motivos de um acto atroz e, aparentemente, inexplic vel Esta uma hist ria sobre um inspector chamado John Rebus Este elemento das for as policiais, ao lado da sua colega e, acima de tudo, amiga, Siobhan Clarke, esfor a se para aplacar o medo real e asfixiante da sociedade pelos actos criminosos Portanto, como devem imaginar, ambos contribuem para o bem estar dos cidad os da Esc cia, ao contr rio dos jornalistas E n o me julguem As minhas conclus es baseiam se no relato das personagens deste enredo fascinante, ao qual imediatamente me afei oei O sentimento pela nobre ser profiss o de jornalista comum nesta obra Mas dizem eles, um da esp cie pelo menos, que s o o quarto poder Mas quem lhes d credibilidade Bobby Hogan, o respons vel por esta investiga o, pede ajuda ao nosso her i para encontrar respostas para o tr gico acontecimento Rebus, incapacitado fisicamente, arrasta consigo Siobhan para desempenhar as tarefas mais redundantes como conduzir, abrir uma porta ou acender um cigarro Afinal de contas, o homem n o pode usar as suas m os Pelo menos esta a explica o que d sua chefe, Gill Templer, que o mant m constantemente debaixo de olho e n o o deixa escapar s t o necess rias, segundo ela pensa, repreens es.A determinada altura Rebus teve um pensamento terr vel os loucos tinham se apoderado do asilo, os verdadeiros funcion rios eram agora seus prisioneiros, da o semblante vivo e corado de Billy Ou isso, ou ent o andou a mexer no arm rio dos medicamentos Bem, a mim a segunda hip tese pareceu me a mais plaus vel e julgo que ir o concordar comigo durante a vossa experi ncia de leitura E n o s o Billy que aparenta estar sob o efeito de estupefacientes O humor deliciosamente contagiante das v rias personagens torna as igualmente suspeitas Divertidas, sim, mas suspeitas de qualquer forma Os dois investigadores v em o seu trabalho dificultado pelos repetitivos confrontos com um membro do parlamento escoc s que foi detido numa rusga habitual a um antro de prostitui o, com um duo infernal que trabalha para o ex rcito e com um parasita que trabalha como jornalista e insiste obter informa es em primeira m o Ele n o achava que fosse um vil o, mas tamb m sabia que provavelmente n o era um dos bonzinhos Para mim, esta a frase que melhor descreve John Rebus, ao mesmo tempo que nos oferece uma ante vis o da qualidade de todo o enredo Ian Rankin criou um her i de carne e osso, um inspector com uma personalidade real e comportamento e atitudes verdadeiros Com todos os seus defeitos e virtudes Rebus um ser humano como todos n s Longe de ser perfeito, o inspector esconde os seus segredos mais obscuros N o o fazemos todos A normalidade desta narrativa, uma condi o aparentemente simples de conferir ao enredo, proporciona nos uma linha de investiga o e mist rio que poderiam, sem d vida alguma, desenrolar se no mundo real Se ficarem com vontade de ler este thriller impressionantemente bem escrito pelo escritor escoc s Ian Rankin, n o me culpem Usando as palavras do autor, proferidas por uma das suas magnificamente bem delineadas personagens s vos posso pedir desculpa e usar em minha defesa o facto de ser de carne e osso. This Orion hardcover is signed by Ian Rankin. NOTHING is ever simple in an Ian Rankin novel, but THIS one was among the most complicated and surprising ones I ve read When a posh private school experiences a gunman who seems, at random, to have killed two students and wounded a third one before turning the gun on himself, the assumption is made that it is a cut and dried case Rebus is on the hot seat after a frying pan fire causes the death of a thug who was harassing Siobhan, a member of his team, and a special friend It doesn t help that his hands are badly burned a result of putting them in scalding water or so he says The school murders aren t in his patch, but an old friend, Bobby Hogan, specifically requests Rebus, and, by extension, Siobhan Soon it s obvious that there isto this than meets the eye The gunman, a former member of an elite British army unit, is considered unstable He left his wife and children after leaving the army unexpectedly He has an expensive boat and drugs are found in his boat shed Also the army is sniffing around about a helicopter that crashed The gunman was a member of the group that investigated the crash He apparently took something away with him Then there s the guy who operates a flying school and corporate jet Something doesn t add up for Rebus Plus he is also trying to clear his name and soon discovers a connection to the case This one really took me by surprise The ending was a complete shock I have oneRebus to read, and then I ll be caught up in the series I m looking forward to his next book.