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Give a Boy a Gun is about two high school students who have been bullied throughout their life and decide to take a stand against it They hold up their high school dance and hold all the kids hostage Gary ends up killing himself and Brendan is attacked by a group of people that got their hands loose This story talks about the effects of bullying and the gun culture in America Here s why You made my friggin life miserable 17 Brendan was bullied throughout his whole life and it made him feel unwanted and hurt He felt like he needed to get back at the people who ruined his life so he thought the only way to do that was to take away theirs One thing about Brendan He hated injustice 21 Brendan thought that all people should be treated fairly but that wasn t the case for Brendan He was bullied all his life and wanted to do something about it so he held up the school to make up for the injustice in his life. I decided to read this book because i thought might be interesting and it was This book takes place at Middletown High School This book is about two kids named Gary and Brenden The two kids are bullied, teased and harassed All they want now is revenge They write suicide notes and they wrote e mails to each other on how they want to kill the jocks The genre is non fiction They went to a dance with masks and a small supply of guns They took everyone hostage and shot some kids The kids gave in and everyone was saved from the police I thought this book was shocking. [Ebook] ♭ Give a Boy a Gun ♷ For As Long As They Can Remember, Brendan And Gary Have Been Mercilessly Teased And Harassed By The Jocks Who Rule Middletown High But Not Any Stealing A Small Arsenal Of Guns From A Neighbor, They Take Their Classmates Hostage At A School Dance In The Panic Of This Desperate Situation, It Soon Becomes Clear That Only One Thing Matters To Brendan And Gary Revenge This was a good, quick, albeit depressing read A fictionalized account of a school shooting in middle American, the book is told through anecdotes from a wide variety of characters, including the shooters friends, enemies, and various classmates, teachers, parents, etc Interspersed throughout the book are statistics about gun violence The author has definate ideas, but no firm solutions, about the problem of school shootings It is a provocative look at a disturbing and pertinent subject I m not sure if I should encourage my students to read it, or worry that it will give them ideas. A true story of what happened at Middleton school NOT fiction Two boys 3 years of high school together they are haunted, laughed at, tormented and bullied to the point where they both SNAP In this book it s not because they are gay, they aren t Because they are to those bullies lower life forms on the food chain The book contains the following contents Final letters of both boys prior to their vengeful mission to make them all pay The bullies on the football team and the school teachers who stood by and allowed it Turning a blind eye to when went on with their students Bits of messenger convoy between Brandon and Gary along with a couple other of their friends in discussion prior to what leads up to the final day The story alters from person to various persons who or knew these boys, interacted with them in some way and acquainted with one or both and they tell you from their POV from the time both Brendon and Gary met mid 8th grade to that Friday night while in 10th grade where a school dance was their perfect chance to plot said revenge and to their plans to the extreme level that they d been plotting for weeks, months, maybe longer All chaos and hell breaks loose as their mission is executed, yet not all goes as planned So muchI wish to tell you about this short book that I own, but why spoil and spill it for those of you who haven t read this one yet.Brendan is the one of the two who is outspoken and not a pushover Gary is quiet, reserved and a complete introvert My heart bled for both Brendan and Gary These boys were a ticking time bomb which eventually combusted and ignites when their lives collide Do not confuse this with being a gay novel because I read it It is not so I readI see I understand it, butThe signs were there It could have been prevented with stricter no tolerance school rules on bullying Final note It s sad, rather pathetic that the teachers although they claim in the book that they are there to teach the children and not raise them, are still a part of these teenagers every day lives They are the figures of our piers that most look up to and hope for guidance to be respectable citizens when school ends and they have a whole life ahead of them in that grown up world which awaits them Not at this school The kids are let down unless you re a jock After having read this my view is I hold the bullies responsible and the adults, the teachers, the piers that are there to guide and nurture the students who FAILED accountable I hope in the stand they took at the risk of their own lives that Brendan and Gary made a difference I WILL NEVER STOP REREADING THIS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS IVE EVER READ OK THATS IT THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK I wanted to give this book less than 3 stars For me, 3 is kind of the cut off between pretty good and not great In the end, I felt the content was important enough to warrant three stars.This book addresses school violence, particularly involving guns The book is published in 2000 and was perhaps written out of reaction to the Columbine shootings Still, since school violence and particularly bullying, as the book discusses is still prevalent, I don t think it is dated The story is told from multiple perspectives of about 10 15 characters, two of them the shooters only through segments of their suicide letters and I.M conversations and the rest students, teachers, or neighbors The perspectives are short a page and a half is probably the longest It covers from seventh grade until the day of the shooting The structure of the story was interesting to me Was it difficult to follow all the characters Yes, but it was somehow still effective I wish the author had let his story and characters do the talking, but he didn t.On the bottom of nearly every page are quotes and statistics, all about guns and school violence I am not saying that these statistics were incorrect, but many of them did not even have a reference Not only was it distracting to be in the middle of a character s voice and be interrupted by the statistic, but I was further distracted when trying to figure out the validity of the statistic Honestly, the statistics turned the book into propaganda which made the overall story message less affecting Of course, I hate propaganda it cheapens ideas.Two other small things that disappointed me I didn t feel like the characters descent into the psychological place that allowed them to want to kill was explained well enough for me Lastly, it seemed cliche to have the football team be full of tough jerks who wanted to constantly beat others and put others down Does this happen sometimes Yes Does it still seem stereotypical for this novel Definitely yes Perhaps Strasser hasinformation on this than I am privy to, or perhaps leading the bully into a stereotype was his point, but I just had a very small problem with it Not every football player was portrayed as a bully, of course. I LOVED THIS BOOK It was really interesting It was about a group of friends that always got bullied Two of them Gary and Brendan get really fed up with it and make a revenge plan In the town that the book takes place in the football players are worshiped in the town If your not on the football team or the cheer leading squad your an outcast If you dress differently from everyone or you don t cheer for the team your also an outcast Gary and Brendan both hate there life and school They re best friends and they thought about committing suicide but decided why not bring some of the people that made our lives miserable with us I strongly recommend this book to readers that love suspense and social issue books The book is written in letters Friends, family, teachers, peers, and enemies write about how they knew Brendan and Gary They write about the night they trapped a bunch of people in the gym at a school dance They re instant messages and emails to each other and friends are in the book too I really enjoyed this book and I think a lot of other people will too. Give a boy a gun is prolly one of my favorite books now I loved the way it was written Different quotes and thoughts from ppl who actually knew Gary and Brendan Idk but during the whole book i was sitten there thinking to myself, what do they do how does it end i could not put the book down I even cried a few times Its horrible that they had gotten to that all time low in their life, where they felt that they had no other choice but to do what they did in order to solve everything i mean serioulsy, they way kids all over America are treated everyday, with the bullying and teasing and just cruel things they have to go thru, its no wonder, things like this happen all the time Im not saying what they did was right in any way at all, but at the end, when Brendan gets the shit beat outa him, i was pissed He didnt kill anyone he shot some kid who was an ass to him in the knee caps oh big deal but what did all the guys do when they got freed and all they went and beat the shit outa brendan They beat him so bad, he had permanent brain damage, so he was as good as dead anyway what those kids did to him was uncalled fer yeah what he did was wrong inthen many ways, but still, they shouldnt have done what they did to him either so all in all i think this book realy changed my views on guns and bullying and all that ive never been a fan of guns anyway but i always thought those school shootings you hear about were just sick ppl who werent right in the mind but now i realize that in order fer someone to do sumin like that, thye have to have been pushed to do that Gery and Brendan didnt do it outa pure enjoyment They did it becuz of the shit they had to put up with, and now i see that and understand it and have a different view on what kids who go thru that think. Another surprising read for me this month I really thought this book was important and had some really nice quotes I connected with the characters because this all felt like things I went through in high school You can tell the author did their research.