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THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS by JOANNA GOODMAN was such a moving, heart wrenching, and riveting historical fiction novel that had quite the emotionally gripping story This book literally crushed me and made me feeling so many different emotions while reading it Some of the subject matter and historical facts that was focused on here in this novel was absolutely unconscionable and had me so angry Being from Canada there were some events that I was aware of but some that I wasn t and it was definitely an eye opening experience for me reading this novel I really enjoyed reading and learning a part of our history that I wasn t aware of JOANNA GOODMAN delivers an intriguing, beautifully written and suspenseful read here with complex and well developed characters The story is told from alternating points of view between that of Maggie who was forced to give up her child at the age of 15 and Elodie her daughter who grew up in an orphanage I was thoroughly taken by both of these emotional perspectives equally and was so hoping that mother and daughter would once again be reunited Learning that this book was based on the author s mother just made this story even thought provoking, touching and heartbreaking This was definitely an emotionally tough book for me to read but regardless an excellent one Norma s Stats Cover Eye catching, appealing, and immediately had me intrigued An extremely fitting representation to storyline Title Intriguing, sad, fits the story so well and love how it plays so meaningfully into the story.Writing Prose beautiful, engaging, and empathically written.Plot Provocative, captivating, steady paced, held my attention and extremely enjoyable.Ending Hopeful, touching, and satisfying.Overall A fantastic, emotional, important, memorable, and heartfelt read Would highly recommend Traveling Friends Group Read Review can also be found on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading Maggie Hughes is the 15 year old daughter of an English speaking Canadian father and a French mother living in Quebec Despite her father s admonishments to not cavort with French boys, Maggie s young heart is captured by Gabriel Ph nix, the young and impoverished boy living at the adjacent farm When she ends up pregnant, her parents force her to give up her baby but before she s taken away, Maggie implores them to name her Elodie That fortuitous moment provides the only means by which she can later embark on a journey to perhaps find the daughter she reluctantly gave up for adoption Unfortunately, Elodie is never adopted from the Home for Unwanted Girls, an orphanage run by nuns, which later changes to a mental hospital to receive government funding All the orphans are accordingly declared mentally ill Maggie and Elodie are the narrators and the story shifts between the two, often in parallel time frames I found it an interesting contrast as Maggie moves on with her life but never forgetting the child she lost and Elodie never giving up hope that her mother would attempt to find her Both of their lives were troubled but none than Elodie who suffered terribly at the hands of the nuns, one in particular The story also exposed the ethnic divide between the English speaking citizens and the French It was particularly awful to witness Maggie s father s hypocrisy against the French given his own wife s and children s heritage Also, it was a political decision that forced the orphanages to become psychiatric hospitals without any real consideration of the fates of those children who were then declared mentally ill These are true events in Canadian history that I found educational This was also a Traveling Friends group read and the discussion was so rich Thanks to that insightful group of women for making this an even remarkable reading experience I really enjoyed this story for the fictional aspects as well as the historical context, beginning in the 1950s Maggie s quest to find her daughter was frustrating and heartbreaking and Elodie s never ending hope that she would find her family was what almost brought me to tears Both women s triumph in the midst of adversity was so admirable Saskia Maarleveld was extraordinary in her narration, handling accents with perfection as least to my ear and making the characters come to life I highly recommend the audio version and this story It wasn t always light but it was always honest 4.5 stars 5 stars I truly loved this novel This story ripped my heart out It made me angry, hopeful, frustrated It had me rooting for these characters, holding my breath and crossing my fingers for a positive outcome It exhausted me emotionally in the best way possible Simply stated I adored this book This novel revolves around Maggie Hughes who, at fifteen, becomes pregnant and is forced by her parents to give her baby daughter, Elodie, up We follow Maggie through years of separation from and longing for Elodie, where each and every day is haunted by thoughts as to where Elodie is and what kind of life she could be living.I loved Maggie Her character touched my heart in so many ways The author, Joanna Goodman, does an impeccable job creating such vivid, real and relatable characters I was drawn into their lives and situations, questioning my own thoughts and feelings several times along the journey The book unravels through two perspectives, Maggie and Elodie, each adding a beautiful layer of emotion and intrigue I loved them both and thought the novel flowed seamlessly and at the perfect pace To find out that this story was based on the author s mother made it even powerful for me I look forward to reading from this author This touching novel was a Traveling Friends read To find this review, along with the other Traveling Sister reviews, please visit our blog at you to Edelweiss, Harper and Joanna Goodman for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review The Home For Unwanted Girls is AVAILABLE NOW 3.5 An emotional roller coaster of a journey, a young fifteen year old mother, Maggie forced to give up her newborn daughter We follow Maggies journey, her life, and eventually her struggle to find and reunite with her daughter Elodie, in an orphanage, finds harshness, but never outright cruelty, and even kindness from one of the sisters This will change, when the orphanages are turned into mental institutions, and the unwanted children are now deemed mentally ill Now her life is one of hardship, outright cruelty, so hard to read what happened to these children and at the hands of sisters who were supposed to show Christian mercy and acceptance Unconsciousable Although this takes place in Quebec, similar misjustices were also perpetrated in other countries So incredibly sad and disheartening All the things women have gone through in the past, the misjudgment of the churches, the harm they caused Not just the churches though, the harsh judgement and non caring atmosphere of society in general This book tore at my heart, but also made me angry I often wonder if people who can treat the innocents so cruely ever find it hard to live with themselves I hope so but somehow I doubt it ARC from Harper publisher. Two things drew me to this book location and time I grew up in Montreal and I was born 5 years after Elodie, so was a very young child when this true historical atrocity was occurring I never knew anything about this, so was definitely interested in learning about it Briefly, this story is told from 2 viewpoints Maggie and her daughter Elodie, whom she had to give up for adoption Interesting fact of the time This was 1950 and a woman was not allowed to keep an illegitimate child This of course shows the stronghold the Catholic Church had over Quebec at that time The Church and the government were very closely tied together These children were sent to an orphanage Home for Unwanted Girls which was run by nuns It wasn t too bad till these homes were turned into mental institutions Every orphan was deemed mentally incompetent and they had to stay and live with the real crazies and do their care not a spoiler in book blurb What happened to these children was unbelievable and heartbreaking All this was done for one thing and one thing only money Appalling What drew me most in this book was Elodie and her storyThe other aspect of the book that I found so true was the animosity between the French and the English at that time I can definitely attest to that As a child I am Italian, but I went to English schools I was taunted by French children and I remember my brother being beaten up for coming to my defence I was trying to remember when that changed but I am not sure, but I know it did for the most part.The author has written a poignant story of a mother in search of the daughter she gave away and a daughter s search for freedom and a possibility of a family Traveling Friends Group ReadWhen I saw that beautiful, intriguing and haunting cover I knew I had to read this one Just looking at the cover brought on some emotion Not really knowing what the story was about it did take me a while to finally read it, but I have to say that it worked out well because when I did read this one the timing was perfect We read this one in our Traveling Friends Goodreads Reading group This one made for a really great and interesting discussion amongst us So much to talk about with this story and we really appreciated being able to discuss this one together.The Home for Unwanted Girls is a compelling and heartbreaking family saga that focuses on historical events and a scandal in a Canadian province of Quebec It s not something that I think is well known and Joanna Goodman who was inspired by her Mother digs into some history here with some hostilities between French and English speaking Canadians.Along with the hostilities that divided French and English speaking Canadians, Joanna Goodman brings to light a dark time in Quebec s past and one of the darkest scandals involving money and religion Through one of our main characters here with Elodie, we are shown the cruelty, abuse and conditions orphans lived in while under the care of nuns Goodman gives a voice to the victims of this scandal through Elodie, allowing us to feel so many emotions for them while reading this story It also allowed us to learn something we haven t heard of before.We were immediately drawn into the complex and intriguing side of the family saga with Maggie and her family s story and decisions that were forced on her by her family, leaving us with so much to discuss We question their decisions and reasons and tried to understand the different sides we were shown At the final discussion, we used the questions provided by the publisher and that really gave us so much to think about and discuss really enhancing our discussion.We highly recommend this story to everyone who loves historical fiction based on real events We also highly recommend to reading groups as there is just so much to discuss with this one We do want to offer a caution here because of the abuse and there are some upsetting conditions to this story. |Download Book ♵ The Home for Unwanted Girls ⚖ Philomena Meets Orphan Train In This Suspenseful, Provocative Novel Filled With Love, Secrets, And Deceit The Story Of A Young Unwed Mother Who Is Forcibly Separated From Her Daughter At Birth And The Lengths To Which They Go To Find Each OtherIn S Quebec, French And English Tolerate Each Other With Precarious Civility Much Like Maggie Hughes Parents Maggie S English Speaking Father Has Ambitions For His Daughter That Don T Include Marriage To The Poor French Boy On The Next Farm Over But Maggie S Heart Is Captured By Gabriel Ph Nix When She Becomes Pregnant At Fifteen, Her Parents Force Her To Give Baby Elodie Up For Adoption And Get Her Life Back On TrackElodie Is Raised In Quebec S Impoverished Orphanage System It S A Precarious Enough Existence That Takes A Tragic Turn When Elodie, Along With Thousands Of Other Orphans In Quebec, Is Declared Mentally Ill As The Result Of A New Law That Provides Funding To Psychiatric Hospitals Than To Orphanages Bright And Determined, Elodie Withstands Abysmal Treatment At The Nuns Hands, Finally Earning Her Freedom At Seventeen, When She Is Thrust Into An Alien, Often Unnerving WorldMaggie, Married To A Businessman Eager To Start A Family, Cannot Forget The Daughter She Was Forced To Abandon, And A Chance Reconnection With Gabriel Spurs A Wrenching Choice As Time Passes, The Stories Of Maggie And Elodie Intertwine But Never Touch, Until Maggie Realizes She Must Take What She Wants From Life And Go In Search Of Her Long Lost Daughter, Finally Reclaiming The Truth That Has Been Denied Them Both Re read for book club 2019 I went with the audio version this time I didn t get as emotionally invested with the narrated version as I did with the hardback Great book all the same Original review 2018 Drama drama drama drama drama drama drama drama DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA This book was filled with it.I can t even begin to describe all the craziness that is in these pages.It was all unraveled at such a great pace with such lovely writing.My only real regret for this book was how rushed the ending felt.I think this could have used another 75 pages and an EPIC epilogue.For that a star has fallen. Set in rural Quebec in the 1950 s The Home For Unwanted Girls, by Joanna Goodman, is an incredibly well written novel that is not a true story but is based on real life events The author depicts a shameful part of Canadian history when the children of unmarried women were thought to bear sin, were sent to orphanages and then to asylum s because the nuns running these institutions were paid to care for the mentally ill.Maggie Hughes is a teenage girl with an English father and a French mother She falls in love with a French boy and faces an unwanted pregnancy at 15 She is forced to give up her newborn daughter Elodie who is sent to an orphanage.As Elodie s story unfolds her horrific experience and perspective is brought to light Elodie s only wish is to be reunited with her mother, the mother that has been searching for her since the day she was born and taken away.An incredible story, beautifully written The realities of our Canadian history are explained in detail heartbreakingly so This story had me on such an emotional roller coaster that I couldn t put it down. I don t get it This book had such a high rating so I expected so much from it I found it to be a monumental letdown It starts with a young teenager Maggie who falls in love with someone Gabriel that her parents do not approve of They send her away to stay with her aunt and uncle to get her away from him She finds out she s pregnant and eventually gives birth to Elodie who is stolen from Maggie and sent to an orphanage I listened to it in audiobook form so I m not 100% sure if it was the writing or the narration that sounded juvenile, but I suspect it was a bit of both The narrator s inflections and tone just sounded very childish in some places and I found that to be very grating That said, there were also parts of the book that felt as though they had been written by a teenager The love story between Maggie and Gabriel is the prime example of this Every detail of how it was written just seemed far too convenient for something that was meant to be historically accurate I found the entire book to be very cliche and seemed to be written by someone who really didn t have a lot of knowledge about anything not love, or child birth, or reality The rape by her uncle was wasted words and nothing than filler And her entire marriage was almost laughable She can carry babies only by Gabriel Just wraps it all up nicely so there s no need to tackle anything difficult than a fluffy little romance It wasn t even edited well At one point, Maggie s father called her husband Roger His name was Roland I think this is where I gave up all hope for this one Overall, the story of Elodie was intriguing and I did enjoy that part but not enough to give this anything than 2 stars I recently read Before We Were Yours and I can t even describe how incredible that book was I went into this one hoping for the same But this was the B version of that If you read Harry Potter and then tried to read Twilight, you will understand this analogy This book was the Twilight version.