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As a champion of plus size rights and body positivity, Bethany Rutter is the perfect guide to steer us through the ups and downs of teenage confidence crises This is my favourite young adult novel of the year, and it is clear that Rutter understands the need for books that emanate positive messages Despite the title, this book is a HUGE DEAL Emily is the fiercest protagonist I ve encountered in some time and the story consists of many uncomfortable attempts by Emily s friends, family and other kids to push her into dieting and changing her appearance They try to make her see being fat as a shameful act that is within your power to change and should be This takes her on a journey of self discovery where she comes of age and realises she is happy and content exactly the way she is, and I loved her strength, courage and wit throughout We would all like to be a bit like this amazing young woman and stand up against those who seek to change us.Ask yourself do I really want to be friends with someone who judges others based on how attractive unattractive, big small, fat thin they are This is an inspiring, amazing and highly rewarding read, and the diversity within its pages was on point The two lesbian girls were beautiful souls and accepting of both themselves and others whilst also raising the LGBTQIA flag This is not a book to be categorised in terms of age but in terms of mindset those who are full of self doubt and have low self esteem will gain such a lot from it as it simple radiates positive reinforcement from first page to last Not conforming to societies norms or standards should be celebrated rather than shot at Emily is what really makes the story what it is as she is very easy to relate to and written in such a sensitive but passionate manner It deserves to be on every school library shelf and in the hands of those with body confidence issues Touching on themes surrounding fad diet culture, sex consent, coming of age, dating and plus size fashion, this is a captivating and unforgettable novel Many thanks to Macmillan Children s Books for an ARC. I received an ARC of this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book and really loved the main character Emily, she was very relatable to me and I instantly loved her The overall plot of loving yourself first and foremost is also my favorite thing about this book It provides a great message that we all as a society need to hear This book was one I was highly anticipating due to the body positivity representation For the most part, I loved this representation and we definitely need to see of it in YA books Emily doesn t want to change her body and loves who she is This message is beautiful and one I can use for inspiration myself However, there were things I wish weren t included The use of adjectives such as stomped and the scene with Emily and the love interest at his house I m keeping it vague to avoid spoilers It felt a bit rushed to me, so the pacing could have been better Overall I did really enjoy this book and the message of this book is a great one and very empowering This is a book about the radical idea that fat girls are cute, stylish, fun, lovable, smart, dateable, carefree There aren t enough books like that and I wish I d had it when I was a cute chub teen Every school library needs this liberating book Please read No Big Deal, please review No Big Deal, please share No Big Deal with the teens in your life No Big Deal is a VERY BIG DEAL I have so many feelings about this bookIt s not my body that s holding me back I think it s of a problem that people tell me my body should hold me back I wish teenage me had had this book so I could have learned to love myself like Emily loves herself I would have had the confidence to be exactly who I was and not give two fucks about what everyone thought I would have worn what I wanted and strutted my stuff I would have understood that being fat wasn t all there was to me I would have binned off a couple of highschool boyfriends and lot quicker if I d read this, I can tell you thatI am going to tell you this now, without any hesitation, and even though we have different bodies and different problems, I know this is true never settle She shakes me a bit Do not allow into your world someone who thinks you re second best, who thinks your body is a temporary problem that you re going to solve, who puts you down in any way Do I want to lose weight Yes I do But even if I lost four stone I would still be considered chunky and you know what I m ok with that I d rather be chunky, it suits me I m not just a tragic fat loser I m a cool fat babe. Just fabulous Such a brilliant YA novel which I really loved.Emily is fat She doesn t care but everyone else seems to and are constantly telling her what they think about her body when it isn t anything to do with them I loved Emily I loved how she was a happy plus size teen who loved her life, music and fashion All so often in YA films and fiction the fat girl is someone to be pitied or the subject of all jokes which is a really sad state of affairs I love that Emily is the exact opposite of that negative stereotype.The story itself is funny and romantic and I loved every page In a year where there s not much in the way of contemporary UKYA being published I was so looking forward to this and I wasn t at all disappointed. i m human, i have emotions and i m not affraid to show these emotions in public A cracking book A must read for all teens although it is definitely enjoyable as an adult too It brought me back to my teenage years reading Adrian Mole Bethany Rutter has put a lot into this, including her fashion wisdom and music taste It is funny, serious, gentle, and touching Some bits were way too real and weighed heavily on me, other bits had me laughing out loud Definitely recommend this one &Download Epub ⇺ No Big Deal ↶ It S Not My Body That S Holding Me Back I Think It S Of A Problem That People Tell Me My Body Should Hold Me Back Meet Emily Daly, A Stylish, Cute, Intelligent And Hilarious Seventeen Year Old About To Start Her Last Year At School Emily Is Also Fat She Likes Herself And Her Body When She Meets Joe At A House Party, He Instantly Becomes The Crush Of Her Life Everything Changes At First He Seems Perfect But As They Spend Time Together, Doubts Start To Creep InWith Her Mum Trying New Fad Diets Every Week, And Increasing Pressure To Change, Emily Faces A Constant Battle To Stay Strong, Be Her True Self And Not Change For AnyoneA Warm, Funny Inspiring Debut YA Novel From Bethany Rutter Influencer, Editor And A Fierce UK Voice In The Debate Around Body Positivity Let me start by saying that you don t have to be fat or even really suffer with body image issues to appreciate the beauty of this book I myself have suffered with body image from a young age, which in turn contributed to eating disorders that I still struggle to maintain control on now This story was beautiful, amazing, empowering, and gives a message that all girls regardless of age need to heed We follow Emily who although happy with her own body is made to feel like she should be ashamed of it, she receives criticism from people at school, from strangers on the street and even her own mother Her happy go bubbly self is pushed down and taken over my worry, by self doubt, and by a feeling of worthlessness This then contributes to her overlooking the way she is treated by a guy because she assumes she is just lucky to have any interest in the first place Now, I don t care who you are, where you re from, or what shape your body isas girls, as women we have ALL experienced selling ourselves short because of what we believe we do and don t deserve We have all stood in that changing room, and suddenly had the urge to burn the place to the ground because that top didn t look right or that dressed didn t fit well We are a society notorious for judging our women by the way they look, or what size they are this book was a message to all women that you shouldn t settle for less That you are beautiful and deserve all the respect afforded to you You are worth no less than any other woman no matter what size clothes you wear I cannot stress enough how nice it was for me to read Emily s inner strength, and her realisation that she was worth than how she was being treated I honestly wish that when I was younger I would have had the courage to say No, I m worth , I deserve better I loved this story, and I am so glad I was given an eARC through Netgalley I really hope this book finds all those girls out there who don t realise how awesome they are I absolutely adored this book I wish I d read about Emily as a teenager but I m still delighted to have met her now, what a cool gal Really uplifting read and I learned a lot from it Definitely read it or gift it to a teenager in your life