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Despu s de Columbine en 1999, como despu s de cualquier tragedia que marque el desgaste de la sociedad, los visionarios se dan a la tarea de regresar a la escena del crimen a explorar las pruebas que revelen las causas del delito.Shepard es un probado autor perteneciente a una generaci n que, cada vez con mayor contundencia, est revisando la tradici n de la literatura nortamericana y est intentando con mejor o peor tino reelaborarla, reformularla para entregar obras dignas de nuestra poca y que sean pruebas cabales de que la literatura no est en decadencia.Esta novela nos hunde en un futuro no tan lejano de los pr ximos mandos del poder unos adolescentes nihilistas, desatendidos, desanimados, que poseen una cultura y poder econ mico peligroso para una sociedad represiva y moralista donde la apariencia es muy importante a cualquier edad, pero, donde el peso y la presi n pueden orillar a inocentes a tener un fat dico desenlace. This book was extremely fascinating and a very good book to read This book gives you different perspectives and shows what it s like to live in someone else s shoes The author really developed his characters, the setting, and the plot very nicely I would recommend this book to anyone looking for really good quick read. [Download Ebook] ♏ Project X ⚉ In The Wilderness Of Junior High, Edwin Hanratty Is At The Bottom Of The Food Chain His Teachers Find Him A Nuisance His Fellow Students Consider Him Prey And Although His Parents Are Not Oblivious To His Troubles, They Can T Quite Bring Themselves To Fathom The Ruthless Forces That Demoralize Him Daily Sharing In These Schoolyard Indignities Is His Only Friend, Flake Branded Together As Misfits, Their Fury Simmers Quietly In The Hallways, Classrooms, And At Home, Until An Unthinkable Idea Offers Them A Spectacular And Terrifying ReleaseFrom Jim Shepard, One Of The Most Enduring And Influential Novelists Writing Today, Comes An Unflinching Look Into The Heart And Soul Of Adolescence Tender And Horrifying, Prescient And Moving, Project X Will Not Easily Be Forgotten Actual rating 2.5 stars maybe even 3, but a LOW 3, like a meh, don t really care, fuck it, I feel bad, 3 So far I m finding the writing a little challenging.It s very simplistic and disjointed Cuts from being in lunch to being in class to at home to with his friend and all happens so fast with no transitioning, that I can t always follow it I have trouble telling exactly where we are in the story I was talking to my sister about this recently, and she goes that sounds kind of bad And I go yeah it was It was hard for me to care about things And she goes I feel like bad writing makes stuff hard to read And I go Definitely It makes the story itself irritating and hard to get into, so I don t really care The whole thing really was like that Dialogue that was stilted and wildly unrealistic because teens don t talk like that For anyone who wants to know if you re writing a book , teens talk like this, like normal human beings, but withslang that us old folks aren t privy to, a couple words abbreviated or just plain invented, and maybe a few words misused or just plain said wrong, because they haven t properly learned what they mean yet But that s it, aside of some subtle nuances and things, teens pretty much speak the same way as anyone else So it just bugs me when people try to write teens as these overly simplistic creatures that barely have a vocabulary.Notes upon completion That ending pissed me off.Spoiler alert continue reading at your own risk At the very end they finally do what they d been planning And then the book ends Right after the event You get to see no aftermath whatsoever, which means you don t find out what happens to the rest of the school, you don t find out what happens to our main characters, or their families, you don t find out ANYTHING That irritated me And I understand that this book isn t about the aftermath, but about the events leading up to that happening, what makes the boys have this idea in the first, what makes them decide to follow through with it, and how this plan affects them I get it, but getting literally no closure pisses me off.The other big issue I have with this book is that there is literally no mention between the boys of the gravity of their plans Now some might blame that on youth, oh, they re so young they don t really know what they re doing But they do They know full well what they are doing, and perhaps, at most, can t fully grasp the weight of it, but they at least understand mortality and know what will come of this situation I get that they might not have thought everything out that well, like what the hell happens after but if they can mention what happened in Colorado, and are aware of Columbine, then they know full well what they re doing, and they know what the ramifications of their actions will likely be So it really did irritate me that these kids didn t mention the fact that they d literally be KILLING shitloads of people even once I don t care how dumb you think kids are Firstly, they re not, and secondly, by the time you re in seventh grade, you re fully aware of mortality and the tragedy of death and the concept of murder, so the fact that these kids seemed oblivious to the fact that their plan was to murder every single one of their classmates is just absurd I would understand if they had been so filled with hatred and loathing for their classmates that they wanted to see them all dead that s not ok, but at least it makes sense , or had they been so incredibly depressed that they wanted to just end everyone s everything and make the suffering stop But the fact that they planned this like it was slashing everyone s tires, with no mention of murdering people Just WTFI guess, all in all, I just didn t really connect with this book in the way that I like to connect with these types of intense life drama books The writing was weird and it made it difficult to get into the story, and when I finally learned to ignore the writing and did actually get into things, I mostly just wondered why everyone was such an asshole I mean, there were moments where I legitimately felt bad for this kid, I really did, because almost everyone he encounters, from the teachers to the other students, to random adults, treats him like utter shit Like the one random dad who stole his ball, just flagrantly stole it and lied to his face about it, that shit s fucked up And sure his parents cared, but what could they really do it must be hard function when you re that one dimensional It must be difficult to have a child that you know is struggling and to be unable to do anything about it you know, you can t take him to therapy, force him to join some club and socialize and make other friends, or even keep pushing him to talk until he finally does I know that pushing kids to talk isn t really good parenting, but in some instances, when they keep stalling and saying they ll talk tomorrow and making excuses, at some point, you kind of have to push it out of them And in some cases, like this kid s, I feel like if someone cared enough to do that, then the kid might actually realize someone cares and be a littleinclined to open up It s a shame his parents couldn t have done that, or that they couldn t lay off him when he was obviously upset, or spend actual quality time with him forthan just dinner and random two minute check ins, or believed him when he mentioned the bad things happening to him, or even ask him JUST ONCE, just one damn time WHY he got in that fight, or WHY he was making trouble, because if they had, and he had explained that he got in a fight because kids were bullying him and his friend, and they listened to him, and understood he wasn t making trouble for no freaking reason, then this situation might not have happened UGH So yeah, it s a shame they couldn t have done anything.Overall, this whole book just felt very flat The characters, the writing seriously, one sentence, we re in class, and the next we re on the bus, with NO transition I had the hardest time following certain parts Wait, where the fuck are we, who s talking They said the name once before this dialogue got started, and everyone sounds the same, so I literally have no idea who he s having this conversation with right now , everything about this book It was just flat, and kind of a let down.Long review short There are better, far deeper andpoignant books about school shootings even if you re looking for one that specifically portrays the agony of the kids that decide to commit these heinous acts, and the desperation that leads them to do so, because Project X is told from the perspective of one of the perpetrators of the shooting , there are better books out there.If you want to read a great book about a school shooting, I recommend Hate List by Jennifer Brown That book is amazing, and not only do you get to bear witness to the torture that led the kid to decide to commit such a grave act, but you get to witness the fallout, and sort of SPOILER healing in the end as well It s a far better book about the the same tough subject. 3.0 out of 5 stars X Cross this off your list, January 16, 2009 This review is from Project X A Novel Paperback I read quite a few of the reviews before I started the book Now, a few hours later, I ve finished it and am left wondering what was the point of this novel I mistakenly thought it was YA literature, but have since disavowed that notion I can t imagine what a teenager or an adult would learn from reading the book It s purpose definitely wasn t to entertain, or to even delve deeply into the psyche of the boys backgrounds and lives I can t help but shake my head in perplexity With its incomplete characterizations, explanations, and descriptions, not to mention a very unsatisfactory climax and conclusion, the work simply seems incomplete and not nearly as consequential as other books tackling the same weighty subject For example, a far superior work about school violence committed by a teenaged boy was the incredibly well written We Need to Talk About Kevin A Novel P.S by Lionel Shriver.This book answers none of the questions that would have made the work a worthwhile study of what causes school violence The bullying, teasing, and disaffection was barely touched upon and there isn t even any description of the tortures or humiliations that the two boys received except for fights they got into and a few insults, nothing that isn t pretty typically seen and heard in an average junior high I m sure Maybe I missed the boat here, but I see nothing that screams that this a work of genius, or even of significance for educators or parents to study in hopes of preventing future children from committing this type of violent crime upon their schoolmates.I see no purpose to recommending the book It was OK, but offers no new insight or solution seems to indicate that there is a potential for violence in troubled youth, but yes we already know that Most professionals who work with this age group are already well aware of the harm caused by bullying and other harassment that some kids are subjected to, but alas, can t always stop or prevent The teachers in the book are described in mostly stereotypical fashion ranging from the sarcastic jerk to the sympathetic art teacher, with none understanding the boys or the torment that is driving them to the point of retribution The boys also contribute to their own disaffection because they do not talk even when help is offered.Ultimately, the book is unsatisfying and I d advise you to cross it off your list and, should this topic be of interest to you, select another novel that explores the subject indepth. Project X Book Review.Kai LammersDuring our fiction unit I read the book , project X In the book, the main character is Edwin Hanratty Edwin is a troubled child, his grades are terrible and he gets in fights with kids every single day But his friend Flake is eventroubled, he hates everything and everyone He wishes all the jocks and knuckle heads at his school would just die, and that is exactly what he plans to do A giant terrorist attack at their school, killing everybody Revenge is all he wants, day and night Edwin and Flake plan, trying to come up with a genius idea, but nothing seems to work, until one day Flake finds a bunch of his dads guns, and he realizes he was missing a golden opportunity the whole time He calls Edwin and they prepare for their attack Monday morning Flake and Edwin enter the school with the guns in their bags Once they hit the massive crowd of jocks and knuckle heads, Flake whips out his gun and starts spraying While Flake is shooting, a bullet bounces back and hits him in the head killing him While Flake lies motionless on the ground, Edwin is still hesitating on whether he should shoot or not, but before he can decide the principal runs down, and Edwin throws his weapon down The title in this book very strongly impacts the story The name , Project X, really gives idea that there is some sort of plan behind the story Edwin and Flake come up with several different plans to kill everyone, none of them really seemed to work But not project x, no this is the one that worked, that s the one that killed all those innocent kids The setting in this book was very important, without it, the story wouldn t be as good as it really was The setting did change a lot throughout the book, but the three main locations where the school, Edwin s house and Flake s house The school was was the scariest setting, where kids fought and where the shooting happened Flakes house was where they both got their evil minds thinking, coming up with dark ideas Whereas Edwin s house was the happiest setting It was the only place the both boys could have fun without being beat up by other children.The point of view in this story is first person This is a brilliant point of view because it important to see the characters inner emotions and feelings If the book would have been written in third person point of view the reader would have never been able to see and feel the way the character felt Edwin is an odd kid with many different thoughts and emotions, writing this story in first person point of view really allows the reader to connect with him This book carries a very dark and horrifying mood The author takes the deepest, darkest thoughts of their minds and turns them into a plan Throughout the book there are no joyful moments for these boys, every single second of their lives is a living nightmare, to them life is a waste of time The author makes these moments very clear, in order for the reader to understand what they are going through, and to see what the reader would feel like in the same situation The author of my book uses foreshadowing in the very beginning of my book It starts of with Edwin going to Flake s house on a Saturday afternoon It seems like a normal hangout at first until Flake is looking for something in his dad s room when he finds a case full of guns I was confused at first because it had nothing to do with the story at the time, but later in the book i understood why the author chose to add that part I would recommend to middle school students This book shows and teaches students what the effects of bullying could be But not only that, this book is an action packed and full of suspense as well as being well written and fluent. Three words or four provocative, disturbing, puzzling Loved this book.Project X is about a familiar topic in contemporary literature a school shooting The story is told by Edwin Henratty, for whom the word outcast is an understatement He s a middle schooler with a laundry list of issues he s socially awkward, always in fights, always in trouble, isolated, and picked on by both teachers and students , with parents who try but fail miserably to understand his problems His only friend is fellow outcast, Flake, and together they begin to plan ways to get back at everyone in school who causes them misery The kicker with this book is not the ending, because you already know it will be a violent one The people in and around these boy s lives are completely oblivious to their plight, rendering them powerless to change the inevitable As the two boys go about their planning of their hideous revenge, one can only wonder if someone or something could have stopped it Their plan is fragile at best, yet the pain they are experiencing is so acute that it becomes the only thing that motivates them to go forward It is what makes this book so truly heartbreaking, you see that these are not merely killer kids, but children experiencing pain.The voice of this novel was perfect I have never read Jim Shepard before, but I was amazed throughout the story of the fact that the writer was a middle aged man The dialogue is perfectly believable, the characters completely fleshed out There is a healthy dose of black humor too, which I liked The tone is serious but not preachy, as Shepard leaves the complex problem of mass violence unanswered and up to the reader to figure out Needless to say, I liked this book immensely. I loved this Shepard really set himself a challenge here, not just making the perpetrators of school shootings seem like kids with psychology we are capable of accessing but making violence of such scale seem like a plausible solution to normal kids And he gets junior high just right He made me remember unpleasantly I remember being suddenly forced into new social situations for which I felt unprepared, making my best guess at reasonable behavior, and being laughed at as an idiot Hell, I still feel this way sometimes I remember my anxious, desperate, tasteless humor distressing other students and adults I remember clinging to the fashion safety of, like, two outfits two different sweatshirts I remember the random antagonism of everyone by everyone I also liked how Shepard complicates things The book doesn t simplify and it s not one long mope The way Edwin and Flake are treated actually IS miserable Unfair was the word I kept applying to the situations he puts these kids in when that bastard father steals Edwin s Nerf football at the park the conversation with the vice principal where Edwin is actually honest about his feelings, to which the vchokengtitiktitikchokeng villainously replies that kids like him, in his day, used to get beat up to which Edwin deadpans, They still do These scenes destroyed me I loved that Edwin cared deeply for his little brother I loved that Edwin s parents care about him, that they try to reach him, try to save him I love the family banter Shepard s dialogue is sharp and snappy It s as smart as you are Edwin s dad says some hilarious stuff The book is funny I laughed out loud many times Just read the first few sentences This is a book I ll read again. This was a fantastic book I ve never read a book that captivated me in such a way as this It gripped me from the start and kept me interested throughout Topics dealt with in this book are very touchy ones and really relevant in today s world The feeling of sorrow and despair really affected me A few days after finishing the book I still could not get it off my mind It will mess with your head and probably make you thankful for what you have While the main character is just a misunderstood boy who is in a bad position, at times it can be hard to root for him Some of the things he does are simply unforgivable, which adds depth to the character The ending was so emotional for me and I thought about it for at least a week Read this book if you can handle dark themes and heavy emotion you will not regret it. hmphi m really digging Shepard s short stories, so i picked this up from the library he creates great characters, great scenes, and great dialog, which all make for a quick read i want to say his writing makes an enjoyable read, but with such serious subject matter, i won t i couldn t put it down, but just like in the way you can t look away from the car crash.in the end, maybe it s just weird to read about kids who feel alienated and decide the answer is to blow up the world there were some powerful moments where my stomach dropped or my heart sank while i was reading.i was reading ginnie s review and she mentions that this is the best of the flock when it comes to authors who decided to tackle the columbine thing i m ok with that.