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I have to be honest and say that I wasn t expecting a lot from this book other than for it to be a quick and easy feel good read I was actually wrong to pre judge it so quickly and pleasantly surprised at what a good story it had running through it.I thought that it had a great story line with some good, in depth knowledge and research done The characters weren t bland and one dimensional but were varied and interesting I particularly like Riot as I think he s got a hidden heart of gold in there The characters are some of the most important parts of a book and even the side characters had depth to them.I did think it was a good read and than I was obviously expecting at first It s nice to be surprised and proved wrong in my initial assessment of a book I m definitely looking forward to reading book two when it s out. Ehhh I wanted to love this book.It ended up just ok.I loved the synopsis and thought the VIP college for famous rich people was a interesting fresh new idea.ButAubrey and her three guys are pretty Instalove.They barely speak or have any interaction and are already doing sexual things together She only goes on an actual date with one of the guys She knows them for a a super short time and they are deciding to share her even without really having had a decent conversation with her.I really don t know how to feel about the guys I didn t love them cause I didn t get to know them.There wasn t any depth to them You don t learn much about them except basic things like one a prince and is sweet but has another side he s the one you know the most One is a rock star who barely says anything or shows any emotion on his face and seems like a robot The last is a billionaire who is a dom That is about the gist of all you find out about them.You find out nothing about their background, family, dreams, true personality s, etc The only things they really talk about with the MC is her writing and needing help sexually There is no substance.The sex scene was like woah where did that come from Riot had barely said anything to her in the few times they were around each other and then they are getting it on She didn t even know he liked her at all cause he barely said anything to her and his facial expression had never changed the times she saw him or talked to him.And I was confused on whether she was a virgin or not It was never mentioned either way.Most of the time it seemed she was cause she was constantly going on in her head and to the guys about how she had no experience and couldn t write about what she didn t have experience with But there were a few times where you thought maybe she had just been with one guy But then she had sex and didn t act like it was her first time No talk about being a virgin, no blood or super bad pain Also she comes out and suggests her romance writing for the school magazine yet complains the whole time afterwards about not being able to write it and not having the experience needed to write it Why offer to write something you know you can t write There just wasn t much depth to this book Everything was very superficial and barely even scratched the surface.I m hoping book two is better and goes beyond the surface and has depth. I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review Royalty, Rockstars Billionaires VIP College Semester One is not a horrible book However, I didn t love it either I personally think it s just an okay story that had a few significant problems Things I liked 1 Aubrey s friends They seriously rock and they were honestly there for her when she needed them the most 2 I loved how it was split up into many mini stories I thought that was really creative and unique 3 I loved how there was someone sending Aubrey cryptic texts It made the book intriguing and got me curious as to who the person was I was also really happy when I found out who it was that it wasn t the person I predicted Reminds me of Pretty Little Liars.Problems I had with it 1 I liked that Aubrey s story was included so that the readers could read what exactly what she writing However, at the same time I also had big problems with it For example, at the beginning of the novel I was legitimately confused why the story started off with Noah and Emma instead of Aubrey I do understand that Aubrey s story was in a different font from the actual story but it would have helped if it was noted that it was her story like a title or something of that variety 2 Lack of character development I like Luka, Jaeson, and Riot but I truly wish that they could have all been developed All I honestly know about them is that Luka is a Prince, Jaeson is a billionare, and Riot is a rockstar that knows his way with words I would have loved knowing their histories where they came from, do they have a traumatic past or a good one, favorite activities, favorite food, dream and desires, etc 3 I wanted to yell at Aubrey at so many points in the story I get that she s naive and wanted to gain inspiration for her writing but I just felt that she did so in the wrong way Maybe if she knew the guys a little better I would have understood a tad but since she didn t it made me cringe I also hated that Aubrey just allowed the guys to do whatever they wanted I honestly thought Aubrey don t you seriously have your own opinion Overall, I give this book 2.5 stars. This is an interesting read, but enjoyable It felt YA at first Then the story started progressing and we get into the sex scenes The characters are great, although I would have liked to have been in the men s mind just a couple times throughout the book Good story and am waiting for the next installment I voluntarily read an advance reader copy for my honest review. Just didn t click with meThe connections between the characters seemed superficial at best, the whole premise of the book was odd and the blackmail plot was super thin and forced The book just felt lacking. So many things wrong with the heroine view spoiler One second she s a virgin and has never kissed someone, and suddenly she s sleeping with three men Other thing, I didn t feel the connection between them, yes, I felt the lust, but nothing than that hide spoiler This is First attempt of this autors in RH gener It was Good one.I had few issues insta love is a thing That should be only in books with Magic element inexpiriencend MC That behaved Like she was folder and far expirienced.Guys were average as they seemed to be too similar in The end.Not a reread book but a Good premise in RH gener. don t really like the story it s kind of flat for me. {READ KINDLE} ô Accepted (VIP College, #1) â If You Want To Be A Student At VIP College, Get Used To Rubbing Shoulders With Royalty, Rockstars And Billionaires As A Non Wealthy, Non Celebrity Scholarship Recipient, VIP College Freshman Aubrey Is Intent On Joining The College S Literary Society As A Budding Romance Writer, She Hopes To Find A Group Of Like Minded Bookworms Instead, She Is Confronted With The VIP Lit Executive Committee Luka, The Prince, Elegant And Refined Has He Ever Dropped That Genial Smile And Shown Someone His True Self Jaeson, The Billionaire, Handsome And Alluring With Such A Commanding Presence, Does He Have A Not So Secret Dominant Side Riot, The Rockstar, Guarded And Aloof He Writes Such Passionate Lyrics, Surely There Must Be To Him Than His Prickly Exterior With The Literary Club In Danger Of Being Disbanded Due To Low Readership, Aubrey S Anonymous Romantic Stories May Be The Only Thing That Can Save Them There S Only One Problem Aubrey S Experience With Romance And Love Is Limited, But Her Readers Keep Asking For Can Luka, Jaeson And Riot Help Aubrey Find The Inspiration She S Yearning For Accepted Is The First Book In The VIP College Reverse Harem Romance Series A Portion Of This Novel Was Originally Published In The Now Out Of Print Royalty, Rockstars And Billionaires WOW Athena Wright, joining forces with Vivi Clark, delivers a suspenseful spicy series everyone will talk about This first taste will blow your mindI received a complimentary copy of this book and have volunteered to leave a review Book rates 4 starsPlot 5starsCharacters 5startsWriting 5starsPacing 4 starsCover 4starsLadies, I m super excited to introduce you to Accepted It is well known that I like to read a variety of different romantic stories From sweet romance to explicit erotica, these are my guilty pleasure Accepted fits perfectly to explicit erotica even if the topic is closer to New Adult genre I still can t believe this unexpected writing turn of Athena s Wright yet I totally like and approve it So, let s make a small sum about what is going on in the story I promise you not to reveal much The synopsis of Accepted is crystal clear as for what is going to happen first in the story Aubrey Ellis has to find the inspiration she so desperately needs, helping her write the continue of her anonymous romantic stories for VIP Lit magazine The help comes from the three men who constitute the executive committee of VIP Lit Luka the Prince , Jaeson the billionaire and Riot the rockstar Each one of them is a different personality, each one of them has different tastes but they want the same pray, Aubrey As the story unfolds, the reader watch Aubrey s fight to control her inner fervor for both three men and at the same time to fit with the rest of the VIP College students When both three men shown their interest to Aubrey, she got into a roller coaster full of desire, lust and forbidden passion with them However, she was secretly breaking the rules and that was coming close to blow in her face Cliffhanger At first I was a bit sceptical while reading Accepted However, the plot was interesting and refreshing The authors joined their talents and created a beautiful, well written story that despite its explicit content it didn t felt provocative They do a great job of encompassing mystery, suspense and hot sex scenes Just like I loved the plot, I also loved the main heroes I loved how intelligently the authors created each one s character, how naturally they connected to each other and how fierce this connection was For me, Accepted is a forbidden, seductive, alluring story with the perfect dose of dominance Will you handle reading it I hope I intrigued your imagination a little and make you grab the book, finding out what s really happening because there is no way to tell you myself Until next time, enjoy your free time reading great books with the most unforgettable stories.Vivi